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1. Intro

I will show you fear, it will consume you.

2. The House On Northlane

[feat. Shea Moll from Autumn Of Terror]

I am a survivor of the house on the corner
I have survived the house on Northlane [2x]
The house on the corner is a place wrought with dread
Just the thought of that place instills doubt in my head
I can hear them like a vice I've fed
I was kept between one man of heaven and one man of hell
Deep within that dark twisted house; it is a place I will never return
For the one sought by hell so often spoke and told me to let him free me
But the one touched by heaven who rarely formed words told me I'm already free
I can still hear the evil one, my sanity cannot be found [2x]

"I am your end
This is the last fucking face you'll see
Your screams are useless cries of desperation
What once was good has faded from my heart
All that's left is a broken shell
I feel it tearing in me, who will prevail?"
I could not decide who I ought to believe
So then from Northlane I decided to leave.
I may have escaped but I am still haunted by the two who invade my mind
Who am I to believe?

3. The Village

Bring unto them their worst
They stand together as one of their brotherhood
Fed from the food of their morals
Colonized and accepted ideals raised into society
A matter of time is only needed:
The village will collapse upon itself, a twisted colony of beautiful perfection [2x]
Corrupt by fake ideals and a faux path to safety [2x]
The village will bring destruction, branching outward towards every last crevice of the earth
How can you justify this? [2x]
The disgust of ego married with arrogance dressed in white
A grotesque picture praised by the village like a false idol
The village will bring violence
Violence will bring destruction
Destruction will bring your end
The village is you, composed of your ideals, composed of your lies
Composed of your ideals, composed of your lies...
Bring forth the depths, swallow this village whole.

4. Misery Chastain

Have you been caught up to date?
Been persecuted by reality?
This is not a game, this is your fucking life
Dig your knife deeper into the flesh of humanity
I guarantee we will fight back
We do not tolerate you
We will oppress anything that might spit from your throat
I cannot relate to you
You are a murderer
How's it feel to know that you were the only one inside
You're the one that will hide this horrible thing you cannot deny
You were what went wrong in society
The perfect plan, spoiled by corruption
You are no longer welcome to me
You're a fucking murderer
It should have been you

5. This Wretched World

A small boy lost within himself
Confined to his home and sought by doom
Death has taken what he loves. He is alone. He is alone.
He delves within himself learning his own raw power:
Miraculous gifts rewarded by rare religious insight as the boy grew
The dark side of himself emerged, practicing every form of depravity
Vile acts lead to isolation [2x]
He is alone, he is alone...
Capable of healing the sick and reading thoughts, he can sense fear, he knows who you are
With an apathetic word he can control you too
By candlelight demoralization grew
Saintly power corrupt by wretched intent [2x]
I had the misfortune to stumble across this man
A dark hooded figure, giving the essence of expiry
With a twisted finger pointed at my heart, he raised his head
And spoke to me....
I am death
This is the end.

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