Dark Lyrics


1. New Time Bitch

Wake up with a scream the fear is written in your face is it over now
The intense dream of futuristic days what weird force crept in my mind
Awoke my instinct from the blind what let me dream with open eyes
made me the one to hear the cries
Who gave the gift of deeper view just kept from nameless chosen few ??
A totally new point of view the picture of an unborn world deep it's lost
A chaos-state full of hate the program of a sterile world deep it's lost
A special feeling reached your mind there're laws and orders far behind
A new horizon of control leads you the way you just don't know
Diving deep into the virtual calculated shade
The threshold to the "what is now" and "what could be" is just a shade
The creeping control fills ourselves presses us to narrow shapes
Displaces our priorities indoctrinating hate
The strangest one we ever knew at last remains ourself

2. Questions

People ask for wellness ask for property and fame but what's the price that they are willing to pay?
Trampling under foot all the human ways of life controlled by greed no thought of compromise
Go! Waste yourself to live just be the one you wanna be Waste yourself! The time will come for you to pay
Did you ever ask yourself why snakes have poisoned bites you turn around drown in an endless sleep
Is it just in nature is it instinct is it pride? give me an answer take a look inside
Hey you bastard, just come inside, let me lead you to your own sacrifice
Hey you bastard, just take your chance, the serpents waiting to begin a new romance

3. Nothing Remains At All

Oh my friend I'll tell you what I'm feeling now, my deepest secrets
Come into my world and you'll be part of myself
Can you feel the confusion that leads me where it wants
Oh I'm just a puppet on a string but I enjoy
A new day awakes but I don't know which path it takes to leave its mark on me
Fate has grabbed the strings tight in its hands so find the strength to change it
I know time is an immemorial state and I will never compromise
Although I'm weak I still stand by me and I will never compromise
And still all these moments last for years but I will try to hold back my tears
I won't deny myself otherwise my deepest sense would drown in lies

4. Area Black

When the moment is mine I turn back in time
The secrets I keep lay deep, come and seek
Where eyes look through you showing they can't see
An empty gaze staring into vacancy
With nothing inside hiding from your view
Always distant to the unknown new
When sense without a meaning is put into words
A strange coincidence dicovers little hurts
Like needles pinning inside of your heart
The scepticism's tearing you apart
Took for dead but still alive
Sometimes it's coming up and lets you see
Took for dead but still alive
Releases your instinct gives new identity
An evil seed is growing from the deep
Lays shadows over parts that seem asleep
Its weakening abilities to feel
Intensity of soul to become real

5. The Unknown

Deep in your sleep I reach your head whisper
words into your mind from unknown spaces unknown times
whisper words into your mind
My stories tell 'bout love and hate my stories tell 'bout desperation
My stories tell 'bout ecstasy the highlights and the depths of life
I am the one you call insane and I 'm the one who swore
He'd never feel the tension imaginative I became
The only one you trust now kick me and you're blamed
Sorry here I am again screaming word into your mind
From hidden feelings please don't cry telling stories of yourself I
Once upon a time you called my name and surely without doubt I came
Crawling in chaos of your empty words
Growing stronger by your lies I'm the master of demise
Crawling in chaos of your empty words
I betrayed you spread my wings inside your heart
More, I raped you got a so important part
I betrayed you please don't cry call my name and I will fly

6. Voices

Can you hear the voices
they are calling from inside
Wanna whisper little secrets
that you try so hard to hide
Can't jump over your shadow,
an inner-distance keeps you back
The honest man inside still dreaming
and some pain starts streaming
An open book with empty sites mean nothing,
eyes that 're staying blind see nothing
of ourselves the secrets of our lifes
Some angels from the past
reminding us of days that last
Times that made us what we are
Some future devils's hate
the cause for fear of our own fate
There is a bar preventing the unburdened way
An open book with empty sites mean nothing
eyes that 're staying blind see nothing
Of ourselves the secrets that we keep
Wanna close my eyes
drowning in an endless sleep
Glittering mouldy stains
turning into stars so deep
Faces, pale white skin drained of vital energy
Turn into the ones beloved in my memory
A simulated compromise means nothing
a speech with empty words is nothing
Nothing but a waste of our time

7. Mother Darkness

Senses sharp as ice darkness my paradise what does it matter it is all the same to me
Too fast for human eyes my presence paralyzes a silhouette that is one with time and space
Born between life and death a hybrid more or less but I don't care I'm the walker on two sides
The daylight bears an offer but I'm condemned to suffer until the day when my misssion is
My shadow you can feel your life is all I steel your end will be my kiss ...ius sanguinis

8. Angels

Our fantasy, a story-book that never ends
The greatest gift but we can't hold in our hands
The gate to mystical dimensions and to things that live in dreams
Gives us the chance to leave our path and that much further than it seems
There's more behind than we imagine a secret realm of space and time
It is beginning without end until the day we die
What is inside a dead man and his restless mind
A genius state, just dead life suffering from time?
Into oblivion he drowns a lurking flame inside still glows
The physical death means no end existence are we allowed to give new life
An endless dancing on a thin edge until the day we die
Technical development gives no-one the right to act godsent
Moral's lost all of its meaning where is the end

9. The Bag Of Bones

Senselesness and tragedy reflects our time our common lifes
We life for hours, live for days, live for years and are just witnesses of a growing colder
atmosphere with any thought in webs you're caught of rules and so called choice of free
And you don't recognize you go the way especiallymeant for you
You trust in friends that know much better than you about the sense of life
You are no more than shit on low-priced shoes, fed with all their lies
Restlessness fulfils your dreams there is too much dissatisfied
It is the wish to fulfil your own will your own choice your own dreams
In the wrong way it seems
The bag of bones
Collects your thoughts of your dreamworld like a harvester
The bag of bones
The disease of our modern time
The bag of bones
The new spun web it grabs your neck

10. Dying Time

It's coming from behind
sometimes breaks in your mind
it's there the same time here
a self-built atmosphere
Looking back to dying times
to the past that lies behind
cannot flee this intense desperation
building ways out of the dark
as long as you begin to start
the time is right now for a new beginning
and every step is so hard to walk out in the dark
her arms are opened wide, she awaits you for the light
Looking back to dying times to the past that lies behind cannot flee this intense desperation
Building ways out of the dark as long as you begin to start the time is right now for a new
Get away, get away of me, leave my life and let me make my own decision if I go
Get away, so get away of me, leave my life and swear...at least you promise you won't come back

Martin Buchwalter — Drums
Matthias "Metti" Zimmer — Vocals, Guitars
Frank Buchwalter — Bass
Sascha Kerschgens — Guitars

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