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[Instrumental Intro]

2. Smoke 'Em If Ya Got 'Em

Thoughts replaced by a placid romance
Without movement, i can't escape
Searching through the static
Twisted and torn inside of
Such blinding visions of destruction
So i have to question
Was this in the master plan?
Now a broken future's all that we hold
Our broken future is all that we hold
Our day draws
To it's close
Washes away
Integrity now bleeds away
As tired hearts are left to drain
Do you see there faces when you fall asleep at night?
Now they're nothing more than blood stained memories
Blood stained memories

3. Dead Dreams

Kill the lights
I'm so sick of your face
Another night wasted wishing you away
Now I'm cut, I'm cut at the wrist
But i still can't kill the pain
I'd give anything to rip you from my head
From my head
The return of your voice marks another failure
And i can feel your blades closing on my back
I'll savour this one last taste, this taste of sanity
As it clutches, tearing at my heart
This is my final act of desperation
One second lost gives way to disease
I'd give anything to rip you from my head
Cause i can feel you
Creeping through me
Like a sickness
Your weakness
Scars your fucking face
Scars your name
The return of your voice
Marks another failure
And i can feel your blades
Closing on my back
As light fades to past
Darkness wells against me
But my shattered eyelids
Refuse to close
Your breathe is death to me

4. Flesh, Bone And Weakness

Shades drawn across
No light may enter
In my moment of weakness
And this world is bearing down again
So hard to clear my mind
Why do i persist?
I'll endure another day
It's just so hard to resist
And I can't continue on
So hard to clear my mind
To see the thoughts I wish were true
My face versus the stone
And I blame myself
Plague my mind with these insecure thoughts
Whispers in the back of my head
Telling me it's all wrong
Why do I persist?
I'll endure another day
Why do I persist?
As self loathing strangles me
Push past the veil of helplessness
Love can't catch me, not today
Take your hand and just surrender?
It's just not worth it
Why do I persist?
I'll endure another day
Why do I persist?
Self loathing strangles me
But I'll endure another day

5. The Cruise

6. You're Over

Don't make me laugh
Reduce yourself to a poisoned mess
It's so amazing
What passes for cool these days
Another trend?
Or just a wish
So when did it come down to this
Fashion victim
Takes on a whole new meaning
"It's just for fun..."
Hey, I'm sure it is
So tell me is that fun
Convulsing on the door
Open your eyes
You're walking the path to your self destruction
The higher you fly, the further you fall
Don't make me laugh
I wish I had the strength
To tear your eyelids off
You fool
You fucking fall
It's hard to fly, with wings of stone
So hard to fly, with wings of stone

7. Looks Like Yoda

In a world of devoid of emancipation
Like leaves too many question marks
On my conscience, why?
Why look up
The ground is so much more pleasing
And it's where these eyes belong
I renounce,
I renounce myself
What I have become is not
What I wish to be
Break my neck
I've become too accustomed to hopes
Hope's cruel grasp
Progression or regression
It all ends the same
In a world devoid
In a life such as this
Only death is certain
So why wait
Break my heart
Cut my throat
When everything has ended
What have we accomplished
Slaves by design
Break my neck

8. Don't Close Your Eyes

The warmth of your embrace
Has lifted me from the ground
The strength you've given me
I can never truly thank you
Through the darkness
I found you by my side
And I'll make this promise to you
I will never let you down
This is for every hour
This is for every second
This is for every moment
That we have shared together
Sky blue days burn through
I refuse to let our flame fade
Every scar burning bright tonight
I'd give my heart for you
I'd give my strength for you
I'd give my everything
I'd give my life for you
Tonight will stand as a testament to hope
Every scar, burning bright
I will stay by your side
Don't close your eyes
Tonight we burn together
My true friends, you mean the world to me
Your friendship means everything
Tonight will stand as a testament to hope
Forever beating on

9. I Watched

[Re-release 2006 bonus track]

In an instant this world's hate engulfed all tenfold
I watched the birth of tomorrow's catchphrase
As the sky came crashing down
True terror now assumes a human form
Suspicious minds and pointing fingers still ignore
Suspicious minds tear at innocence
I watched the sky burn
As the ashes fell
Time stood still

10. Swallowing Razorblades

[Re-release 2006 bonus track]

I'd give the world for you to look my way
I'd give it all. Just to feel your love
Cast aside
Separate. Destroyed
Sweet laughter bleeds by ears
Your eyes tear at my throat trying to steal my tongue
Gaze of an angel melting my skin
A face so cold
Twice as enchanting
I'm swallowing razorblades again
Your eyes have torn my throat
Trying to steal my tongue
Gaze of a demon has burned through
My skin
Porcelain fingers take the hope from my heart
Splinters of love
A years goodbye's bleed red
Roses of black all my night
The stars have fallen
Take the hope from my life
With all my love. This is my last
My last heartfelt
Fuck you
This is my last fuck you
Fuck you

11. Emotional Breakdown

[Re-release 2006 bonus track]

Gazing upon your face
Your love has released my heart
To drown
To sleep forever
In your sweet embrace
If i could reach the stars I'd place them in your eyes
Just to remind me of such a timeless beauty
Of you
Lost myself to you
I could not fall again
Held here by your grace
I'm bound forever by this
If i could
If i could reach the stars
I'd place them in your eyes
Just to remind me of such a timeless beauty
And when tomorrow tears you from my arms
I'll pray for one last sunset for our love

12. Hollow Man

[Re-release 2006 bonus track]

No more than shadows
To be forgotten
Fade away in time
No more than shadow's their dreams will never come to pass
Trapped by your web of ignorance
Trapped by your web
Your web of lies
Too much pain
Too much anguish already endured
More fear than a person should feel in a single lifetime
And they've come so far
Given it all for this second chance
One second chance at life
Hollow man
You've gone too far
Secure in your safe little world
You have no idea the amount of pain you cause
Since when is a child a risk to your security?
Your razor wire and red tape killed their dreams

13. The Negotiator

[Re-release 2006 bonus track]

Tell me, how does it feel
To watch a child bleed to death
From a weapon you designed?
You've spilt their blood
Is your pride really worth this? Such a mindless slaughter
Bow down to your greed
Your lies cut their throat
Such beauty
Such innocence
Set to self destruct
As you nail their coffin shut
With your hammer of hate
The flesh is torn, hate remains
They bleed
Broken by your hand
Who will bleed for you now?

14. Hopeless

[Re-release 2006 bonus track]

Tear my heart from my chest
Still warm in my hands
Feel the life drain away
This distance is staggering
Stealing the air from my lungs
Choking me where i stand
Hopeless, just one last kiss
You sound so close
I can almost feel your breath
Too close to touch the fragment of my memory
Tormenting me forever
Haunting me forever
Stretching towards forever
Each second seems like a year
And this eternity is tearing me apart, tearing me apart
Victim of my own human desire
Love is a demon sent to destroy me
I never knew distance could kill

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Thanks to badassaviatorsunglasses for sending tracks ## 9-14 lyrics.

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