Dark Lyrics


1. Memory Burn

Bludgeoned, bleeding, burning, screaming...barely alive.
Cattle feeding, hardly eating, waste of life.
Forest sweeping, slowly creeping, look in their eyes.
Bullets meeting flesh with teeth to rip out their insides.

Rage is a shadow behind me
Sorrow is what I will unleash.

It's time...the fabric is coming apart.

Smoking village, torn and pillaged, run for their lives.
Killing women, shooting children ...must stay alive.
I find one dead, gunshot in head...I look in his eyes.
With chewed off lips he smiles at me. I'm coming apart

Burns remind me I am here
I can't count the dead, I can't count the years.
Into the ditches as darkness falls.
I can smell them crawling through the pits of hell.

Like the sun, the explosions sear the sky.
Burning brightly, its shrapnel tastes my flesh.
I'm ripped apart, I have been ripped.

2. The Ancient Law

I awaken through the fog of the dying.
Her face, it calls me home.
Through the doors, a strangers scent cuts the air.
I swear I'll find you, your blood, it stinks upon the wind.
Look to the sky, you will find no comfort there.
You are doomed and screaming for the end, you will

Suffer the faces fallen
To wounds that will not heal
Blackened ages rape the dawn.
Plead for you perishing.
I cannot let you end
Until you've learned the horror of these things

Lost god, in the ditches, of my hell.
Now he's here in the palm of my wrath.

Face first in maggots, dark purity spit upon the ground.
No one can hear, there is no savior near.
You're thrashing wildly on the ground, blood will

Choke all your throated moaning
As fingers reach your bones.
Deep inside, I kill for all the others.
Your blood will testify
This act, it is my right

Abide by the ancient law.

I found your god, he is here.
He's been crushed by my vengeful hand.
Staring down, I am punishment,
Blackened and burned

One of us, you are not.
Abide by the ancient law.
What's mine is mine
You shall not tamper with
Or you will fall.

3. I Am Forever

Those eyes, they bore into me
As I stripped the of their life.

How can this be? polluted memory.
All these things happened, were they real?

I can still feel, this hatred burns intense,
More than my memories from the past.
And who is he? I murdered violently.
This wretched vision through my mind, an open door.

This was not for your eyes.
This was not for you to see.
See me, I am forever.
Traveled into eternity's dark abyss.

They're calling me; I will be home in days.
All of these nightmares left behind.
My skin is burned.
More died, the more I learned.
A vicious killer I will leave in the ditches, I will leave behind.

This was not for your eyes.
This was not for you to see.
See me, I am forever.
The bloody truth is upon your distant gaze.

Dark twisting thoughts consume my head.
Time is standing still for my journey home.
A sickening reflection is staring me down.
As a monster, disfigured, I return to my world.

And for these things,
My people spit on me.
Do faceless cowards dare to speak?
The cringe beneath
Their gods and their beliefs,
Afraid to face me, I am forever.

4. In Offering Of Spite

I relish in the blood that covers me.
As it dries onto my face I smile, wide, with contempt.

I smile, as fate has shown me.
I've seen this all before.

I drag him back.
In that house dwelt a treacherous love.
As I slowly crushed her air away
I could see no more for me.
To suffocate the silence
I ignite the house in flames,
In offering of spite
To whoever is guiding me.

Show me.

All these things I have seen in my death throws.
Years of past rinsed away.
Can it be that through this I have discovered
A way to view things that have not yet become?

What will become

Is my will.

I must not be afraid to view this,
A gift I've stolen from the gods.
To take my veins, and bleed them out,
I will stare death down in his home.

I am forever, these wounds, the fuel me now.

I relish in the blood that covers me.
As it drips onto my face, I smile wide with contempt.
As fate will show me, as fate will warn me.
Near death I will see.

5. Pushing Through The Pass

Someplace in a dominant time,
We mend the break in the weak frontline.
Waist deep in knowledge that will save us.
Overrun by the yellow dogs.
Pray for salvation from napalm gods.
Bubbling skin always brings a smile to my face.

Fall back to the rear; the cowards arrive with numbers overwhelming.
They are swarming from beneath the ground.
I will let you pass

Somehow I make it through.
Pushing through
As I carve my miseries, reminders in my flesh
Pushing through.
Another glimpse of reality, another glimpse I must endure.
Pushing through
I find horrid visions when my life starts to fade
Pushing through
They all point to something, I cannot see quite yet.

All through this land, the signs, the end of man
It is approaching and until then...you'll pass.

When I cut my life drains away
An open gate to the end of days
Can it be that all these things will come?
I will call upon you
Everyday flatlines in grey
A dance with death..a gamble
Someday my eyes will never wake again
I will call upon you
I will let you pass

6. Poisoned Promise Land

Vicious wounds cluttered upon my arms
Many marks I have forgotten
Steady rush as the nightmares take hold
Close my eyes to find the pieces
They are mine. they are mine.
Widening eyes as the light burns away
Assure myself I own the heavens
They are mine.

We are born into submission
We are approaching the hour
I can see everything
We are bound to a poisoned promise land
We are approaching
A poisoned promise land

Every scar has a story to fear
Every line a tale of terror
Swallowing stones that I should cast aside
Vomit the pride I should have honored
I should have honored

A poisonous land
I don't need your forgiveness
A poisonous land
I don't need your forgiveness

7. Ash Is Falling Rain

Blackened skies surround me
When I cut my veins
Everytime it is the same
Ash is falling rain
But why?

