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1. Paroxysmal Prelude

[intro, music: Satori]

2. Cannibalistic Disfigurment

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Mortally injured persons
Onanism with human offals

Fractures of cervical vertebrae
Cerebral tissue in respiratory canals

Criminal dismemberment of cadavers
Eating of mutilated bodies
Orgasm during boiling of skull
Mangling of sexual organs

Quartered decaying flesh
Boned lethalled trunk

Amputated breast and impaled eyes
Gnawing the corpse during orgy

Axe crushing the guts
Evisceration of pelvic remains
Incineration of skeletal pieces
Torsos into acid bloodbath

Liquidation' of butchered limbs
Children's sacrifices' in muriatic acid

Serial killer
Perverted slayer
Bestial sadist
Mass murderer

Atrocious necrophilia
Disgusting cannibalism
Morbid assassination
Inhuman brutalization

Lust after disembowelment of carcasses
Horrifying monster possessed by corpses.

3. Putrescence

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Decomposition over many years
Old malodorous unknown stiff
Pathogenic germs into organism

Extensive physical alterations
Yellowish cutis - palor mortis
Algor mortis with mortification
Evaporation of dried mucous membrane

Livor mortis on the calves
Deltoid muscle with rigor mortis
Cataleptic stiffness of fingers
Pallid blotches along a tattooing

Postmortal imbibition of humours
Chemical change of tissular substance
Gastric content in coeliac cavum

Advanced fermenting autolysis
Viscous autodigested perforation
Ascendent putrefactive process
Unbearable cadaveric stench

Formation of ammonia and sulphide
Turgid bloated face
Brown discharge from nose
Vascular drawing on a shoulders

Bursting and desquamating blisters
Missing ears, yawning eye sockets
Oxidative progression of rottenness
Shrinkage of swollen body

Smell of putridity fades away
Melting colliquated organs
Mold proof beard and incisors
Greyish slough on the zygoma

Biological factors during putridness
Maggots consume the sinews
Destruction by rodents, mammalia
Effects of biters and claws.

4. Cadavers In Medical Jurisprudence

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Totally chronical senile marasmus
Euthanasia of dying convulsing body
Sudden death by nefarious self immolation
Knife between both hemispheres
Macabre suicide by circular saw
Bleeding gash and difficult lesions

Caustic accidental poisoning of alcoholic
Fatal injury by sick self mutilation

Carbonized head crashed by wheel
Cold oozy zits on squeezed tissue
Frozen wounds of necrolytic scalp
Deceased eaten up by dogs

Ruptured puffy intestines after infanticide
Traumatic section on decayed mummy
Blazing empty hollow corpse
Combustion of charred purpuric remains

Torn in two
Piece by piece
Limbs from limbs

Autopsy of truncated deformed carrion
Plastic bag with burnt limbless cadaver
Entombed rotted to the core.

5. Uterogestation To Abortion

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Defilement of bosomy virgin
Sensual hymen is deflorated
Erected phallus inside pussy
Puking disgust of copulation

Jism on genitals
Menstrual blood
Embryo resorbence

Ovulation by sexual abuse
Clotted uteral mucus
Fertilization of ovulum
Gelatinous mucin from abrasion

Abnormal umbilicus
Asphyxia of foetus
Foetal amputation

Fermentation of dead conceptus
Necrotic villi into endometrium

Contamination of amniotic fluid
Pulmonary lobes atelectasis
Ragged umbilical cord
Placenta infarction and sepsis

Sanguinolent blennorrhoea into membranes
Necrobiosis and aborted debris in womb

Parturition pains and eclampsia
Pregnancy terminated by caesarian
Afterbirth extracted by gynaecologist
Postnatal juices about foeticide

Sterile autolysis
Macerated foetus

6. Exhumed Dead Body

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Exhumation for coroner's inquest
Grave six feet under the ground
Coffin uncovered by forensic surgeon
Necroscopy finding of disintered carrion

Blood suffusions on cranial covering
Encephalic tumours into crushed head
Rotten gore under the smelly skull
Fungal filaments into capilli

Steatosis of epithelia
Fibrosis of cardial muscle
Sclerosis of jugular veins
Partial adipocerous derma

Milk remainders in mammary gland
Ash from tuberculous ulcers
Fatty embolism into necrotic lungs
Disruptions of suppurant kidneys

Heart valves with pathologic excrescences
Corrosion of cirrhotic hepar
Haemal extravasation like to hypostasis
Inorganic poisons into ossa

Fracture of cachectic hyoid bone
Intumescence of enteric loops
Into decaying phlogistic hystera
Fragments of foetal skeleton

Caseation of splanchnic organs
Arid mash inside the chest
Corpsy fauna after bleeding
Botulotoxin at spina bifida

Belly full of undigested meat
Saponification of black and red filth
Burial of remains into earth
Into sarcophagus finish of putrefied season.

7. Infectious Agonizing Parasitism

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Bacterial virus into corpus
Cutaneous mycosis by moulds
Organism contaminated by microbes
Malaria, dysentery by protozoa

Flagellates, amoebae, infusoria
Parasitized vermes
Helminths inside apparatus
Burrowed trematodes
Morbidity by bilharzia
Taenia extruded hook
Cluster of ascarides
Incubation of infestants

Posterior with pinworms
Hookworm into mucosa

Digestive tube with echinococcus
Mites into bile duct

Ganglia full of filariae
Tumefaction of lower extremities
Bedbugs, lice and heteroptera
Crab lousiness of pubes

Itch exanthema
Tick inflammations
Sucking leech

Flea bite into human host
Stomoxys larvae from dung

Trachea with bluebottle ovula
Lucilia carnivorous nymphs

Vital bots into flesh
Pupae in flowing secreta
Tse tse fly on the eyeball
Sinistro cerebral myiasis

Venomous spidery arthropoda
Tarantula and black widow
Paralysis by scorpion
Collapse of man.

8. Gynaecological Sickeness

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary]

Sexually transmitted diseases
Venereal viral illness

Female gonorrhoea and syphilis
Hypertrophy of labia minora

Ulcerative bulla on genital tract
Chronic vulvitis and edema
Clitoral herpes with abscess

Lymphogranuloma and purulent condyloma
Metastatic melanoma of vagina

Haemorrhoids inside anal canal
Total prolapse of uterus

Inflamed ovarian cyst
Gangrenous carcinogenic vulva
Luetic delayed menstruation
Hideous epidemic of A.I.D.S.

9. Secretion Of Ejaculate

[lyrics: Cyklo, music: Hary, Tom]

Lechery during vaginal intercourse
Unconventional orgastic vulgarities
Necking with silicone boobs
Masochistic ligation of penis

Lesbian's cancer and varices
Smegma on anal dildo
Unnatural gratification of fetishism
Masturbator's devourment of sperm

Gerontophilic concubine for pornography
Homosexual's testicular grafting
Orally excited reproductive instinct

Fellatio and cunnilinctus
Repulsion of gene mutation
Lilliputian's hormonal disturbance
Individuum with all gonads

Metabolic aberration of hermaphrodite
Paedophile's pollution and meteorism
Gagging of gigantean eunuch

Psoriatic pectus of transvestite
Sliminess and crabs on the buttocks
Moribund castrated necrophil
Sodomy and obscene incest

Deviated erection in sadism
Infamous coprophilia, mysophilia
Auto erotic lubrication of ass
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

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