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1. Bring The War

What was broken, wasn't always in defeat
A revolution s collapsed, but isn't on kneeling feet
Those who became victims on a heroic battled street
Lived for the chaos, that s the ideals and beliefs!

Another stage
But it s just another rage
Set into force
Smashing this state
Fallen lives
This point they die
Insurgence to Fear
The war is here!

Bring the war
And see your demise!

2. Savannah's Assault

Sleep, shit, eat, cry
Take, spit, bite, cry

Birth to an insurgence
From the bottle to full throttle
Defecating the smell of death
To beauty that cold kill the rest!

Savannah's Assault...

Sleep, shit, eat, cry
Take, spit, bite, cry

3. Continue Insane

Verbal to mental to physical hostilities
Ongoing through life s capabilities

From violence to pain
To continue insane!

Engage into violent reprisals
To maintain one s own addicted survival

4. MBP

Thieving fucks stab you in the face!
My bike punk!

5. Sane

I'll be put to death
But you first
Pound m hatred in your skull!

Detest your views, that lights my fuse
No hope for life when it s time to die
How about love?
What's it for!

Trying to remain, thoughtless and sane
Trying to remain, thoughtless and sane

6. I Reject

Cruelty a state of mind
Ravenous the seam that binds
Living with this social hate
Subjected to its profound fate!

I reject!
Governments and your social views
I reject!
Fuck them and fuck you!

Conform would only mean I'm dead!

7. Ultimate Suffering

Violent acts, a period that has not been maintained
But who are those that criticize... and who is to blame?
Life and society the influential part of conditioning
Children to be born, as we face the brutality!

Does this have to be!
Breeding ultimate suffering!

Watch from the TV, learned habits that prey
Seek from others what greed s done today
Guilt has no feeling or shame
Birth to rebellion, to the crime of social times!

8. Death To Pigs

Death to pigs with severed heads

No repression
Total mutiny
No brutality

Death to pigs with severed heads

Total brutality
No brutality!

Death to pigs with severed heads

9. Beer, Bitches And Bulletbelts

Live your life
Let it be
Don t feel deprived
Embrace your needs
Dirty thoughts and dirty minds
Live it up
Don t question why!

Beer, bitches, and bullet belts
Nothing old, nothing new
Beer, bitches, and bullet belts
These 3 things are just for you!

So you can live with your guilt? OK!
Don t let your self be deceived? OK!

Drink a beer
There is no fear
The P.C. police
They re not near
And who gives a fuck
What is said
Live your life
Enough fucking said!

10. Rise Up

People always waiting because their hope has never died
Selfish acts of reason is what they always find
Violence born of hatred, these means have done their deeds
You preach about some fucking change and do your coward ways!

Rise up, build self esteem
Take control, don t take the fall!

You see disasters every fucking day
You mind goes racing and stressing has it s way
Rid all this burden and kill your self disease
Rise up, get up, stop living on your knees!

Rise up, build self esteem
Take control, don t take the fall!

11. Abuse The Truth

Looking through the windows
Shadows that always seem to haunt
Justifying the obvious
So you can remain calm

Honesty a profound ideology, but we always seem to abuse the truth!

Lives will never change, it s plagued with one own guilt

Believing until the dead end, exhausted beaten, you will never win!

Abuse the truth

12. Wasted Time

Gangs to prostitution to CIA
Government has a conquest, a vision that's insane
Capitalist onslaught leaves victims to remain
Ignorant fucks that turn a blind eye away

Wasted time!
A life full of deceit, watching people suffer, you're killing on the streets
Wasted time!
Through the killing machines, humanities struggles, to feed into their regime

This is your America, is this your dream?
Self imposed battle fields, to contribute to the means

One of many conspiracies to social defeat
Millions of lives ruined with terror on the streets
Gangs and government
Oppressive works of hate, a solid activist said

13. Instruments Of Deception

An instrument of deception
Be used and abused
Nothing else matters
But the comfort of the accused!

Damaged days
The hate goes away
Damaged days
Hate goes away!

Instrument of deception
Lies that hold the bind
Instrument of deception
Love is always blind!

Manipulate to your advantage
Caring only creates damage
Believing in your self worth
Burn your 2 faces with a fucking torch!

2 faced motherfucker!

14. Soulless Eyes

Put to their demise
Through cold soulless eyes
Blood tortured reign
For human selfish gain!

Soulless eyes
Life has died!

Soulless eyes
That hide
Soulless eyes
Life has died

15. Anarchist Farce

So you want to protest cops
Express your anarchist thoughts
Live, breath and absorb the ideals
That your fucking taught
2 days a week and feel like you fought
It s a full fledge insurgence is what you thought
Revolution systematic change
Doesn't happen with your fucking games!

Anarchist farce!

Refuse a system that you want to exploit
In the name of punk while you shoot your junk
Fuck shit up and fuck the state
Now you put them in their place
Studded belts and tattooed face
That has nothing to do with smashing the state
Your freedom exists and I m game to this
But we need to fight, so punks unite!

16. Dead End

Dead end!
Dead end!
Dead end!
Dead end!

Dead end
That's what you'll see
So you better believe

Dead end
No hope for life
The end in sight!

When Christ has risen, the people will lose expression
Animals still suffer from human devastation
Political corruption, the roots of all evilness
Powers that destroy, hostile deviance

17. Protest / Solution


Mass graves for everyone
Beaten and bled with your thoughts
Nothing left you can lose
With out hope you are through


Can save your lives
And revolt their lies

To clinch your fist and beat them slow
To rise from ashes that once were blissful

18. Nihilistic Grindcore

Life and means to make noise that's core
Anarchist ideals nihilistic grind core!

19. Eyes Of A Citizen

Who are the oppressors
We look them in the eyes
Who contributes to murder
Is it the citizen's right?

Anarchy is not a solution
It's an alternative to a bullshit scheme
The war is fought in our city streets
Leaving death and defeat!

Blood that streams from the weak
Blood that streams from the weak

Solutions can be buried
With those who have seen their graves
Revolt, self destruction
A first that has to change!

20. Bleed To The End

It's easy to feel dead
When there isn't any light
To feel a worthless doom
That over hangs your life...

Overall, we're bleeding to the end!
Overall, we're bleeding to the end!

The cold of a feeling
The despair I have fought
Remnants of the healing
Depressing every thought!

Embrace your demise
We bleed to the end

Bleed to the end
Bleed to the end
Bleed to the end
Bleed to the end

Overall, we're bleeding to the end!
Overall, we're bleeding to the end!

21. Depression Is A Killer

Is that oppression
Attacking me again
It never seems to leave
Always seems to begin
Maybe slit my own throat
To bleed so-called sins
Love and hate is so fucked
Put this to an end!

What's the point to try?
Depression's a killer inside!
What's the point to try?
Depression's a killer inside!

A fragile existence
Is a horrid sign
It makes no difference
For what you try to find
You live in mental fear
And hope to only die
The end is coming
This must be my warning!

22. Blackened Day

Blackened day
So you better pray
Ashes and death decay
And death machines
Human blood that stains

Blood that runs from
This body seem so cold
Nothing's left
This plague has its hold

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