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1. This Impossible Moment

Sometimes I am infinite
Sometimes I am dead tired
You have seen me there
On the ground, without heartbeat

Weird they are, the frail colours
Of this impossible moment

I hoped the wind would glean colder
I have searched for reasons to live
You have seen me here by your side
A fragile night

Weird they are, the frail colours
Of this impossible moment
Countless thoughts have rushed
through my cruel mind
Who was there - inside the end?

The end, the end, the end...

2. One Step Into Nothingness

Where have I been
For Spine chilling dreams crossed our way
Almost too late
Nothing is safe from woe and agony

This breakdown of thoughts
Was a wing beat for me
A turning point
in my confusing diary

Sometimes I concealed my desperation
behind a thin vein of coolness
Soulnerves were crying like torrents unseen
Moments undone tied to the run
Maybe your sun shone quite dead

Why do you fear the wounds
Of your clandestine past
How could we measure
our queer-ticking hearts without mind

At night we are birds...at rustling night
At night I won't pass away...at Monday night

Unseemly expectations burned in my head
Falcon-corpses flew above me but I still feel
All the soars, all the thorns,
all the years of mute reproach
Weeping tables, vacant chairs
Withered time won't bloom again everyday

Read my calm letters
and you'll understand this pain
Bleary-eyed ghost life is our host
Don't go to sleep while I'm down

3. Yonder Thy Primrose Path. My Shuddered Face

Every night I open my poetic window-book
Retired upon subdued lime trees
Pondering over me and you to fail again

Untimely sympathy for shallow layers
It puzzles temptress, starry-eyed
Will o' the wisp, exiled jester-daffodil

I am an elegiac herdsman lost
within a woodpecker's stanza

Day by day I try to sow
Nothingness calls my name
Mankind - too blind

Yonder thy primrose path
And my shuddered face yellows with age
O Venus-train, goodbye

Wayward play of gradual shades
Arclets fret over dogmas
(I long for) lavender-rivers
Clad in lavender blue

"Diversity is a motive wheel of life
and knowledge doesn't forge ahead
While you curse your private mistakes.
Do you really want to die alone?"

Lullabies in scourging deserts
searching for a windswept dawn
Fettered hawks on barren fells
There are no hiding places

An opaque tangle of unbearable echoes
determines the soliloquies shining faintly
through dim corridors

No one can tell what I have felt...
What I will feel...where I might go...
For life has touched my promise path.
thy shuddered facelet

4. Confort Me, Infinity

I take fright at answers you can't give
Don't forget to wonder
Hyacinths, they knew how meadows sing
We've unlearned dreaming ages ago

Kestrels flap their graceful wings
O let me persist in dizzy conteplations
Is there anyone who roused
the early swallows
O thou kindred spirit
below a star-sprangled sky

Don't you listen to the quiet
Can't you taste its heady skin
O thou uttermost poetry,
describe my heartbeat

While the trees unfold,
picking scattered gold
I just lie beneath
In the bloom of youth

Would you think about fate
If a breeze of hope blinked
through the thickest solitude

Would you die within me
If your dreams came true and I
couldn't run away with you
Would you reach out for stars
If you noticed that your life
was inaudible and mute
O thou horrible crowd.
I don't regret my call for eternity

Do you smell the air
of my soul despair
There's a lighthouse
at the sea - that is me
I wish to row
beyond thy landmarks
My scared silence
seems to be a wise man's brow

5. A Drowning Day

I listened to the endless grey
Nowhere, nowhere I stay
I am too weak, I cannot cry
So cold inside my heart

I leave this world today
You will not save me
The lights are glowing dim
No more rain

I'm running through a
dripping cloud
Why can't you feel the same?

You are so far away
I fear those sad nights
And every day is bleak
Hold me back

There are no colours here inside
Sometimes I wonder why
You don't leave

No more rain
Why does it rain?

6. About Glum Naiades And Idle Gods

Ethereal calm was sown by Naiades
Vague delight
Dead wood's paleness, bygone...

O weightless thought
Microscopic darwins.
Particles of a cruel hour-glass
That's filled with empty seed.
Raining down a poet's grave

Earily thy sad wind roars
Blows and weaves on torrid shores
Careworn mermaids flicker grey
Elderly thy morn-boughs sway

When the oddest foe entwines me
and ballads die away
When the witty moons pass by like habits
I'll starve in bleak dismay

Chasms whisper:
"Joy is numb...a fatal chalice...no escape"

Thou hath waltzed o'er pastures of frailty
With cygnets wrapped in moss
Murky day-dreams plague thee. O nadir
Thy energy disdained by sourness

Make thy loom of wisdom
Into a sprouting remedy
Be aware that thou shall mind
Thy timid orphaned naiades

A swarm of white owlets
To clear my lovesick heart

7. How Futile It Seems To Sow

It is fragile every day
A useless delay
This moment
Same sleep
Will you never understand what I miss

How futile it seems to sow
I am looking for nothing and all
My fleeting hope
Your fading heart
When we will cast our final spark

On tiptoe I moved off to the
all-knowing cranes
They said we were only a
brief yearning for
Something far too bright

"A reflecting image of paper
is still more than a directionless fool
within a celestial scenery
So our deeds are never as hopeless
As we may think sometimes."

8. I Wished You Wouldn't Fall Silent

My lips are dry like summer air
I cannot move. I cannot bear
The things you've never blown away
I look at you but don't sway

Remember how amazed you were
When lilies white budd new and rare
When all the sketches of your past
Were freak tales unattached and vast

Something is left within - I know
Something is left - anywhere

You glide towards sardonic roads
Impossible to steer your boat
A leaf that swirls in dizzy height
Is easier to catch than pride

You think that everything goes well
But deep inside sensations yell
You never heard this cruel sound
Cause otherwise you'd spinning round

Something is left within - I know
Something is left - anywhere

I wished you were the same
A dancer in the rain
"My childhood is over", - you say

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