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1. Bladewing

Smoke fills the air, scent of cinder is there the ground shakes, the earth quakes
In desperate fear I stand, a distant silhouette
Zooming from afar, that visage I shall ne’er forget
A dragon enraged by fire, engulfed in death
Raging ever higher, light the funeral pyre
Roarix Bladewing, guide Thy flame come to strike again!

Sonic boom, sound of thunder
Lightning flashes, death hereafter
Rain of blood, smouldering flesh
Death on red wings, Bladewing forever!

Ground into dust, humans fall to the ground
No-one stands against Bladewing the Risen,
Legendary creature of nightmarish design
Wherefore didst thou rise again? Necromancy, death in red magic
Summoned destroyer, demon among dragons wherefore to feast again?
Strike from the grave leave the living in pain!

2. Children Of The Dawn

Coming of a one winged angel nightmare truth returned,
Feel the discord in my soul misanthropic messiah,
Distant call beneath the earth last remnants of chaos’ legacy
Unholy revelations geostigma infected my resolution to sail the darkness of the cosmos
Resanctify this holy ground, hordes of chaos running loose,
Wreaking havoc forevermore leaving nothing but an empty ruin,

Disciples of destruction, forbidden reunion
Distant struggle for revolution, never ending
Children of the dawn, a new world order,
Left with no survivors, eradicate existence,
Destroy this world, final Armageddon
Sephiroth’s vision, metamorphosis
Children of Jehovah, baptised in bloodshed all life will end

3. Ophelia

4. 1914

1914, bullets fly across the field searching for another unnamed tomb,
As my soul departs my body, I look back wretched, hated, sum of humankind,
Conflict has awakened my lust for the sanctuary contained within the omnipresent death,
Eye for an eye, life for a life I cannot see beyond this rage,
Bloodlust is consuming dark psychosis eroding all that’s of shattered reality
Eye for an eye, life for a life lost in the destruction exalting in obliteration
Finally free in the act spilling the blood of my fellow man we all die here.

I must desecrate I must terminate I must desecrate,
Absolute power bring your fear bring your hate.
The dead will never rise again, You will never rise again.

5. Bloodfire Colossus

Ancient ritual of deadly design, forged by those with power in mind,
An ancient sect, wizards of red, all life hangs by a thread,
Cult of the dragon, cult of the beast, A great colossus long since deceased,
Sought to revive this deadly creature, little did they know it was ready to feast,
The magic users fell to their knees, lost their heads, executioner’s fee
The beast emerged hungry for more, on towards the mountain it roared,
Blood spewed from all sides, Creature was unstable, ritual had not completed, Bloodfire was imperfect,

Bloodfire Colossus creature of destiny going to implode going to explode
Resurrected demon, destroyer of worlds
Your resurrection is life’s destruction.
Feel the blood boiling see the fire burning creature calling demon roaring

Round and round, gathering more speed, taking many lives, an endless feed
Flowstone flood, out of control, fuel the fire that was its need,
Burn the soil and purify the air, Night blazed like a flare,
Terrifying beast of mass destruction, creature of colossal evil,
The embers burnt and died, flesh tormented and fried,
Sooner or later it was going to explode, Bloodfire razed the ground it would not die alone.

6. At The End Of Fear, Oblivion

I lie broken here on this field full of the rotting dead,
Blood leaks from my wounded chest, the ravens flie above,
the scavenging carrion come to devour my flesh,
Once I have seen the darkness descend for the last time
At the end of fear oblivion
As the last glow passes out of my eyes I see nothing but an endless void
Spiralling ever downward into nothingness everything unified by the darkness,
This cannot be all there is, infinite space of cold emptiness and miserable death
I leave this life by a bitter end, and now I float motionless in a sea of blackest night nthing in sight as I drift
eternally enclosed by the realms of infinity

Confined to the paradox of wandering a dead cosmos,
All my deeds go unpunished no price for the crime of sin no hell or any heaven, sorrow misery and pain
All now worthless in the end, conscience is all that's left

Now twilight descends and night is falling fast,
I don't understand this doom lain before me so many questions to be unanswered, dislodged from any plain of existence,
I feel the fated blade pierce my ribcage again,
passing right through my armour there was no endless void
Was it all an illusion? I can taste the blood in my mouth
We mortals are but shadows and dust drifting in the sands of time

7. Godslayer

War erupts from the skies bathing the world in flame civilizations collapse, a new apocalypse,
Godslayer forgotten forsaken annihilation
The dawn will never come, cancerous religion
Beyond the catacombs, sword of the ancients,
Cast relic of chatic uncreation, forged with the last sworn cast down from heaven,
By obsidian blade, you will see the truth in the lies,
By obsidian blade, you will see the end of your lives.

8. An Aristea's End

The world has bowed beneath my sword hewn and destroyed,
Legions of bodies lie at my feet all cut down
A crimson lake reflects my face
God of destruction ancient terror final empty victory

No mercy for the weak fleeing for life,
Living on battlefields like cattle to slaughter,
They fall on my blade sacrificed to the god that dwells within my blood

And so the fight becomes meaningless,
A pointless struggle no honour, no glory
In this end the only battle left to fight towards suicide

9. The Serpent's Retribution

Amongst the forgotten ruins lying bloodied and shackled
On the barren ground, consumed in the fires of your betrayal
Demon of the poisoned tongue throughout the ages long
Sire of mortal tragedy and sorrow’s dark harbinger
Your deeds carved wounds in the earth and the flesh of innocence
By blood rites I invoke you hear this hymn of retribution
Your blood shall quench the land and set my spirit free to walk the path of absolution

Voices, of the dead calling, out to me
Brother, betrayed purity, defiled
I hear your voice from below the grave
Unbearable was his treachery
Unrelenting was his venom
Unending was your suffering

My brother, can you hear me?
Your blood cries out from beyond the veil
My brother, can you hear me?
I shall be a dagger in the traitor’s heart.

I shall walk the path of hate this is my vow I will seek vengeance unto my death

Descent into the twilight this starless and bleak land shadows breeding in the depth
I see a black mountain breaking the dark horizon by infernos crowned and screams surrounded
A gateway to infinity imprisoned by a dark fortress driven by winds of wrath and legacies of blood
I ascend the hidden paths there lies the wretched demon blinded by dread curses
Chamber covered in sigils an empyrean tomb as I plunge the blade into his flesh searing pain in my chest a demon I am

My brother, can you hear me?
Your blood cries out from beyond the veil
My brother, can you hear me?
My blood seals the oath of your cursed death

10. Ophelia Reprise

Dan Saunders – Guitars, Vocals
Vicki Thompson – Keyboards
Elliot Beaver – Vocals
Paul Nazarkardeh – Guitars
Simon McAuliffe – Bass
Tom Atherton – Drums

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