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1. Precedence

This is the way it has to be

This is my world
Here I am God
The only liberator

My chains enslave you
My reign sustains you
- This is my world and I play God
- I am the only warlord

I tower over, pulling strings
In my nowhere, my infiniteness
This is what I will become
And this is where I'll belong

Wake up fool, this is no dream
A drop of blood to tear the seam
- Placed in the palm of my hands
- Immortal mark to stain the land
- You're fucking dead, let me make myself clear
- Now swallow your fear
- Nothing can save you from here

With prying eyes I gaze below
Timing the world to only move slow
You do not know what the future holds
I wrote the script, now watch it unfold

All is not what it seems
Left hands to wake a dream
This is the way it has to be
Within what's killing me

[Lyrics by Travis Degois & Jesse Burford]

2. Hybris

Suffocating in his own mind
Clouded thoughts upon another time
No knowledge or consequence
No empathy nor sense

Egotistic, Schizophrenic
For the malice that is in his mind
Malevolent psychopath

This is the way that it has to be
Narcissism a personal trait
Martyrise the desired fate

Anxiety percolates through the mind
Dissolving all that makes him see

Motive set, the path now clear
The eleventh hour is here

This is the way that it has to be

The solid state of his mind erodes
The blade set to engage

Custom to rejection,
Humiliation and violation
Become alienated
Calm and concentrated

Egotistic, Schizophrenic
Suffocating in his own mind
No serenity no sanity
For the malice that is in his mind

The killer emerges from his cold dark state
Time spent creating the illusion
But the focus is on execution
For the end is not the conclusion

Motive set, the path now clear
The eleventh hour is here
The solid state of his mind erodes
The chilling blade is set to engage

For the end is not the conclusion

[Lyrics by Travis Degois]

3. The Liberation

There is a war inside my head
The only way out is to die
Last strands of life are dead
I will fall and face the sky

Lost within my own maze
When facing the minds eye
Deterred by blinding haze
I will fall gazing to the sky

I lead this legend into history
- Will I regret these sins
- Choking on air from the burning wind
- Corruption spreads its wings
- Shadow the sun for I'll be King

And I will stand alone
The innocent will see
Through sacrifice they assist me

Subconsciously I can see
Where it is I need to be
This fear consuming all
By which I will not fall
And I will stand alone
This world I'm left to roam

There is no fucking escape

[Lyrics by Travis Degois & Jesse Burford]

4. Interim

Scum of the Earth

Laying amongst the dead
I hide from my fucking end
Cold and lifeless
I shall remain for the hours
I remain
- Cover myself with the blood
- And hear the screams

No one could've guessed
A sight of pure dissension
On this picturesque
Place that we call our Eden

I turn my head to see the bodies and the blood

Eyes closed and a coldness that chills the bones
what becomes of me as I wait alone
I'm in my hell too deep
Am I waiting for help or just waiting to die?

My Paradise
My Paradise is hell
My Paradise in exile

An extinction
Of peace and unity without protection
Of what we thought
To be the guide to our salvation
Victims to the
Psychotic hands of the death campaigner
His mind too lost
To equal out with our own redemption

Will we see through the strain to escape this
Will my prayers be heard, deliverance
- From the chains of this prison
- I dare not speak too soon

The scum of the Earth
Choosing the weak
A chance to revolt
But a coward to me

I hear the breath
The heat of the gun
I hear the footsteps
We will all die

"You all must die"

Death has brought satisfaction
To the purveyor of a waking dream
Bringing forth a perception of revolution
To end all diversity

[Lyrics by Jesse Burford]

5. Conceit Severity

The blood stained on my hands
I wear with utter pride
The scent of death that fills the air
Is so divine
Sorrow, an enemy
Within my blackened soul
Remorse, not welcome
Cold and alone

There is no remorse in my mind
I have ascended through time
A bloodline of chaos
Is all you'll find
This form of liberation
Brought on extermination

The knights before me have reigned
Through me, thunder was made
Summon clouds to block the sun
Light will be spared for none

And this is just the beginning
The cold inspires the flooding
For I have brought balance to this world

I have destroyed ill vision
I have engraved my name
The efforts for the childrens bloodshed
Have not been in vain
The deaths have brought fruition
My horror has unfurled
You will soon see
I have brought balance to this world

[Lyrics by Jesse Burford & Travis Degois]

6. Supremacy

Poor fellow soldiers
Fearless knights of power
Slaughter and devour
We kill for our own cause
We do not feel remorse
I lead a legend creating our history
We are rising from the depths
We can see

March forward, decimate all in our way
You know by now this is the way it has to be

The highest of angels and demons curse my name
Not even God himself could ever end this reign
Defy me if you dare
I'll take your life as if it wasn't even there

Craving paths through ages
Desert of blood, the will

We held it all in our hands
Blind wind that swept the sands

We wrote it down to have it blacked out on the pages
Until it slipped away

I kill for my own cause
I do not feel remorse

We did not see it coming
This allegiance means nothing
Hands tied
We were burned alive

[Lyrics by Travis Degois & Jesse Burford]

Jesse Burford ‒ Bass
Damien Olson ‒ Vocals
Travis Degois ‒ Guitars
Lewis Dodson ‒ Guitars
Callum David Walters ‒ Drums

Thanks to walkyourdead for sending these lyrics.

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