Floating down to earth
Burnt human remains
Choking all who inhale
This ashen falling rain

Wading through a sea of black
The mothers hunter their young
As starving beasts, a carnal curse
Apocalyptic dwellers, thin and grey

A fertile seed in the darkness
Peering out through open membrane

All is lost; it' raining death from the poisoned clouds
Breathe it in, feel it burn your lungs as you
Choke up blood, it starts to drain from your ears and eyes.
In time this will come

Feel it well, staring down at all the rest in
Agony, all but me
Sunken eyes, still and blank in the darkness
It's all the same in my dreams

With blazing eyes
I will crawl out from the womb
With two clenched fists full of her guts
I start to breathe,
I inhale everything
A hint of death blankets the air
But why?

Wet with blood, it's clotting up at the moment
I've seen the eyes of the dead, I have
Traveled back from the brink of forever
I am alone in this world

Now I know, now what I must do
I will go deeper still, I will
Journey back to the sea of ashes
And see what will become

8. The End Of The Hour

For all the faceless walking dead across the land
I will go to a place that you don't understand
I put a razor to my wrist and spread it wide
And as the blood drips from the walls I slowly
Close my eyes

This was not meant for your eyes
This is the end of the hour
There's no use wasting precious time
This is the end of the hour

Hours I have wasted sitting here, wet dripping pain
At last my eyes roll back, the visions start again

The earth will split' the skies will rain ash to the land
Black clouds of death roll in, what is this?
Is it the end of man?

This was not meant for your eyes
This is the end of the hour
There's no use wasting precious time
This is the end of the hour

This ruptured vein, black and vile
Is pouring truth from a sacred place

And we will see that when the world burns, the weak will be thrown in that fire
Join with me my brothers as we march to endless glory..

Let's burn it down, let's burn it down
In glorious ashes we will burn

The empty nest lies here awaiting his return
Our murderous father, his intentions we learn
Eradicate the mindless flocks upon the shore
And we will slip away into these ages

This was not meant for your eyes
This is the end of the hour
There's no use wasting precious time
This is the end of the hour

9. As Sanities Split

Black ageless fire
Surrounding fallen innocents
A haunting vision beckons me to this tainted place
As sanities split
I cannot recall the journey here
Born on the twilight of this future that will drown in blood

I cannot lead this blinded following
I cannot touch what they touch
I cannot taste this vengeance that's to be unleashed
I cannot feel the things you do

Burns on my face
Melted skin that will not heal
Corrupted smiles greet me everytime I turn around
As sanities split
We grant all unrelenting agony
Forced forward onto the edge of madness, I will follow you there

I will not lead this blinded following
I will not touch what they touch
I will not taste this vengeance that's to be unleashed
I will not feel the things you do

And when the sun burns out, the air
Will call upon our flesh
To bring our remains to the blackened shores
And I will not cry out
I will stand stronger still.
And mock that flames that cover all of you

And when they finally melt my flesh
I will laugh through the end
As I slowly crumble to the earth

You cannot breathe, you can't see anything
You'll slowly slip inside the flames

This panic spreads until we are all dead
A brand new slate to start again

Black ageless fire
Surrounding fallen innocents
A haunting vision beckons me here

10. Engulfing The Pure

You called it down
A bloody wrath
A finger points to the distant horizon
You try to scream
With bulging eyes
Your feet are frozen in your steady barren hole
A blinding light
A flash of heat
Those who are there disintegrated immediately
Melted masses with an idiots faith you fall

Let it burn down
All hallowed ground
There are none that are exempt from this selection
I wear m mark
A wrinkled scar
A wound that's deep enough to call upon this judgment
Your god is a fool
And your prophet is doomed
You think that soon you'll awaken in the heavens
As you burn alive with all your brethren

And in this, the chosen have been cleansed
Unaware of their time
An eastern wind carries the sweet stench of decay
May we mark it in flesh

With none alive, you are the witness, I am the fire
You are afraid, you should be, I am the burn
Your searing pain, I know it well, I am the fire
You are afraid, you should be, I am the burn

I am
Engulfing the pure
Engulf the pure

You can look inside yourself for the answers
But you will never know the purity of this hour.

11. Soulless

[Bonus Track]
[originally by Cancerslug]

She beast of pagan lust
Awaits the blood to covet us
I know she is not afraid to slice my
Flesh and bind the trust
She's staring into me
As night surrounds this passion flame
She's seeing through me rage
Into my deepest darkest pain

This kiss will last forever
Endless tortured pleasure

Warmth dripping over me
The firelight upon our skin
The primal heart, it pounds
She screams and pulls me deeper in
To a place so moist and warm
A place we don't feel so alone
The world dissolves away
Two blackened hearts have become one

This kiss will last forever
Endless tortured pleasure

At night she calls to me
Through the moans and growls and stench of sweat
My own apocalypse
Resting my head upon her breast
She's all I know that is real
The juice of love now crusted thick
I feel the end that comes just like
The fuckside of my dick

There is nothing left for us to feel
But our own surrender
Nothing left for them to steal
All that we are is hollow and uselessness
All that we are soulless

Paths of Possession:
George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher - vocals
Randy Butman - bass / backing vocals
Jay Fossen - guitars
Jack Goodwin - guitars
Nick Goodyear - drums

Concept and lyrics by Randy Butman
All music by Paths of Possession

Thanks to joemaverley for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to reallycool101, jnp_asdfqwer for sending track #11 lyrics.

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