Dark Lyrics


1. I Am

Pray for God or be doomed
They want you to believe in / They wanna make you prey
Set you free from your sins and obey
They want to see you pray

Puppets forevermore with blinded eyes yet wide open
They think they aim for more but remain unheard
Brothers killing brothers
Sinners hating unbelievers
If hell exists in its flames we'll gonna burn
And they still pray

Gloria ! Gloria ! Fiat Voluntus Tua !

Feeding from hopeless souls
I keep them in my jaws
I'm the one I'm supposed to fight
Don't think trust me I'm always right
Scarecrows to control you
Let's be friends, let's kill too
For all, the real beast I AM

Women in fabric cell
They have to be slaves or be dead
Negate their rights, negate their lives no one cares
Neither man nor saviour

Soulmates with different gods
Love forbidden by these beliefs
Choose life, or love but both won't be for granted

Et delevit omnem substantiam, quae erat super terram, ab homine usque ad pecus,
tam reptile quam volucres coeli; et deleta sunt de terra:
remansit autem solus Noe, et qui cum eo erant in arca.
[Genesis 7:23]

We all need to believe in something to hold on
But words of peace that lead to war are nothing but wrong
Civilizations destroyed for the greater good
Genocides not forgotten and well understood
Humanity, open your eyes !

2. Into The Void

Just take a look at her: So fragile and so young
Lust is in your eyes, the devil's in your tongue
You can't refrain yourself From being pathetic
From being disgusting From being a piece of shit
Like the wolf you drool over your enslaved sheep
Of course you don't want to hurt her but you will
A victim you once were, this cannot be denied
But this is no excuse For child abuse

Into the void she will enter
To be safe and protect herself
To forget he's his own father
She knows love can heal and harm
For now pain she will find
Into the void she will enter
To find the love of a mother
To pray for her younger sister
She knows love can heal and harm
A bit of peace she'll find
Into the Void

She trusted you she loved you
How could she be wrong?
Now her life is twisted and she has to be strong
Mum didn't have a clue, or was it denial?
Both are guilty: Let's put them on trial
Become a woman now, a victim she once was
She is strong she won't fail
She's following the trail / way
That breaks the vicious circle of this wicked love
Of this monstrosity that leads...

Innocence replaced by guilt. She feels soiled
Her mind is bleeding - torn to pieces

Young girl has grown. She stands on her own
Her children well cared for
Future is bright, she stands on the light
She will no longer need the void

3. Reborn Through Hate

You won't obey to anyone in this place where you don't belong
Your body and soul sing a song: Breathing Living
So many times your heart's been scorned
Your will and your faith ripped and torn
Now you are ready to reborn: Living Screaming
Emerging from a darkened world without a light without colour
You realize this was a curse. Screaming Fighting

Rise up and open your eyes and maybe you will find
The will to live again
Battle scarred, you try so hard to leave your demons behind

It's time to live again

Raging, yelling for salvation. You spit on their retribution
Will you succeed, will your soul burn? Sinking, crawling
A lonely world, we're living in. Fake innocence, you've always sinned
You're not ashamed, You have to bring you to life once more

4. Migdal Bavel (Myth Of Babel)

Far in the east, in the ancient countries. Across the Jordan river, across the dead sea
Lied a land that men called Shinear. Long ago, in the ancient times
A jealous god, a ferocious one tried to kill his people by rain and flood

Nemrod the hunter: so was called the king of Noah's descendants
and these human beings were all living in one and only place
So they decided they would have to build a giant tower
for them all to live inside their creation for all eternity

Rise, Tower Rise to the skies and beyond Higher we climb reaching Up to Yahvé

For Once in human history: they united, they were brothers
Guided by a noble purpose: they united, they were brothers

But god feared that they'd reach the sky. The tower built with courage and heart
Nothing would have been impossible to them. Changed their language he divided them
Working together had come to an end. Only myth remains from the tower of Babel

Migdal Bavel / Burj Babil / Etemenanki

5. Headlong Disaster

For the song of the sea our children won't hear
For the one of the earth that's vanishing
For the song of the men that's just a whisper
Is the end just the beginning?

We think the world is ours
No respect for ourselves
Can't have it? Take it by force
Our own masters our own slaves
Let's be quick or be dead
No time to regret anything
Money and greed absolve our crimes
What's the point being a human being?

Men in black in ivory towers
feeding on black men's misery
Black gold in their homelands
Silver gains they'll never see
Population increasement
no one sees the fire in the basement
Faster ! We are crawling in the cement

We believed in the sun:
powerful ancient god we feared it
Then believed in the Christ or Allah:
the same kind of story
We believe in the world that we built,
while digging our own grave
Huge sword of Damocles. It will fall
no matter what we think

Frail lucidity
We sometimes deserve our humanity

Child soldiers increasing as fast
as wild animals endangered
But their risk of extinction
unlike polar bear's is close to none
Fukushima and Tchernobyl
Global Warming, tsunamis
A fucking frightening preview
Of this headlong disaster

We're late, so late
We are running out of time
Destroying ozone layer, Amazonia
We are the killing kind
We're fool, so fool
We are running out of our minds
Let's get ready for pain !

