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1. Lady Lightning

Trees are silent sky is grey
Thunder storm is coming this way
Lady lightning somewhere up there
Thundering laugh she don't care

Thunder is cracking the sky
Lightning is striking
I don't wanna die

Rain is hammering on my window
Even in here you feel the wind blow
All those clouds very frightening
I can see lady lightning

Thunder leads her magical sound
When her lightning strikes the ground
Oh she's got a mind of a snake
Making you shiver and shake

2. Night Hunter

You pay the price for cheap thrills
All night you gotta run
The price is high the speed kills
You wanna have some fun

Baby we'll never
Try to slow it down
Baby you better
Spread the word around
I'm a night hunter

Dark moody night no neon
I've lost my mind my sense
Sun's coming up I'm tired
No where to go no friends

3. Hot Lovin'

Your face is magic
Your words are so cold
You felt so lonely
I tried to let go
What will it be whose gonna win
Can't you see the trouble were in

Hot lovin' next to the stage
Hot lovin' oh yeah we can make

You're dressed so lovely
Your hair is a mess
You see the stars
Some bigger some less
You think it's magic
The lights and the sounds
It is real you know what we found

You try to keep me going
I couldn't stop the growing
You know it's hard to handle
You don't know where to run to

4. Diamond Dreamer

Day and night all alone
I'm sure I'm gonna make it on my own
I know it's real I've got a dream
No matter how hard or far it may seem

Diamond dreamer you're not a loser
Diamond dreamer you're gonna win

Set the day you'll be the champion
Find out things that have to be done
Throw your minor tears away
Happiness will take you to that day

Don't be afraid to be a dreamer
Can you feel the action in the air
You got to fight and never stop
All the way you need to reach the top

5. Message From Hell

No one to hide
No one to guide me now
No one to chase
Nothing to race or fight
No one to tell
How the rules are set
No one to win
In my last bet

I had a message from hell

Whose gonna tease
Whose gonna squeeze me tonight
I'm gonna win
The devil's on my side
Don't mess with me
I'm breaking the law
Don't say I'm cheating
I might use my claw

6. You're All Alone

All your life you will run
You'll follow the sun
It's misty in your brain
Don't know what you can do

You fly too high
Tell me why
You fly too high
You're all alone

You're moving too fast
How long will it last
You don't care what people say
You live by the day

7. Lousy Lady

Your way of living
Taking no giving
Makes me wild
Tell me what to do
Sneaky eyes that watch me
Silver tongue that wants me
Makes me mean
Meaner than you

To live for yourself ain't no future
To live for yourself lousy lady

No more games stop playing
Ain't no use for crying
Now you know
What it's all about
You're the one who wants me
You're the one who needs me
Therefore girl
Show your love to me

8. The Hangmen

Bad reputation
I'm in a mood for a fight
No celebrations
No playing games tonight

I'm the hangman
Beat me if you can

I feel no pity
Gonna hit you right in the face
I search the city
You can't hide in no place

I have a lot of problems
At least that's what they say
My way of living
I only live for today

9. Get Me Rock And Roll

Find me in darkness
And you know what I mean
No one can guess
The problems I'm in

Get me rock and roll
Help me loose control

Women and whiskey
Are my only friends
When I'm awake
I've lost all my senses

Always a loser
Born on the street
I've lived my life
In the midnight heat

10. You're Touching Me

I'm in love
Gonna make you see
Everything you say
Is touching me
I only know you for awhile
Want you to know
I love your smile

Never felt this way before
Seen your face and I want more
Never had this touch before
I'm gonna see you to your door

You play your part
And I play mine
Your lips are like
A taste of wine
I love your body
I love your face
A blessing to the
Human race

Thanks to Damned for sending these lyrics.

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