Dark Lyrics


1. Chaos Within

Take away the sun above and burn the air we breathe
Take away the moon and stars and everything believed
Take away the fields of green, the blue seas below
Take away the spark of life and everything unknown

All that I see are scenes of violence
The screams aloud crash down the silence
Dreams of tomorrow drowned in sorrow
Man's self destruction
Death of order breeds disorder
Forlorn in fear

Take away serenity and fill the mind with hatred
Take away the heat inside and fill the hearts with emptiness
Take away the blood so pure spread the poison in the veins
Take away the innocence drained by guilt consumed by pain

Ethnocide genocide the cancer lives deep inside
Corruption disruption chaos within damnation

2. Dance Of The Wounded Souls

On through the dead of night
They shot them one and all
They thought they stopped the dance
As they watched elders fall
The bullets set them free fulfill the prophecy
Immortals, through death
They found eternity

Violent beats come and shake the earth
Swaying to the rhythm of the beast
Step into the final dance behold
The dance of the wounded souls

Breakthrough the realms of death
Arise the vengeful souls
They hunt and seek revenge
As they watched tyrants fall
In the valley of misery
Remains a mystery
Where the wounded souls shall dance eternally

Dance motherfuckers dance!!

I've seen it all, heaven and hell
There is no difference, no forgiving
What is evil but good tortured
By its own hunger and thirst

3. Fear Not

This is the last rebellion the fire you can't control
These are the faces of the lost when life has taken its toll
This is a call for battle flesh armed by the heart
This is the soul that never knows when to stop

Fear not death and the darkness it holds
Fear not the unknown
Fear not to fight on through it all
You'll never walk alone

This is the dead awaken flawless and reborn
This is the march for mutiny the reckless stronghold
This is a tale of conquest the wildest uproar
This is the sound of dissonance the final downfall

Give me a reason why do we come to join the dead
No rhyme no reason we are broken and beaten and left for dead

These are the dreams forsaken living in the shadows
This is the anger of the beaten the language of the righteous
This is the eye that sees the truth inside the lies they told
This is the cry for justice a call for freedom

4. Sacrifice

The value of a man
Long lost in time
Every story told is a lie
Every fortune is the result of a crime
Still we stand next in line

End this life
End this nightmare
End this warfare inside my head
Realign, redesign, recreate a new life

This flag we bore forevermore
Our final destination
Mother cried and brother died
For your emancipation
Wounds of war still raw and sore
Observing their elation
The final price for paradise
You and I, we sacrifice

Where do we go when we depend
On laws decreed by lawless men
The signs on the wall says equality
For all colors of skin

My blood signs in for freedom
A trade for a peace of mind
A final change of season
A kingdom so divine

I have turned away
From mankind's shame
Where thoughts are judged
And we're the ones to blame
Man killed man for lust and greed
Humanity fell from grace

5. Withstand The Test Of Time

To walk through the wire
To rise from the fire
Recover from the blows defeat all the foes
Break the chains and march through the rain

Oh through hardship reign
Oh through struggle and pain
Oh through death revive
Withstand the test of time

To hold back the tears
To face all your fears
With strength and with pride conquer the lies
Take on the night and reach the other side

6. Endless Knot

7. T.W.O

Within the tides come unveil the lies
Reveal what must have been
Walking through the darkness
Searching for the light
Sailing through a sea of sin
Have you seen the misery, the blood that was shed
Brother killed brother, children left unfed
In gold we trust a world misled
For nation's fall we dread

I have seen the atrocity I have heard the screams
I have touched the fragile skin I have felt the scars bleeding

Father time is crying mother earth is dying
One day the price will be paid
Memories filled by regrets we're lost in disarray
Rules we follow orders we obey led us all astray
No winning hand in this no man's land
Nothing left for me

Let the rain wash away all the sins of yesterday
All the blood that's on my hands the fresh hot proof that I am damned
Let the rain wash away all the sins of yesterday
All the blood spread in vein take away the endless pain

Will we see tomorrow is why we kneel and pray
Tempted by evil hatred primeval
We live to become the prey
No matter the number no matter the price
One day we will break these chains
Destroy the borders threaten the world order
All against the strain

8. The Tribe

Gather around gather around the flag
Gather around straight and tall
Build the shrine with might and pride
And let us vow that we'll never fall
Let's defend the right to be free
Equality for you and me
No more tyranny no more slavery

The price for freedom is never free
We must fight to gain it's sight

Gather around gather around to defy
Gather around and fight
If we should all die tonight
Let us die together
Our final act our last rites
And remember the afterlife
Gather now the tribe

This is not the end
Death is just a new beginning
This is not the end

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