Dark Lyrics


1. Sis

My sisters dangerous. She climbs the barbed wire fence. Changes
clothes in the back seat. Medical gown to red jeans. I can tell shes
off her meds, cause she's grinning like a death’s head. Like a slit
wrist angel. The asylum lights up, as we pull away. The doctors don’t
get it, my sister can’t be kept in a cage.

2. The American's Head

Pro-death anti-cop. Terror on the screen. Agent
orange. Everything green. The front page says the news is dead. The
sword removes the american's head. Morality Destroyed. You're only
free in the void.

3. The Underground Man

I used to have a family. I used to be sane. Now I
walk through the sewers. a virus in the earths veins. the rats are my
companions. the roaches are my food. im underneath you. I'm the
underground man.

4. Eve

I walked with Eve through the garden where the flowers grow out of
control. She got bitten by a two-headed snake, she laughed as she bled
gold. I told her I?d build her a slaughterhouse of her very own.

5. The Diplomat

we never ever change. we make the same mistakes. if
youre gonna have roads. youre gonna have roadkill. thats the risk that
it takes. stone guns. primitive tanks. base emotions drive the horde.
the diplomat takes the rook from the board. i want to know what was
int he briefcase. colder than cold war. enemies without uniforms.

6. All Seeing Eye

your holy wars a joke to me. i live the life i want to
lead. like a reverse priest. conscious mind. one of a kind. a man in
present time. a reverse priest. i am the lightning. death is the

7. Valley Of The Geysers

no car no job no dollar sign. no net to land in
this time. where death has no cruelty. addiction just a memory. i
track the impala. slay the bear with a spear. all i have is my hunger.
in the valley of the geysers. all my teeth fall out. twenty canines
take their place. exile from the human race. in the shadow of the
volcano. finally i am alive.

8. Book Burner

My book disproves your book. My facts have been checked more closely.
And nobody cares. We see what we want to see. Fiction Non Fiction.
Spilling from the same T.V.

9. Machiavellian

I wonder am i still a traitor if i pick the winning
side. tell me is this what its like to live as a spy. saying what ive
got to say to survive. understand how the bricks are always laid the
same way. greed upon sex. power upon skull.

10. Baltimore Strangler

she's got a neck
built for my hands
the way a pine
grows for the saw
they say I hate women
they couldn't be more wrong
she's got a pierced lip
and a mohawk
and a strut
that reminds me of a tiger
I think she's a waitress
at rocket to venus
I've seen her flipping
records at reptilian
the other day
I followed her
all the way
from hopkins to the harbor
I lost her in the crowd
when the o's game let out
I never saw that girl again
and it's a shame
I just wanted to hold her
like an anaconda

11. White Lady

lamar never makes it easy. he always wants to meet me
someplace sketchy. i stick out like a sore thumb in this part of d.c.
hes forty minutes late he keeps trying to gouge me on the price like a
prick. whatever. as long as the powders legit. im all stoked. i got my
fix. then these thugs roll up. with bad intentions.

12. The Bug

the bug tried to escape that only make me want to crush him
more. automatic porn drug ritual. i saw my reflection like a living
sketch. like a bug smeared on the wall. automatic porn drug ritual.
why wont you answer the goddamn phone. cmon pick it up. the stars drip
down the sky. shes got double spirals for eyes. there was a time when
she was mine. she used to smolder like the earth's core. automatic
porn drug ritual.

13. Iron Drunk

someone breaks a chair on his head. and he just gets more
pissed. he throws some russian guy through the window. he cant be
controlled. he jumping over the bar. hes putting his mouth right over
the tap. cops have been called. doesnt matter at all.

14. Burning Palm

I bit the edge off the wond until it pleased my eyes, until the throb of the pain was just right. I held my hand steady in the flame. I wanted to burn on the outside for a change. I pulled back the skin so I could get right on the nerve. Everything, all at once.
I'm indomitable.

15. Dirty Knife

She likes to be restrained then unrestrained.
She asked me to dare her so I did.
She put the handle of the knife inside, careful not to cut up her thighs.
I think something stirred in her mahogany eyes.
Like a turtle in a dirty river.

16. Totaled

the bulldozer need to push something over. if i were a house
the state wouldve condemned me. beware of god.

17. Kamikaze Heart

you make passion seem like your creation. like a plane
crash. detonation. im going down in an arc of black smoke. kamikaze
heart dives forever.

18. King Of Clubs

i know better than to wager what i cant afford to lose.
king of clubs to one eyed jack. just like that. the rent. the savings.
i lost it all. how can i go home? how can i face her?

19. Permanent Funeral

deep inside im just a wolf trying to walk upright.
the moth flew into the white light. the girl takes the flag from the
gravesite. unrequited love kills. spawns black blood cells. the dark
cradles mystery. the light ruins everything. you know it's true.

Scott Hull ‒ Guitars
J.R. Hayes ‒ Vocals
Blake Harrison ‒ Noise, Samples
Adam Jarvis ‒ Drums

Thanks to tsheridan02 for sending these lyrics.

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