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1. Heresy

[From the 11th to the 13th century a particular religious sect was allowed to grow in the Languedoc region of France. Called Catharism this dualist thinking religion flourished, not only with the poor but also people like the Counts of Toulouse and the great Esclarmonte of Foix. In the early part of the 13th century the Pope petitioned the king to form. a crusade and vanquish the heretics. This petitioning finally led to the Albigensian Crusade. A force of Knights and Mercenaries besieged the Cathars and in a massive pyre at Montsegur massacred some 200 of them virtually eliminating Catharism in Southern France]


The beginning.
How the believers of the dualist theory turned there backs on Catholicism
and found their own methods of embracing God

They started on a distant shore
The rich believing with the poor
Fighting, striving hard to seek
A higher power with something else to say

Spreading their belief
Praying for a life
It's the perfect way
But to the church it's just called heresy


Heretics, that and nothing more
Daring to renege on our Gods law
It's wrong for them to feel this way
Detrimental for the soul
Help them through this time
Disregard these lies

They say the perfect way
But to the church it's just called heresy
Yeah Choose!

Cathars gaining more control
The choice is free, us or holy Rome
Join with us you'll see the light
We have a holy Right

It's the perfect way
But to the church it's just called heresy
Heresy, heresy, heresy

2. Search For Perfection

[How, through their beliefs the Cathars tried to achieve a state of Perfection]

We can't eat no flesh no fowl
Sleeping around is out
Women are against the rules
Fornication frowned upon

We live by the law
Wrapped in the world
Nobody wavers
Nobody strays

Lonely nights and lonely days
Are looked upon as right
But lonely days and lonely nights
Are a symbol of our fight

No cause has lived
So strict in its rules
A life filled with pain
A path to our God

A road to the right
Long does it wind
Along way to go, way to go, evermore

Search for perfection
Our creed self control
Search for perfection
Our life for the cause

Priests talk like Jesus wrote
Everything is right
We talk of John the Lord
We think were right

Our John the brave
Lights up our way
Teach by example
Shake off the scorn

Join us this day
We have the strength
Our road is straight, to the Lord it's the way

Search for perfection
Our creed self control
Search for perfection
For this we'll die

No other way is any good
Life doesn't last
Our belief is heaven sent
Forgive us our past

What we do now is good
Not what we did then
We dedicate ourselves to help
Our welfare comes last

Follow our road
Find a new world
A search for perfection
In the eyes of the Lord

Join us on our way
Help us through this day
Try to break away from the roman captivity

Search for perfection
A perfect mind
Search for perfection
A perfect life

3. Killtime

[The thinking of the knights and mercenaries as they fought the Cathars, how they were paid for forty days at a time]

Before the sun goes down they'll scream
Heretics, cower, our blades are sharp for thee
We'll put you to the sword or hang you from a tree
Killtime, bloodlust, no time to pray

Heretic, voices
We don't give a damn
You're all gonna die

Forty days
That's all we're paid for
Forty days
Longer if you want us to stay
Forty days
That's what you paid for our hire
Forty days
No more

Fighting every day in this holy war
Killtime, bloodshed, let loose the dogs of war
Your heretic beliefs with which we don't agree
Our sword thirst to end your day

Heretics, Hearsay
Hope your Gods are with you
Watching as you die

Forty days
To destroy the aura around you
Forty days
to put an end to your lives
Forty days
We're just soldiers for hire
Forty days
No more

Mercenaries and Knights
Warriors of the north
Killtime, bloodlust, you will be no more
Our sword will set you free from this mockery
Killtime, crush, our mandate is to slay

Cathars, vaudois
Why don't you face the true God
Give up idolatry

Forty days
We'll put you all to the fire
Forty days
You'll then just be history
Forty days
Perhaps is what you desire
Forty days
Of death

4. Crusaders Revenge

[The massed attack and slaughter of the people and city of Beziers because the residents of that city killed a few of the crusaders]

To Beziers city
Came a host from the far north
Death riding at the head of this vast horde

At the bidding of the king
Their swords began to sing
No living thing was sale from punity

Fly, as swords swing
You will die for our God's law

You will find no safety
Within your city walls
We will come right through you
Until your back's against the wall

Crusaders revenge
Prepare to die
Crusaders revenge

Destroy all the leaders
Bring their heads to me on a plate
Seek out the kids and the wives

Kill, kill them all
God will decide on whom to blame

God will find his own among
The slayers and the slain
We're just here to butcher
Not to keep the score


On this day the order
To slay was handed down from the king
Kill everything that gets in your way

Destroy all that live
Hope and pray that none survive

We have been given orders
That no-one will remain
If one man is still standing
There'll be one to lay the blame

