Dark Lyrics


1. Twisted Eyes

You ask me if I have a god complex?
Let me tell you something
I am God

Rise and shine
Let your voice be heard
No one shall take the thing that's me
What I love to be

Blood on my altar
Death is my deception
Karma on zero
Redesigned in hell

In these flames I dwell

Twisted eyes are those you find
Screaming the words for mercy
No pity shown from a God
The fear in your eyes now gone

Believe me, obey me
I'm the punishing creator
Sifting for your kind
As I sculpture my own genocide
Last day of judgement
Your blood is gonna boil

They left you here, alone and afraid
Abandoned your soul into nowhere
Eye for an eye that's what I believe
No matter how hard I try
I'll make sure that you'll never be forgotten
I'll leave you here, my prey

2. Slaves Of Labor

Sands of time, an illusion
It has begun
Remembrance of life was swept from my mind
Mourning in silence

I've chosen my fate
Faith fought by few
You'll be alone forever
No answer exists
Not for me or for you

Is this the price, wonder why
Your allegiance is blind

This time I give in to honour
I am walking alone again
Chosen by few, if they only knew
I'm the bringer of salvation
So follow me, slaves of labour

Godforsaken command
Reaching out for your soul
Look into the light
Where's the love of Christ now
Still mourning in silence

No longer I'll wait
Reign of the new
No one shall be my master
No answer exists
Not tomorrow, not today

Step into my world supreme
No madness denied
Stray of the weak
The final goodbye

3. Sending You Back

There's no need for your prayers
As you catch your final breath
The figure before me couldn't matter any less

Through my life guilt and terror fed
My conviction was not to end
I long for the revolution
Made to be the servant of the black

One mind tied to my heart
Fallen angels wait, your kingdom will come

We were led astray
Life passed away
When the slave becomes the master
We will all be remembered
I know what tomorrow brings to me
Justice, black desire
Insanity spinning faster
Sending you back to hell!

You're in my world now, look at me
No one but us in this gathering
Salvation for you will never be
I am your master, kneel for me

Your prayers couldn't save you
Power shifted to me
Superior empire rise

4. R.S - Knights

Alone under the sun, just an animated ghost
This prison is unbreakable
I am passing through the dreamridden sequence
Leave of absence denied

Time is here, time has come, there's no denial
I call for the fallen ones
A voice going insane

Reaching out, close the circle or finish your bottle
You're weak in dream, in life supreme
I'm colored by the things that we love

Excited eyes of few, and the glares of the untrue
Freak breathing down my neck
May the sweet relief divine seduce me
Possessed once again

Lost all sense of reality
Wanna see the inside of you
Watch the shadow reflecting mirror
Undress the unpure
Let justice be done

5. The Return

Used to walk among thee
Like a stranger to the dominant
Do you ever feel it, like a cancer in your mind
Crave for more, it's always there
Distrust is pulling me back

I'm sacred, unholy, I am faithful and false
It all comes together as one

Remove the silence and give birth to my demise
Fast I fall away from heaven
With God as my witness, one day I will return
With hell on my shoulders

I will let it all go now and be free from my burden
Hear my final warning
It is time - Annihilate
In their eyes I'm always there
But my heart is wearing a mask

You are not there just yet
Good things they come to an end
One pure true belief

6. When Eden Burns

Every morning, every night
Every hour of the day you pray
Your life's flawless
You find comfort in your faith
Without truth there's no turning back
Your passing might seem right
And here is your maker
You will be reborn a million ways

You're here but your mind is dreaming

So it's written
Daylight and freedom will never be
When Eden burns
And stars shine no more
The end of your fantasy

Revived and awake
What is this place, what am I doing here
Expected heaven but found the gates of hell
Save me from this nightmare
Where's the promised land
You are complete now
Rejoice a million years

Flames high, the ground is burning
Rain whipping my skin
Forever lost therein

7. Judas Immortal

She's wearing the face of my victim
A well known silhouette
I've seen her, I've touched her before
She won't survive to tell about it
Only her dead body
Such a beautiful thing

The reek of your desecrated corpse
The reek of your soul

No one heard the scream as she was falling
The blade put an end to her voice
Limb by limb I harvested her pure
I tell myself I won't regret it
I'm doing fine
I have the true gift, the sickest of minds

Tomorrow we'll meet again

In a dreamstate world my bride
When the fear and thought collide
Need your secrecy, silence until the end of time
She got lips and skin like sin
She's passing me by in the crowd
You just can't be erased

Why should you linger
Death comes to us all
A dark strike of faith, just show me a sign
Keep walking that line

Lost child, your dreams of wonders
Believers, you see them hanging on
Madness, you pull me under
The meaning - They seem to go away

You're growing as I am falling in despair

8. Doomsday News

For some time I looked at the world
Through the eyes of damnation
Dark sights, they hide away from the sun
In the doomsday city I run

In a stream of cruel diminishing thoughts
Darkness shadows the light inside
People not convinced, laughing
End of mankind, wither and die

In denial the fools will carry on
A face unseen will show you what I mean
When the legions arise to destroy

Another day has come to end
No one heard my prophecy
And if tomorrow brings decay
Then it's only my price to pay

Now look, ripping divine serpent
Slither into their minds
Destined to be, eternally
But you are the filth, and death is my God

From the grave black, rise and follow
The strong will remain
All there is left, this eternal horror
Now blood falls like rain

9. Zion


10. Enter Reality

Will we ever see the light of day
Hear the angels cry for a hollow soul
You think you'll live forever steadfast and strong
But I will prove you wrong
Another struggle to survive

Potential victim, may the sins remove your fear
Blessing and curse as one
I think you'll die tomorrow, perish and burst
Blinded you fall
Your God is dead and gone

Can you hear my voice
Can you look through my eyes
All that is gone will be a memory
You still have a choice
Conceal or shine
Don't preach to the world
Enter reality

Lifeless unbound, now eternal I've become
Can't get rid of this obsession in my mind

Still wearing the birthmark of the man who was deceived
The dream, the lust and despair

You might think it's a fairytale
This is what I call hell
Sinner, slave, unholy ghost
Thy unity

Thanks to Nashezbaernon for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to einsundone for correcting track #1 lyrics.

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