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1. Fire At Will

Stalking the shadows in search for a dream
The dream of ne0n-nightmares
From your guns they feed

A target selected
Coming up from behind

Now the light of the city, it triggers his mind
Behind corners like the judgment so unkind

A target selected
Left is a body undead
So face it

No one knows the one who dies
It's never to be told
Spinal chill, fire at will
A will for more, printed to the core
Left is a body undead

The dawn approaches, it's killing his lust
Beams of light ascend and penetrate his eyes

Every second you're away, he's falling

When the sun begins to fade, I'm mourning
And as the shadow kills the light, I'm burning
But the world won't stop, it keeps on turning

2. As You Wish

Flashback from the start
A well known pattern of slaughter
Receiver, deceiver
The force grew strong as he fought her

The face of fear itself, shapeless to our eyes
A prince of dark devotions, you awoke me

Your wish is my command
Your fate is in my hand
So why have you forsaken me

Finally it seems
The mind of flesh is the winner
But twisting the time itself
Entrapment pure for the sinner

The world is now at ease, but for how long in peace

Show me wonders, twisted and unpure
Bursting out, born again
Now, as the nightfall comes
Heavenly, sent to me

Hold your tongue, say no words
Your dreams might come true
Race my mind, blind

I can ease your suffering, remove the pain
Just say the words out loud
Trading my own soul tonight, deliver me
Awake dead to the world

3. Cursed

Stumbles in darkness, chambers below
No longer resting, the fire-eyes glow
Fleeing from the shadow, a chaos rebirth
Continual illusions, now having earth

Forgotten denied
A life by your side
A life all alone by your side

Creation of man
A soul wrapped in flames, above the remains
A curse for the cursed
A lion insane, above the remains

Man, human, filth, noble, strong, weak, alone
Now they gather in the four twilight zones
Coming from the north, the east, south and west
Now they're praying to god, please save me - not the rest

The reaper a lie

In the shadows I've been hiding
At times a step away
Surrounded in clouds in hope to bring a better day
My life begins to fade
But still you are so far away

4. The Hunter

Run Away
Together at heart, but weak in spirits
Formation facing, what's left behind
Taking turns in surrendering
To the faceless world
Turn out the light

Realize, visualize
Cause your feelings aren't sober
Turn out the night

You have been sentenced so run for you life
A sick addiction, beware the hunter

I stood there breathless, the clouds faded away
And a new dawn brought the sun

Summoning the dark, with no intentions
The trail is waiting, not laid to rest
For how long can you fight them
Courage running low, turned out for life

I'm facing my paradise forgotten
But restless here I stand, forever
Awaiting a life without shadows
All is lost, but I see a new beginning

Interfere, scratch the surface
And the beauty is rotten and dead
The sense is gone, release your curses
A scene of fire and lead

5. Secrets


6. Escape

I can't get away from the past of my life
I must look forward, kill the pain, deny the past
But when I'm alone in the dark
My thoughts start running through my mind
And the sweat on my forehead begins to drip
I've seen it in my dreams

I will not fall, but the edge is close enough now
I hope tomorrow I will see the dawn again
I will not fall, but the edge is closer now
I hope tomorrow I will see the dawn again

Voices are calling from somewhere beyond
Now I'm out there, all alone
Voices are calling, but nothing remains
My paradise is stained

Don't be afraid, it will guide you through the night
Bright eyes are watching you now
It gives you strength now to carry on, the past is alive

Now I'm facing it, the past of my life
Breathing down my neck, I can't escape my own demise
Its staring back at me, dark, beauty, truth
The thought I lost has now been found

Don't be afraid, it will guide you through the night
The flame in the torch will never pass out
Unless, I find my way to paradise
Please let me go, I wanna live my life alone
You can't stand before me, this is my last chance to survive
The blackened sky will take me away

7. Heart And Steel

Out of chaos born
In a time when glory lost control
A fallen angel long forgotten
Found its way to conquer your life and soul

We gather our forces, protecting our lands
The demon is calling, your blood it demands
Raise your hands

Heart and steel, forever we will fight with
Heart and steel, we will prevail

Morning comes as shadows fall
Now the time has come to fight them all
When the night awaits, clutch at straws
That was the picture that I thought I saw

He'd watched and waited for so many years
Holding alone the desolate shore
Lonely but faithful to his trust
Forever holding those days of joy

8. ...And There Was Light

All, built upon a meaning
A sentence that was drained with horror
You've dreamed about the dreaming
The images of lies and sorrow

So where do you go
You might wonder how
And how did it show
Your time is here, now

Our own creation
Welcome to the promised land above
This is the yearning
Of the land where no one ever walks alone

From, the chaos you created
Experiment annihilation
With all around related
A mixture of dark sensations

Blessed be, your sins will be forgiven
Face me, your demons will be driven

Destroyed at all cost

9. My Life To You

There was no sympathy
No way to escape
And nothing mattered
Behold the final day
Confusion and fear
The few were gathered

How many steps are there left to go
How many miles to the land

The bringer of light walks among us
Trading a promise
Betrayal is your gift
My life for you

And so they wandered
Their journey began
A search not granted
But eyes did watch them
A none human shape
Flew 'cross the mountains


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