Dark Lyrics


1. One Lifetime

God of light, lord of the human plague
A world of blood disgrace
Twisting through the never-ending cynical fiction maze
One in millions dare to not kneel before you
A pear to save us all
Spring of demise will turn to fall

Crowning of kings, the spoils to the victor
On frozen ground, summon the legions

One lifetime
One chance to find your way on home
Say goodbye, no sacrifice
Power and might to us all

So you awake, enforced by deadly rage
No longer bound to the illusion
We cease the mind-intrusion, a new world to reinstate
I make you fall from grace
Despise your warm embrace
Deliver the one that still believes

Bleeding world suffer

The clouds divide, your paradise is burning
You'll never live to see your final day

2. War

All hail the king of madmen, ruler of this void
Befall us now your final word, for aeons come to last
Behold the kingdom of lies, baptized by holy fire
Evolution's end, fanned by the flames of retribution purgatory

Nevermore ceremonial redemption
Reborn by the word of a sad man's song

War, all against all, man versus man
Nothing remains, all hope is gone
To this our darkened fate we're bound forevermore
The darkness of man

Untrue false believers following the light
Redeem yourself in shaded flesh
And what becomes of night
Untold are still the stories that echo through the past
Revolutions wrath
Banned by the lies of the ones of former glory

Destroy, deny
An addiction for our own demise
Foretold, foreseen
A prophecy of an evil dream

Washed away by the hands of time
No sign of hope in sight

3. The Fiction Maze

Torn, divided, deliverance or pain
Master or slave, this endless game
My will ain't stronger than hope
No one weaker than I
A malevolent addiction, born from flesh to sin
A call inside
My blinded mind now in control
I hear the master in my mind
Are you the hellbound one
The demon of mine

All I see, people defiled
Always hiding behind false smiles
Now I am stronger than all
A fearful creature
And when tomorrow comes the emptiness is gone
My journey's just begun

Another tempting of the soul, I can't deny it
Inverted pleasures grow a worm inside

Call for eternal night
Angels and demons
Another nightmare await for us all
With the wind on my back I make my way down to Hell
As we march we will learn not to fear the flame

Like a storm, the rage in us all
Keeping inside a vision clear
There's only vengeance and doom
No mercy, no fear
Rid them of resistance
Designed to fail
My last chapter wrote itself

I hear the master in my mind
Are you the hellbound one
I am God's evil bastard son

The demon is now inside
No use for prayers as shadows fall
Without remorse I shall conquer them all

Falling, leaving all the troubles behind
Bleeding, burning, facing the light
Some things will never change
Just give me a reason to follow the trail of the one

Another tempting of the souls

4. Deep In The Dark

Are you the chosen and strong, do you know just where and when
Your own believes surpass those of ordinary men
No room for hesitation, how could I care
Surrender, reform, one promise not granted

You will never be like a fallen
Distorted world perception
The tide is rising, you're losing control
Struggle to reach the other side

Fallen calling up to Heaven's hall
For you and me, a thing that could not be
Come full circle, never return my way
You fail day by day

You are the blinded and weak, far beyond with clouded mind
The praying and preaching made you miss the sign
No time for hesitation
This endless game will perish in flames
A promise I'll grant you

You will never be like a fallen
Distorted world perception
The tide is rising, you're losing control of your own thoughts
Solar scorched
You own being will soon cease to exist
Struggle to reach the other side

You will bleed again from your open scars
A razor to your skin, from this world depart
Freedom gained, in darkness, in pain
Forever trapped, lost inside the night

5. InSect

What you know, what you see, whatever you believe I disagree
From the mold, senses cold, selling everything to philosophy
What can you tell me about my own demise
Beyond the gate, hiding in the shadows
My afterlife

The end of the world awaits me

Someone will save me if I fall
No I am not the only
Never be alone in my monstrosity
They come to hunt me
They'll never catch me
Gateway of time
Your world is mine

You are a miracle, the only one, connected to the father and the son
Self-proclaimed holy men emitting and receiving, they will be done
Bring forth the image that you read in me
Appearance of a solidary savior
Snake underneath

The journey might lead us to war
Never the same, never again

6. Son Of Sodom

Taken from the deepest dark to be thrown into the fire
Stolen from a scenery of temptation
You bleed, you scream, anything would do
The pain alone is a price for your redemption

With shame and disgust beholders call out
But you cannot see them
Beaten and broken, a king of the rats
Deprived of feelings

Unholy ways since the dawn of time
Newborn morning has left you blind
All I see is what I believe
Son of Sodom rise
Return to the skies with me

Dying for perception, in need of yesterday
A welcomed strength behind a see-through shelter
One strike, one kill, everything will do
The path of salvation will come

We're dying behind our disguise
The hunger, can't take it no more
Smashing and forcing our way 'til it's done
My clan made of outcasts, uncounted and scum has won
System on fire
Death or glory
Hell awaits

With absence of shame we carry the bliss
Me and my disciples
In triumph we stand, it's time to raise hell
And you're all invited

Hail the mass, they gather for more
Under the bridge by the river shore
Freedom is timeless, forgetting the end of days
Remain to sustain