Crusaders revenge
Prepare to die
Crusaders revenge

Crusaders revenge
Prepare to die
Crusaders revenge

Crusaders revenge, Crusaders revenge
Crusaders revenge, Crusaders revenge

5. The Burning

[How the crusaders burnt the Cathars as punishment for their so called heretic beliefs]

Watch the final scene
At the Bucher or the stake
Gonna build a tower to bum
Torch, a flaming brand, a pyre blazing scourge
Heretics Clad in flames die in silence

It is no doubt the right way
The perfect way to go
An end to this damn heresy
An end to this damn war

Crowds watch and wait the spectacle unfolds
Orgasmic in intensity their hate
Look, feel the power as flash begins to char
Die now and speak your useless prayers

Yell for forgiveness
Grovel in your shame
You'll find that your protector
Won't save you from the flames

Your vision of a brand new day
Was ravaged by the war
Fire is your just reward
Ignominy your fate

Flames shall feed the fire
Flames shall purify
The church of Rome has issued this decree
Flames destroy the works
Flames destroy the liars
Fire destroy the heresy we fear
The heresy we fear

So, if you don't see it our way this is what you get
War and flaming towers as reward
So renounce your teachings
Come back into the fold
The choice you have peace or holy war

It is no doubt the right way
The perfect way to go
An end to this damn heresy
An end to this damn war

Burn if you desire
Burn this very day
We have a thousand torches
To help you on your way
Burn if you desire
Burn in silent rite
Your heretics beliefs could even save you all
Could even save you all

Heresy was to blame
For lives lost in the fire
The holy church in shame
For its part in the history of the burning

6. Massacre Of The Cathars

[The hatred that was shown by the crusaders for people who were basically peaceful and the extremes of torture and murder to rid France of the heretics]

Look out Sentry,
We're in a killing mood
Don't stand in our way,
Don't try to slow us down
This is war, seek Divinity
We only want to stop heresy
Terror, hatred, murder
Error, fateful, mistake

No need to shout boy
It won't save your skin now
It's best to prepare
The time must come for all

Terror, hatred. murder
Error fateful, mistake

Don't stop carry on ahead
Don't stop till they are all dead

Minerve die
Cathars fly

Don't stop just swing that sword boy
No one to resist you just forge on

Massacre, Heretics, Cathars
Murder, in the name of the Lord

Blood flows like fire in my brain
Blood flows like water reddened rain
Won't you come and join us
Praise and rejoice us more

If we don't act
And win this war
These heretic bastards
Will be knocking at your door

Massacre, Heretics, Cathars
Murder, in the name of the Lord

If we don't end this blasphemy
The war will reign for centuries
Keep our church free, we will
Massacre these Cathars and make sure

7. Serenity

[A short poem about the Castle that was home to the lyricists during writing of this album]

700 years of cold nights it's been there
700 years of power fading away
Mysteries, enigmas steeped within its walls
Secret hidden never to be known

Like a massive Guardian
Crouched upon the hill
Windows look like eyes
Ramparts seem like teeth

A view of all around if sightless eyes could see
Industrial madness encroaching on its brief
Insidious decay
Nothing stops its spread

Don't bring down these walls
Don't destroy history
These old stones tell us so much
To fall would be an end to
Serenity, on the hill
Serenity, on the hill

See the life on the hills all around
Keep destruction at Bay
Don't surround us with modern things
Let history survive, keep industry away

Warm Summer Nights
Moonlight on the walls
Worlds are at peace
Please, let there be
Serenity, on the hill
Serenity, on the hill

Listen to the massage, a voice from the past
Heed its warning, this monuments won't last
Help to stay the plight of these ancient walls
Now the time to fight they must not fall

See how they stand
So majestical and free
Etched on the skyline
Our heritage for free
Serenity, now's the time
Serenity, peace of mind

8. 700 Years On

[How the events of the 13th century are remembered today, and does it really have any boaring on today's society]

A country splintered by religion
Torn by anarchy
Heretics burned for their derision of the holy See
Seven hundred years on

World, do you recall
Just what happened then
Gentlemen and Gentlewomen
Let into the pyre
Seven hundred years ago

Let's think
Images of war
Flashing swords, burning homes
The Albigensian Crusade
See the ruins upon the hills
Just seven hundred years on

So now in nineteen eighty nine
How much do we know
Except for learned scholars
No-one knows at all

A part of history

Flashing swords, burning homes
The Albigensian Crusade
See the ruins upon the hills
Just seven hundred years on

To blind to see that religion's free
Believe what you believe
Established Churches still don't agree
Seven hundred years on

Heresy a different route
From mother church in Rome
See us, we're hurting no-one
Why can't you leave us alone

Marched into the fire
Oh, then!

9. Castle In The Wind


10. The Burning

[Bonus Track]

11. Massacre Of The Cathars

[Bonus Track]

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