6. Ghost Of Sparta

In darkness I roam
My past life is gone
Now comes redemption

Gods have forsaken me
I've taken their lives
Beware the wrath of the bringer of hate/fate

Here I come

For all of thee
This is my revenge

Beloved ones, my spirit's by your side

This is my vengeance

Beloved ones, my regrets never hide

My anger, my madness, my sadness

I'm here to stay, here to slay, here to make you my prey
You'll know the pain I endured
You'll have to pray, so you may live another day
Seeking revenge on Olympus
Enter the fray, face the ultimate enemy
Your reign has come to its end
At last I will live

7. A 1000 Minds Away

Frail memories passing by through my mind yet (they) fade away and die
Distant feelings scratch my soul. Today I'm breathing. No I didn't fall

But anger is still roaming. Like close friends we're walking. The moments we didn't share you and I

Frail memories passing by through my mind yet (they) fade away and die
Distant feelings scratch my soul. Today I'm fighting. I know I won't fall

For all the tears I didn't cry and all the pain I keep inside. The moments we didn't share you and I
For all the tears that I should cry. The pain that can't be kept inside
The moments forgotten by you and I

But anger is now raging: my best enemy, I need it. The moments forgotten by you and I

For all the tears I didn't cry, and all the pain I keep inside. The moments we didn't share you and I

Free from my scars, I can live on. We had our time under the sun
We won't meet again but in my dreams, we're not a 1000 minds away

There's nothing more to say but goodbye

8. Hyperion

[0: Consul overture]

[Prelude in C Sharp Minor Opus 3 Nr 2 (Sergei Rachmaninov)]

[1: Hyperion Hymn]

Rise for Eternity / Hyperion - Time and mystery
Searching for Empathy / Quest is on - All is one / Frail Humanity

[2: A Handful of Pilgrims]

I live in pain by the cross: two souls are living in my corpse
Seeking god and answers
I, the mythic warrior - Looking for my love and kill her
Seeking piece of mind

Greatest poet of all time, writing history
Where is my muse, my Nemesis, my everything?
Lost in a sea of grass, heading for our fate.
Through the desert through the ice, we're fighting with love and hate

Wandering Jew bringing back my child on this hellish planet
Her birth and her death collide
Pregnant from a cybrid: who are they, where are the assassins?
My love's always by her side

Remember Siri and endless oceans. Back on Hyperion following my roots
Friendship and treachery: our forced union has to be
Few of us will see the end, history course has to be bent

[3: Lord of Pain]

You see it Now you don't: It's here and there and everywhere
Playing with void which binds, metal thorns torturing victims
Both of them with the infamous tree of pain are crawling through time

The beast is here to answer a vow, here to protect a dying child. Ultimate killer, ultimate saviour

No fear No hate Playing its role with pain: born from the greatest warrior's DNA
Eviscerate Desecrate Annihilate Lacerate Mutilate Amputate Decapitate Dislocate Disintegrate

Machine created by machines
Here to trap the divine empathy
Ultimate saviour
Ultimate killer

[4: A.I.s, Technocore and the Ousters]

Big error back in 38: Blackhole changing men's fate.
John Keats back to life again: more machine or more human?
Puppet of the technocore, the missing link he holds.
Enea's father and friend; he will lead AIs to their end

Waiting - watching / roaming - hidden in virtual spider's web
Hounding like ticks - sucking the soul out of billions of brains
Evolve / Revolve - Trying to Resolve the Human and divine equation
Eating - Cheating and Lying - Born from the 80 bytes parasites
We stole the earth we need it. Experiment is required. We fear what we don't understand.
And we don't understand you, the human race. Neither Hyperion. Logic has to be the rule.

Far, hidden in the deep and darkened space
They live in peace, far from the AIs, far from the human race
So strange and beautiful, they live, guided by their own rules
Fleeing form insanity, claiming their humanity.
Comets and swarms - respecting all life forms
O, strange Hyperion: races divided - men, machines and the ousters
Death in the labyrinth - Hyperion

[5: Aenea]

Aging Backwards she's the key: warrior and soldier, they were meant to be
Past present and future she can see: she travels with the Shrike, fearless
Fighting and loving through time and space: following the universe's pace

[6: End of the Retz]

Now the damage is done, countdown is on for Gladstone
Machination's been revealed, time for men to be released
Pilgrims are lost on the faraway Hyperion
Braving the time tombs for humanity's sake

False enemies, real friends, the last quest comes to an end.
Promises are sealed in blood and sand
Sacrifice in vain? Face the shrike once again until story comes to its end

Humanity'll be free. High will be the price to pay for their stupidity, for their naivety
The Jew and the poet, Lamia, Kassad and his fate: a gathering for humanity's sake

False enemies, real friends, the last quest comes to an end.
Promises are sealed in blood and sand
The savior will come. From man and machine she'll be born.
The whole universe she has to warn

This is the end of the world as they know it.
Now bombs are falling on God's grove and heaven's Gate
No more fatline, neither farcaster network.
Wayout has to be find on the verge of destruction
No more Technocore, No more useless war
History course has finally been bent

[7: So spoke the Poet]

Billion people dead: survivors spread like stardust in this endless space
Retz has collapsed - Humanity separated: This was the only way
Now it is time for renewal, for joy and hope
Time for creators and poets:

Deep in the shady sadness of a Vale, far sunken from the healthy breath of Morn,

Spreading a shade: the Naiad mid her reeds press'd her cold finger closer to her lips.

Forest on forest hung above his head, like Cloud on Cloud. No stir of air was there,
Not so much life as on a summer's day . Robs not at all the dandelion's fleece

But where the dead leaf fell, there did it rest

Far from the fiery noon, and Eve's one star, sat grey hair'd Saturn quiet as a stone

Still as the silence round about his Lair

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