A man of the lost reborn to this world
Blessed to turn holy water to wine
Pledge to no guardian, let blood seal their fate
Mankind created this thing you call sin

7. Sent To The Grave

Trapped in madness, destroying the soul
Chasing illusions of the past
Heaven is a lie unseen hidden in darkness
Hail the god that feeds your reflection
On bended knees you pray
The hunt is on, you will never be there alone

Liar, all life transpire
Some people envy, I see it clear
Pledge your allegiance
Embrace all the things you fear

Burn the bridges, fuel the flames
I dedicate my life to this
Show them who will not follow
Your precious pride means nothing to me
They will try to keep you safe
Just walk away, don't believe what they say
Or you'll be sent to the grave

Pray the end will justify the means
Paralyze the tired and weak
Ways of the old and restless still linger
Fail to evolve, one step from the grave
Commit to ascension and die
Silence the herd, evil is of flesh and bone

Some people envy, I see it clear
Pledge your allegiance to me

You build your walls on Earth
No one deserves to pass
Primitive pride is close at hand
You'll never cross me

What you've been told are lies
Your holy father betrayed your trust
Nails through your hands, the final touch
Suffer your sins, cause now you are mine
Helpless to the force from below
You cherish your church in vain
Nothing remains of the world that you know
You're welcome to Hell's domain

8. Heathen

You see him coming
In the corner of your room, from angles wrong
Long asleep from now awake
The shape stares back at you
Into the arms of dismay, full of decay
The sign of the star won't protect you no more
Descend into madness, down the abyss
The new world empire

But when the night turns to day you'll see
They bury their pain, and fury in me
Forever forsaken, abandoned, alone

You're falling in and out of time
And you won't live forever
God cannot be punished so I'm to blame
Dark heathen once more
But nothing remains the same

Voices inside me
Telling me of what has been and what will come
Slithering behind my eyes
My will is not my own
To the all knowing beast the sea will give birth
Humans will suffer and fear him like never before
Once more deceived
The one that cannot die will rule the Earth

Call upon the nameless one
Destroy the seal that bind
Follow only my command
You lower serving kind
Lead you on to a poisoned tune
Under the thousand-faced moon

Dark heathen rising up again

9. Dagon Rising


10. Worlds Collide

Silence me, hold me back
Stabbing my way to the grave
Swallowed by hate, will never retreat
No surrender
Unleash the messiah, terror will reign
What was given to me, released upon the world

Nothing is gained, nothing is won

Faced the war on the highlands
Only misery is left to me

Bleeding shadow, I walk the endless mile
Worn soul tear my dead eye smile
A lust that cannot die
Rise to destroy

Silence them, not time to rest
Death is so beautiful
Trust the wind, trust the fire
No salvation
Burning the phoenix
No longer mortal man
What was given to me, released upon the world

When you are gone my kingdom will come

A fallen broken voice I hear
Of ancient times so near
But where has it gone
I dream within a life without
Reflections betray me
Haunting my every waking hour
Their bare outstretched fingers
Caress me like razors and blades
You're finally mine

Will I ever wear the crown
The weight of the world is wearing me down
With a vision of death by my side
My screams fade away

11. Falling Faster

Sweet sires of the flesh it calls me
Its song so true and clear
I taste it, I need it
I dare, I have no fear

Your open scar devour
With a senseless smile I penetrate
Degrading, senses fade
Forbidden pleasures unleashed

Souls lost in aberrations
From sin to sin in eternal flames
Feel no pain from my touch
A rebirth for the godless and darker designs

When the sun and the moon realign
Unholy alliance
From dusk 'til dawn
My apprentice you're sworn
By my side, relentlessly torn from inside

My child of the night befall thee
Her words within my might
I hear them, come feel them
No sounds just blinding light

This growing lust uncovered
One by one I desecrate
Unworthy human seed
For hidden secrets you bleed

Kneel, accept your crown of thorns
Redeemed or enslaved by passion and pain
No emotions nor dreams
For carnal pleasure you're damned in eternity

For one short moment of bliss
Beneath the waves, a celebration
Shed a tear and the moment's lost
My mind's eye in elevation

12. Aftermath

[Bonus Track]

Belief, all hope behind
Spiritual beings with tormented souls
Are memories frozen in time

There was no warning
Just one with illusion
For the queen of all nature
And the king of it all

Where did it all begin
Screaming inside us
Whisper in the dark
Welcome to the end of the line

When the north wind is coming
No one will ever know
Surrounded by fire
Eight demons align
Down and into free fall

We enter darker dominions
Abundance of ashes cover the land
Devour the sanctuary of man
Deep water and flames

These forces will never change
It's there to fulfillment
Our nucleus fate

Never again will I ever see the sun rise
No one to save me
And nobody knows who I am

When the north wind is coming
No one will ever know
Surrounded by fire
Eight demons align
Turning into dust

We'll return to the to the age of the gods
Never quenching our thirst for decay
We lost our chance in paradise

Fredrik Hedström – Bass
Daniel Sundbom – Guitars
Emil Norberg – Guitars
Jens Carlsson – Vocals
Efraim Juntunen – Drums

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