Dark Lyrics


1. Prologue

2. The Fading Light

When each waking moment
Begins to feel as though it has already been
An emotionless repeat
Of a failure endured
When icicles spread throughout
And skin begins to mark
The illusion of buoyancy shatters
Nothing is perfect, beauty a myth
Driven like nails through bone
A fantasy to veil the truths of this world
Truths which reek of piss and shit
And the broken bodies of men
The smell is fucking unbearable
Cold is the blood which flows from me
As cold as the razor I bear
Give me the strength to leave
I don't want to live anymore


Lines of streetlights blind
And illuminate the rain
Blood washes with the water
As it trickles from my veins
This broken bottle begs another
Cigarettes and broken glass
I want this night to cross the line
For this to be my last

The fear of destitution
Is destroying my life
This spiralling depression
Is tearing me apart

Screams into the darkness
Bloodied hands outstretched in vain
Begging for the night to take me
Just to fade into the rain
A shadow and a memory
A reflection of a dream
Any reason to stop living
Any way to end this pain

This hopeless desolation
This emptiness within
I cannot see through darkness
I have to make this end

4. Hollow

So it comes to this
Such promise through eyes of youth
A child's blinkered view
The world that could have been
I've struggled with the truth
Denied the filth I've seen
A hope for a better tomorrow
For fruit amongst the thorn
This life has long since rotted
All happiness stillborn
No solace 'midst a spreading mist
Of helplessness and scorn
There waits a new horizon
A calm surpassing storm
An emptiness so beautiful
A nothingness so sublime
This Godless void internal
Echoes from a soulless cry
The pain of life is killing me
Just let me fucking die

5. Sadness And Solitude

6. The Lightless Hour

Blackouts and depression
Each hangover is longer than the last
I pray to death's release
That the next time will be for good
A night without morning
A dusk without a dawn
Slowly it all falls away
Despite perseverance
Disappointment after bitter failure
Eventually even stone will crack
With each mouthful of spirits
I hope to kill more of myself
With each fistful of pills
I hope to dull more of this life
With every cut across my flesh
I hope I will bleed to death
There is nothing in this world for me
Save a slow spiral towards oblivion
Here's to loneliness, failure and misery
Thanks for nothing

7. Destitution

8. Silence My Voice

Where is the light in an abyss?
Where is the comfort in death?
Give me salvation, give me anything
Give me a reason to draw breath

The truth of this world is failure
The worth of persistence, despair
Everything's cold and so distant
Please take me away from here..

Cover my eyes, bury my fears
Silence my voice, soften this agony
This emptiness feels like a void
So cold and alone and so hollow inside

My days have turned to melancholy
My soul crippled, lifeless wreck
I can no longer feel the world around me
Please lay me down and let me rest

9. Epitaph

Recollection of past affections
Fading gradually into obscurity and confusion
Leaving only awareness of a dismal present
And a hopeless future
It's dark all the time now
And the emptiness within me has become unbearable
I can't stand this pain any longer
Nor the crushing headaches and nausea
I have no sentiment for a worthless world
And a meaningless life
No trust in faith or salvation
Only a deep bitterness and frustration

Above all storms and torments
Darkness sets beautifully
Across an endless sky
As the last of light fades away

10. Epilogue

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