Dark Lyrics


1. Nothing Good

Mean cat tried to bring me down
I said hey man, won't cha lose my number
He is way off track
I got eyes in my back baby

Take off this ball and chain
It's as heavy as a brick house
I said stay away
Get out of my neighborhood
Blew me way off track
I got a knife in my back

Nothing good comes easy baby
Nothing good, nothing good
Wash my hands of this I'm lazy
'Cause baby nothing good

2. Time To Run

Well I'm standing at the front line
My life seems like a war
And I'm so tired of fighting babe
Don't wanna see your face no more
Well I think you know it's over
It's better left undone
Now I will soon be going
'Cause the things you've said and done

I know baby it's time to run
Why don't you open your eyes
And I know
Baby your time has come
It's time to run

When I'm talking to ya boy
I might be talkin to the wall
Now I've got news for you
You just ain't no fun at all
I don't hear a word for me
I don't hear your words at all
You better watch your step
'Cause you're heading for a fall

I just wanna walk away
I just turn my back and say
Baby your time has come
I'm so tired I'm so confused
Twice around I've paid my dues
Baby it's time to run

3. Bad Reputation

You've got a bad reputation
That's the word out on the town
It gives a certain fascination
But it can only bring you down

Turn yourself around
Turn yourself around
Turn it upside down
Turn yourself around

You got bad breaks
Well, that's tough luck
You've played too hard
Too much rough stuff
You're too sly, so cold
That bad reputation has made you old

4. My Misery

God only knows
That sometimes
It's hard to even fake a smile
It gets so old looking at these
City Lights
So dark and lonely but I'll be alright
I'm praying

My misery
Bring it down come and take it from me
My misery
Love is careless in just who it might see
My misery

So far away
Closer than those
Who are surrounding me
Something's reaching something unseen
Keeps coming over me and
Calling my name

[Repeat chorus x3]

5. Little Man

Long haired baby, mad gone crazy
You turned my head around
Flat on my back, you took what you got
And walked without a sound
Dizzy and blue, I shoulda known you'd
Throw me a line
I bought it big time
But one thing I never said

You're a little man, little man
You're a little man, Oh a little little man

Now I may sound bitter but this was a kicker
I still kind of hold a grudge
I should 've seen it coming
But you, you'd buy the booze
And honey, I would lose it
I still remember, you weren't that fucking great

I won't give up my mind for you,
oh no little man
This time you're on your ass it's true
oh yeah little man
Little man, little man a little man
You're a little man, little man a little man
The best part of you was left on the sheet
Who you gonna please with that thing? Yourself?

6. Better Off Dead

I know you swim in the shit from your own fat head
Feel not a thing
Numb to your brother who lies in the street
I'll show you a million words that I never said

[Chorus I]
Now it's time to reap in what you've sown
Better off dead
Nail me down
My soul you'll never own
Better off dead

I claim you a symbol for what's wrong today
Closed eyes with my back to you
Shattered faith of your jaded prey

[Chorus II]
Now it's time to reap in what you've sown
Better off dead
Nail me down
My soul you'll never own
Better off dead
Smear your face in dirt from which you were born
Better off dead
Losing now a mask of false control
Better off dead

7. Anti Love Crunch

Checkin' you out you be looking so fine
Call me dessert babe if you wanna grind
Got my new freedom but it ain't no freedom to me
Wanna do it but you're just not gonna listen
And it doesn't really matter
Cause we won't do more than kissin'
Oh, it's not up to me anti love

Anti love crunch
Anti love
Anti love crunch

Been whining and pleading and begging to score
The color is red baby need I say more?
Got my wings on but we ain't gonna fly tonight
Say you want me and you want more than the kissin'
But it doesn't really matter
Cause I gotta keep you wishin'
Oh, it's not up to me anti love

8. Loved Ya To Pieces

Such a lovely day the sun was shining
Down on cell 37
God turn this water into whiskey sour
Pay you back if I get to Heaven
No one to love or need
Think I'm lonely
Judge wouldn't pardon me
He only gave me a life-long lease in a house that's ugly
and a maid that's big and mean

Loved ya to pieces more than life
Loved ya to pieces cut like a knife
Preacher spoke and grown men cried
Rest in pieces from your sweet little wife

It was my last cigarette
And I was looking back on you
You were so damn sweet
Lying in my sister's, lying in my sister's bed
Turn the other cheek that's what they told me
Lasted for a week then they sold me
A six inch blade with your name written on it
A gift from me to you


Now I might sound a little bitter baby
But you know what I'm talking about
You know it's cold inside, cold inside
Yeah, I loved you too much
Couldn't stand to see you touching someone else
Why not me?

9. So Easy

Now I don't mean to be offensive
But your brain's not that expensive
That's okay with me
Your trash can mentality
Makes good for small talkology
I don't think I'm leaving

Now it seems so catastrophic
But oh well
Mom said to never play with matches

[Chorus I]
You make it easy
You make it so easy

Now I thought I'd seen it all
And I guess I'm still in shock
It's kind of sleazy
But when I look at your face
I see that saving grace
I get so weak in the knees


[Chorus II]
You make it so damn easy
You know it feels kind of frightening
You make it so damn easy
You know you come on like the lightning

So when I come a knockin' on your back door
You better let me in 'cause I want more baby

10. Lied To Me

Ma ma ma money, money money money
Sex drugs money let's live a little honey
Had a dick for a mother and a bitch for a dad
Little brother lost his mind
His grades were too bad
Didn't understand couldn't really see
I could feel it I could feel
Growing like a weed in the sick sense of me
I could feel it I could see
Some dumb stupid bitch in a white fuckin Benz
Got shit-faced fucked burned all her friends
Needle in her arm and her little car alarm
I can hear her saying Oh God Why'd they

Lie to me
Oh man they lied to me I'm sad
Lied to me
They never quit

Tell you what I want
I ask you what I need
Might as well be deaf and dumb
And not read
Never really mattered if you didn't understand
They don't speak those words in fucking Iran
Go the hell back
Take your ugly hat
I don't need ya I don't need
Slimy little fucker with a knife behind your back
I don't need ya I don't need
Little sinless men saying
Give me what you got
I'll take my fat ass on home and buy myself a yacht
I don't really mean to be crying so much
I'm just pissed off 'cause the world's so fucked


The world seems to be spinning faster and faster
I think it might stop

11. A Little Evil

Mad mad man in a bottle
Sad sad man sad man oh man what the hell's wrong
So many different sights a little south of the border
Solo flight through a guiltless mind
A little dirt on the doormat of life
Falling down the stairs reaching out for a hand
Got no fingers on it and a watch that tells no time

I like a little evil
Sometimes it makes me feel
I like a little evil
Oh yeah

It's not a fool's gold that holds the taste of fine wine
It smells sweeter to me born right out of the blue
Took the seed from the garden of truth
Looking through a crystal eye in the sky
See them runnin round in circles like they've lost their minds

12. You're Free

I found you
I know where you're at
I'm so tired of sleeping through these nights
Lonely nights
Close my eyes sometimes

Go now you're free
Walk away from me
Go now you're free
I was so blind, slow mind
Go now

Hearts breaking
Shattered in two
You kept on pushing through

You heard me crying lately
Bought what you said, yeah, yeah
All those lies you told me
have gone to your head

Is this how it's ending
That's all there was to say
Backed in a corner
Give it a break
Not made of mercy
You get what you give
Misunderstanding how much I'd take

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