Dark Lyrics


1. Sand

Love and Affection
Dreams from the past
Power pollution
Skies overcast

Who'll throw the stone first
Roots in every man
Once we denied it
So, that was then
Now is now

Warning on this day
Long time overdue
Face now your pain
Still burns deep inside of you

Doomsday upon us
All life is gone
I guess you're pretending
The worst is yet to come

But it's not for the first time
Nor the last
Blaze into darkness
And take it on the chest

2. Now And Nevermore

Light my shadowing skin
Bright my way out of sin
Mind wallow in clay
In cage made up of veins

Whirling into grace
Searchıng my source
Dancıng through the space
With higher inner force
Heading for the blast
Shine in my core
No future and no past
Now and nevermore

Night my oldest friend
We came to an end
Not in the chase at glacial pace
Open my arms to final embrace

3. Geçmişin Yükü

Bizler tanrının yetim çocukları
Cennetten düşen umut sürgünleri
Her şey adem’in ilk oğlundan beri
Az çok eskisi gibi

Gölgeler seyreder uzaktan bizi
Ağlatırken güldüren masallar ülkesi
Yarını mühürleyen bir rüya gibi
Omzumuzdan düşmüyor geçmişin yükü

Bizler tanrının kırık hayalleri
Devri dünyanın kader yorgunları
Bağlı gözleri, çözülmüyor düğümleri
Tükenmeden nefesleri

4. Beyond Insanity

Raw pain addiction
Never ending run
So that’s the way you deal
When it’s all been said and done

Your prison is your past
It’s poisoning your mind
Her name is an exit
Like the key you’ll never find

Losing away chasing a lie
Whatever you say it‘s your denial
Losing away wasting a life
Whatever you say it’s
Beyond insanity

Ignorance lead us
In a mirror maze
Some do belıeve an illusion
Some do not care

Your burden is your craft
Of poor decısıons made
Now we’re bound to madness
And this can hardly change

5. Doğmadan Önce

Koşarken sırtından vuruldun
Bağlanmış ellerin
Dağlanmış her yerin

Duvarlar örülmüş üstüne
Öldürmüşler seni
Doğmadan önce
Hatalar yıkılmiş üstüne
Öldürmüşler seni
Doğmadan önce

Koşarken sırtından vuruldun
Saklanmış izlerin
Savrulmuş küllerin

6. Wasteland

Silence! The die has been cast.Look up the stars
Who can stop the flowing sand ?
The die has been cast! The mark crystal clear
No need to fear We shall be free from harm!

It is time to rise Force feed the nation
With lies With lust and cold greed
Flies More blood libation
Exorcise Your Wasted Land!

Betrayer Dark Deceiver Look at his scars
They don't bleed anymore
Bringer of war There is no mark
Everything's clear Yes we shall be free from harm

It is time to rise Depopulation
Lies Death and decay
Flies More blood libation
Exorcise Your Wasted Land!

7. It's Dawn Again

Chasing the years fly by
Allowing the fears grow
Aıming so hıgh
Laying too low

Enough with the keys now
It’s time to blow doors down
Let go of the past
Stumbling around

I know you can tell
A hurdle from a hand
A rival from a frıend
Open your eyes

It‘s dawn again
The night set to leave you
Start moving ahead
With ones to walk beside you

Oddly we stare somehow
Agaın in a sad song
At each other’s minds
Where we belong

In union we stand
Rısıng from the sand
Fıght until the end
Never say die

It’s dawn again
A new day to change you
For the man you’ll become
Life will understand you
And remember your name

8. Disturbing The Peace

Life slowly fading
Our veins silently screaming
A knife cuts deeper and deeper
In time we only get older

So why live and die
Shorn of your dreams
A slave, down on your knees
A soul, dısturbing the peace

Mindscapes bending
More time we’re spending
In war between good and evil
Stand for what you believe in

9. Uzakta

Çaresiz sürüklendim dalgalarla
Kaybolurken simsiyah bir denizde
Yaşanmış yaşanacak ne varsa

Çaresiz sürüklendim dalgalarla
Yorulmuş yosun tutmuş kollarım
Tükenirken gidilecek yolarım
Dağlar gömülürken denize
Ağlar örülürken içimde

10. Apokalips

At last all alone
Sılence feeds the rest
Cold darkness gone
Remaıns the void and vast

Wınds of sand protect me
Like no one‘s ever done
Now winds of sand deny all
From any human flaw

Ravens in the air
Ancıent pipe is blown
A dream i recall

At first they evoked
Demons of theır past
Hope and joy is gone
Mindfall came at last

Gales of hate in death wards
Wasted flesh and bones
The wings of black collecting souls
A destiny foretold

The apocalypse ıs on
Fall ınto my arms
Drown ın paın and tears
My vengeance wıll be faır

The apocalypse is on
Crawl into my arms
Like insects my dears
The fallen‘s lonely heır
Tıme has come to face your fear

Ravens in the air
Dawn of judgement day
Can you repay

The world you think you know
All will fade and dısappear

As darkness falls all through the land
I will recall your healing hand
And in this flood of human blood
I will depend on your healing hand
I don‘t debate my humble fate
But how so dim, my human kin

Tarkan Gözübüyük ‒ Bass
Gökalp Ergen ‒ Vocals
Hakan Utangaç ‒ Guitars
Metin Türkcan ‒ Guitars
Cenk Ünnü ‒ Drums

Thanks to eznora for sending these lyrics.

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