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1. Hammer Of The Gods

Deadly attack at the sirens call
A thunderous sound as the weapon falls
Hammering fear inside your heart
Try to face the danger ripping you apart

Suicidal weapon
For the final attack
Face the last curtain
There's no turning back

Feel the hammer of the gods
Mankind is bound to fall
Feel the hammer of the gods
Certain death from above

Erased landscapes and poisoned seas
Nuclear winter devastates your dreams
Burning cities and melting flesh
All you loved has turned to ash

Path of destruction
The signs of defeat
Stand up and fight
Or die on your knees

Total destruction, nuclear waste
Masters of power digging our graves
Terminal war abandoned all hope
The neck of mankind caught in a rope

2. Arise!

The hour of decision -- Now it's close at hand
To end their reign, tear down the walls, unify the land
Break the chain of command -- Cut the wires now
Bloodlust in our eyes -- Through their ranks we'll plough

Decode the words -- A strike full of hate
Unlock the doors -- A strike of the blade

Arise! Out of the dark
Heroes of the realm returneth
Arise! Out of the dust
Arise! Shine forevermore

Frozen mutants tremble before they turn to dust
Now we will kill, we will win, we'll be victorious
Time's up for the palace on this melting ground
A ray of sun breaks the ice with a cracking sound

Deep down in caverns -- Below the poisoned waterline
The sound of howling sirens crawls into their minds
Corpses end their endless sleep in a machine's sigh
Smoke and fire, tumbling walls -- Fear opens up their eyes
A Lament in the guild of thieves -- Cut and chopped off hands
A senseless beg for mercy a blackened, bloody end

3. Face Of Death

Sudden ambush
Dead of the night
Shadows to light

Know that the run from the law don't make no sense at all
When the signs differ now from a block to the block
And the wolves and the snakes as they wait for our fall
And they'll feast on your blood and your shocks

Back to back the brothers fighting
Chains and maze beat down
Bastards screaming mutants howling
Freezing time as one fell down

And the smoke is rising
All pictures frozen in
A false move so fatal
A mask of horror and sin
Face of death

Eyes wide open
Another soul
Caught by death

Fast is the end of your life always unexpected
Black is the curtain that falls down on you
Souls that flare up and then cease to exist
In a blink of an eye and in hours for you

Stabbing knives -- An ancient slow-mo
Blood's painting pictures red
A scream will end this illusion
Looking down find your friend dead

4. Halls Of Doom

The blood of my brother
Now crusts on my skin
Lingering echoes of laughter
Feeds the pain that I'm in

Pray to gods and demons
For this nightmare to end
The chains shall be broken
They shall die by my hand

The breeze of death from the black's drifting in
Lie and betray but the reaper will win

Darkness awaits in the black halls of doom
The plague takes hold of mankind
Forever trapped in the black halls of doom
Life's cut by the sense of the time
Forever undead

A howl from the shadows
The screams from aside
Taste of blood when you swallow
In this church of the night

Eyeless skulls smile at me
Hear them loud in my head
Ancient bones will guide you
On a trail of the dead

5. Revelations


6. Forgotten Prophecies

Beyond all the shadows -- Search behind the black gate
Your journey through darkness and cold shall begin
Forgotten paths in secrecy
An ancient silver plate
A garden of horror and fear
Where the truth lies in

Pages crumble -- In the dust of time
Etched new wisdoms on book's spines

Forever lost in time
Clutch the broken straw
Those who believe
In the lost forgotten prophecies

Annoying voices will infiltrate your mind
The spotlight's on you -- The clouds shall move aside
Remember all the prophet's words;
A blind shouldn't lead the blind
This won't be a childish dream
Nor a supernatural ride

Revealed forces of the universe
A look through the eyeglass in reverse

Forever lost in time
Clutch the broken straw
Those who believe
In the tales of war

Awaiting their time
Waiting for a sign
Fulfill the lost
Forgotten prophecies

7. Agony

Fading pictures in a desert's heat
Of a world that died so long ago
Long lost forgotten dreams
And broken heroes died in the fields
Blood's preventing them from rust
We were crushed by the wheels

In bloodless times
Obey the machines
With every breath
Hail the machines

Life in agony under the spell
Live and die -- To be reborn
Reborn in hell

Ancient scrolls have turned to dust
Lonely preachers lost their trust
Metalian deities
Feed on human daily sacrifice
Beyond those leaden clouds
They die with open eyes

Life in agony under the spell
The time won't tell no more tales
Pain and agony -- Bearing the spell
Live and die -- Only to be reborn
Reborn in hell

Hours, months and years did pass - So much wasted time
Not to dare to move or think -- Staring at the signs
Raping, abusing, plunder and cut out your heart
Chained and locked in for 10 bloody years in the dark
Watch the people pray for some kind of heaven
Listen to the screams and cries last for 24/7
The dreams of freedom died long ago in the night
A state of despair killed your strong will to fight

8. Souleaters

Self-imprisoned lords of doom
Endless sleep in hidden cells
Close to hell in frozen rooms
In a cyber world they dwell

Ancient brains to control the wastelands
Mindless guardians in control
Electric shadows in the poisoned air
With invisible webs they haul

Obey souleaters
Feeding on your dreams
Reigning in eternal dark
Land of souleaters
On and on they're ripping you apart

The immortal Pharaohs
Deadly thoughts rush through the wire
Unbent minds will overflow
Shocked by the minds whip's fire

9. Gangland

Fear and terror rule the land
All evil words made flesh
Heroes under bloodstained sand
The reaper's harvest -- Threshed

The blackened forces
Demons out of hell
Like winds of fire
From a wizard's spell

Gangland -- Land of glory and fame
Gangland -- Deserts with no names
The orders are gone and buried in the sand
Gangland -- Fear is all that remains

Cracking whips and rattling chains
Cries for mercy in the air
Leather hordes ride out again
Leaving nothing but despair

Schemes in the fire -- Once a maid now a bitch
She laughs as you suffer down in hell's ditch
Used and disposed -- Tamed and enslaved
When the de-evolution is digging our grave

10. Wargods

Fear the line of fire crawling through the night
Unleashed forces are heading for the fight
Legions of the damned hold their weapons high
Riding on the wind a flying battle cry

The terror has arrived again
Colored faces with no names
Enslave, rape and kill again
Gleaming ashes to remain

Wargods of death
Cursed and damned forevermore
Wargods of death
Undead warriors created for the fight
Bringing war...

Servants of the tyrants, deadly tools of hate
Seek, destroy and plunder -- Murder, terminate
Choose to run or choose to hide, fear's on your side
There's no peace and freedom no way to stay alive

11. Deny The Cross

[Overkill cover]

I'll steal your life and cut out your heart.
Rip the core of your world apart.
Then I'll take your sight
Leave ya blind
Laughing hard as you loose your mind
Smash in your skull!!!
Kick out your brains!!!
Dance all over!
What remains!!!
Life! The living danger
Death! The welcome stranger
In sin! You deny the cross
Deny the cross...!
I'm an angel, I'm virgin white
This only happens, every night
Restitution, for my sin
Imprisoned virtue, time begins
Killer instincts!!!
Escape my find!
Path of destruction!
Left behind
Life, it walks away...
It walks today...
It fades away...
Death, is here to stay...
Is here today...
To deny the cross...!
Draw and quarter, slice the meat
Now there's something more to eat
Nothing left there, is just a frame
This poor soul has no name
Back to dirt!
Six feet deep!
I take a breath!
Long and deep!!!
Deny the cross!!!

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