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1. Treat Me Right

Treat me right
How do you feel tonight
I'm all lit up
Yeah, you gotta treat me right

'Cause the time is now
The place is here
Haw must be tonight
Satisfied, I'm fiery and you know what to do

Don't be cold
I can be cruel too
Let me in
Yeah, you better treat me right

'Cause the woman is you
Haw when do we start
I said "see my ways"
I'm burning up, baby

Why don't you treat me right?

Let me in
Yeah, and don't run out
Play the game
Well, you better treat me right

'Cause I ain't done yet
Now we'll find a way
I said shut your mouth
I'm burning up
Why don't you treat me right?

2. Call the Man

When your fears all start to land
Call the man
I know he can

When your feet touch upon distant lands
Call the man
I know he can

Well, you've got to find a way
To get yourself through the day
But you're weak and you don't think you can
I know you better run for the man

If your love breaks apart, sorrow stands
Call the man
His helping hand

He can build all your dreams, all your plans
He's your man
I know he can

'Cause if your one says she don't love you now
And you want her to, but you don't know how
And you've done everything that you can
I know you better run for the man, yeah

Now I see how you have been banned
Look for the man
I know he can
Look for the man
I know he can
You better look for the man
I tell you he can
Look for the man
I know he can

3. Into the Ground

Well, you just sit and wonder why
That every time you start to cry
The memories and pain come running home

Well, maybe you've got too much pride
I can see that you hurt inside
There's no way that you can right your wrong

Well, your lonely hours are becoming whole days
The pressure's clamping down
Someday soon it's gonna drive you
Into the ground, yeah

Now deep inside your private dreams
You found that life's not what it seems
Never let your thoughts rise to the top
And now I hope I've answered why
Next time that you sit and cry
'Cause you want me back, can't open up

Well, your axis of thoughts has started falling apart
Your comprehension drowns
You better run for your shell
Sack into the ground

Your glass stays half empty
But mine stays half full
The sheep will always be shorn
As the wolves move in for the kill, yeah

Into the ground
Into the ground
Into the ground, yeah
Into the ground, yeah

4. 8

Seen down every path of dark road
Just Breaking myself taking too much load
Seen taking too much load

Too many weights resting on my back
Had to look between the folds just for what I lacked
Just for what I lacked

Climbed up a tree without any limbs
And overlooked my life 'til the lights got dim
'til the lights got dim

I saw no signs and no real true love
No wheel to steer to the roof up above
To the roof up above

You'll never reach the clouds if you don't take the bait
Ain't no light in a tunnel that's a figure eight, yeah

As my motor grew weak, I hopped a four horse guide
But disguised for a transport, I almost died
Yeah, alright.

5. Everything's Turning to Night

I thought you'd be the one
The one who would always understand
I'm a man
But I've lost my bite
Everything's turning to night

Now only your fire can save my soul
But I'm a liar, I'm a story half untold
I still have my goals, but they are drifting far from sight
Must you steal all of my rights

Now I pray that someday you'll see
How much I meant to you, and you to me
It's becoming still, I fear I've lost my life
Now my whole world is night

I thought you'd be the one
The one who would always understand
I'm a man
But I've lost my bite
Everything's turning to night

6. Windmills and Chimes

The autumn breezes are blowing
And I guess it was you
That helped me through
This time

The winter's not yet showing
But I ain't got the time
To recite you a rhyme

Yes I'd like to take you in hand
To the land of windmills and chimes

The night, she speaks so softly
But there's always a place
For a warm embrace
When you're mine, oh baby

Through the door to our freeland
Where you'll feet the hand
Says that I'm your man
Kill the time, yeah

Even talking in circles is fine
In the land of windmills and chimes

So see if you can find the time
For the land of windmills and chimes

7. American Dream

We came into this land
With a dream and an empty hand
To pray to our chosen God
Now we fain to wear a mourning band
One by one we're letting go
Of the strength that our people hold
In deception, we disesteem
And turn our morale into fool's gold

Now we seek to light again
The flame that burns within
Before it's all been lost
To politics, lined pockets, thick skin
And as our time grows short
The favored truth is to distort
They wanna maker believers the fools
But the judgment won't be in man's court

The American dream
Has fallen asleep
If we wake the giant
What will our people reap?

8. Walk in the Blue Light

My peace of mind depends on you
My space in time is here with you too
Drop all your dreams in the palm of my hands
Step in the blue light, fulfill my plans

Come with me now the midnight calls
All are asleep as the kingdom falls
Seeking our goals as a life had planned
Walk in the blue light you'll understand

Your sweet caress in the morning sun
Gives me the strength for what needs to be done
Soon we will hear the shades of the night
Walk in the blue light all will be right

Now you're confused so I'll set you straight
Many men died, they left it too late
If you don't know what I talk about
Walk in the blue light, you can find out
You'll find out

9. Horseman

Horseman, take me away
I got nobody today
Try and get me away
From this place

Ride me through the storm
My thoughts have not yet been born
There's a clearing in my way
I hope it's today

Was it really you I saw in a dream last night?
I was always there to grab you
you didn't hold on very tight

Guess I'll be on my way
There's today
A horseman died, so they say
Yesterday, yeah

10. Death in 1st Person

A vigil watch he keeps, over the little ones he preys
And taking every care, to draw them into his maze
Their youth and innocence, blind their eyes to risk
And with a bit of trust, he takes all that's forbid

Once his lust has life, there'll be no stopping the pain
From his mind to his hand, a short journey away
With no perfection in lies, today his tep will slip
And his best-laid plans , now vapor in the wind

Let justice be done
When the innocent's betrayed
No child's life in vain
vulture, walk your final mile today

Guilt or innocence
Death or life
Curse or blessing
Darkness or light
A free will and a choice
It's yours to decide
And death in the first person
Will be your last given right

11. Nothing Left

Well what the hell is wrong with you
We're all living in a zoo
The rich and the poor man
All part of life's trash can

Yes you know that someday
We're all gonna pay
For the wrongs that each man gave
To all mankind, yeah

The politician thinks he's fair
He sits and rots in easy chair
Decision making calms his mind
He'll blow us all up in time

And that time's getting closer each day
Soon they'll all sell their souls away
To the one downstairs they think protects them
After they die


Well, we might as well give up today
Because there's nothing left for us anyway


12. All Your Sins - Reprise

Bobby Liebling Vocals
Victor Griffin Guitars
Greg Turley Bass
Tim Tomaselli Drums

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