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1. Mankind - The Unsuccessful Experiment

I want to know the secrets of life
Why we are
On whose recommendation
Our reproduction goes on
Are we a part of an experiment
Who the fuck was Lord
I think so
The Holy Book talks about the Jewish Nation
Which spent forty years in a desert
They had only Manna to eat
So the Lord decided
Why the fuck was Lord
Are we the result of an unsuccessful experiment
Because how else can I understand human imbecility

2. The Holy Water Doesn't Help

The day is getting over
In the cold walls of the cloister
Cry of the priest
Cry of the traitor
He was young and taught his sheep
There was a girl
Still a child
The priest desired her
Sperm bursted out
Who led him to do it
He's hidden between the walls of the monastery
Can't see into the mother's eyes
Praying for brothers like him
Who are under the protection of the cross
Still bringing shame
Cry of the priest
Cry of the traitor
Cry of the priest
Cry of the traitor
The holy water doesn't help
The holy water doesn't help

3. God In His Flying Apparatus

Who wants to make me believe
That in this universe
We are alone
Because we are the chosen nation
If god was a god I ask
Maybe only human beings like us
Because in the bible I read that
On the Jabel Moussa he fell in smoke and flames
I want an answer to my questions
Why you stammer priests
You don't know what to answer
I suggest the truth
I ask in the name of mankind
Why does god need such technical toys

4. Hybrids - Bitter Genetic Cocktail

Human head in the body of a lion
Proudly watching the gates of temples
Hybrids described by history
We are not a sick fantasy
In labs of nonexistent towns
Hidden under earth
Madmen mixing their genetic cocktails
Connecting the human beings with animals
Deep in hidden labs
Under secret domes
Drowsed in iced test tubes
Waiting for hatch
Hybrids - hidden in glass cocoons
Hybrids - bitter genetic cocktail
Hybrids - reptiles with human heads
Hybrids - heritage of past gods

5. Scares Of Time

Since thousands of years
They are rammed into earth
In cosmic truth rest
Still keeping their secrets
Secrets of faith
Secrets of life
Secrets of death and gods
Only wind holds in hands that naked pyramids' walls
Sometimes the rain washes the dust
Which nestles them like a coat
Every day comes the sun
And burns down the scars of time

6. Dream A Dream

Close my eyes
My thoughts spread the wings of imagination
I am starting to sail through space
Into the garden of harmony
In that garden of a small clear brook
Welcomes me
Inviting me
I quench my thirst and see the beauty
Which is only here to be seen
I dream a dream
I dream a dream
I dream a dream
I dream a dream
Drifting into infinity
I am on the way amongst their worlds
To find more gardens and brooks of clear water

7. The Prayer Of Death

In my eyes the mirror of time
My soul somewhere there
Wandering in demon land
Sorcerer's skull is rising
Whispering the prayer of the key
From my
From my mouth
Incantations flow
Ana ana
It's the prayer of death
The flame hears the lever of time
Icy limps in the arms of life again
I am back from the endless trip
From the land of lost souls
From the land of illusioned gods
I just awoke
My voice vibrating
I have passed gates of unknown worlds
And am drifting between ghosts
My face sprays a rain
Refreshing my tired body
Nestled into the burned down earth
I hear how it breathes
The ashes I have mixed
For sacrifice sowed them away
The wind soars them
And I still whispered
Ana ana
It's the prayer of death

8. Mysterious Stones

The colours of the world are living in them
Their shapes are strange
The energy which pulsated inside is unknown
Scattered around our earth
And remembering the beginning
Maybe someday they will talk
Expose the truth of the gods
In those stones the truth is enclosed
In those stones gods' mystery
Like iced matter they are quiet
Waiting for the key
Time fears us
They fear time
The genesis will be born again
When I hold them in my hands
The energy is flowing
I know where the truth is
But some of them still don't understand

9. Holy Garden

Somewhere in the universe it's hanging still
A magic planet
The holy Earth
I don't know who created it
But I am sure that this is what the demons and gods were fighting for
Are we fruits of right
Right or wrong
In that garden of tears and illusions
Cries of children I hear everywhere
Why are they crying in that promised land
Their prayers do not help
They are still in pain
Try to reach their mothers
But they are rapid and gone away
Was the prophets right
Is this the end of mankind
What is the direction of the human beings
Why do believes start do die
Why do the holy gardens burn
The kingdom spill bloody tears
Have the demons received their power back
Dark rain in our hearts
Death is looking into the cradle of life
Deep in our brains
Lives evil by somebody's creations
Bitterness in my mouth
Disappointed without a strange
Fear devours our world
Children screaming for their future

10. Genesis

Atmosphere cools after the Big Bang
Heavy raindrops groove structures
Which slowly transforms to land and mountains
Tearful winds filling space
A new beginning happens in the universe
One of millions in the Milky Way
Somewhere far away a white dwarf
Finished his way
Gone out forever
Brightness appears at the horizon
The sun takes in hand the sleeping crust
And the old ice coat wrapped forever
Changes slowly into deep oceans
Some day lord on bird wings will come
To soar life in the holy garden
The new colonists will call him God
Then again what else
Because he created Earth

11. Farewell

Already yesterday
Like a proud bird
You faced the problems of your days
Which cut scars deep inside
While the way of your life
Your aims were maybe quite in reach
Dreams which grind winds
Wrapped with the warmth of memories
Drifting somewhere
In a murderous fight with demon cancer
Which insolently has broken inside
But you do not bow
In spite of inflicted wounds
When death knocks on your door
Invites you to unknown ways
When death stands at your door
You raise up your hand and proudly live

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