Dark Lyrics


1. Come Winter

Come winter, cold and frosty
Hold me firmly in your vice
With majestic force you hold
This world in your white hand

Come winter, white preserver
Cover my body with white lace

Come winter, pure and shining
I pleed thee for eternal existence
You have the might to preserve
Life in its slumber

Come winter, white preserver
Please heed this my last wish
On earth

Trustful friend;
Never deceive
Enshroud me;
Peace surrounds my soul

Misty grace;
Cover me in white
Forgive my sins;
Winter, keep me warm

2. Best Regards

As I lie here, knowing I will
(never) Get away from here
(alive) Through death
No one can do anything but to wait
As I slowly wither from within

Soon I won't be able to move
- Will I see the land
Soon I won't be able to speak
- Where my ancestors sleep
Soon I won't even be able to think clearly
- Will I ever journey home

Dying faster, thinking of all things unaccomplished
Ideas only I could ever carry through
All my dreams discarded before my time was due

I will float in to the ever
If there is an ever
I will only know for sure
When it's too late for me to tell you

So I'll just give you my best regards

3. Inner Chanting

O' dreamy whisperer, o' serene wind
Traverse through me and bring close to my kin
Into the tree so the mountain may sing
Ashes are flowers, my fountain to spring

Gather old stones as my soul is set free
Lay them in nests of all infinity
Steep hills through crypts and the halls I can see
Fairies in wind hear me, I summon thee

Fairies in wind, hear me calling
Let the flood begin, as my chanting
Unites mud moss and star
The grim ones dance in the blood
Of the ancient lore that's lost
Stride upon bright air like an angel
Virgin without fear, nature compels
Me to cut the thread, vis of yonder
Allures me with ancientry lustrum

Fairies, heave me...
As I chant the circling rime...

Conjure the fires from deepest waters
Passionately dance into forest blessed
Lust for the misty mazes and you'll find
Dusk is dawn as your realm is the divine

Urios guides my way as I fly
Growing zygote through Tirana of life
During Alagas a Ruach to be
Shaped as a raven in prodigy
I wend in wind and I will be a

Fairy in wind, gleeful creature
Find a thrawn queen in the terre verte
Unite mud moss and star
And the seared ones dance in the blood
Of the ancient lore once lost
The spiral unwinds, lurid it shines
The Ancient of days reveals the
Sparkling gift of Mantiens

Fairies calling
Chanting aphrodisiac
Untied, a thrawn king
Flies through the zodiac

Immortalise through affectation
Drink your blood poured in the grail
Journey through the deepest spirals
Into nature's inner veil
Use your powers to experience
Life and death, your soul's ordeal
Seek the faries and the ravens
While your mind is still unsealed

4. One Away from Paradise

5. Sleep

Light is dim
In fact, it is naught
Spring went into summer,
Yet summer stepped aside
As autumn took its place
Then autumn died
And winter came to stay

Beyond the waste remains of
Autumns decayed suit
Neither heat nor frost
Maketh any difference

Silent solitude
Winter's reign
That which once was
And perhaps once more to be

In the land where dreams are reality
And reality is no more to be
If thou from 'ere canst see
- Solitaire reality -
Winter thy cryb, and thus,
Thine crypt...

...And by spring's soft embrace you will awake
From winter's peaceful sleep...

6. The Shadow

Every night I feel it behind me
Every night I sense its presence
Every night it's haunting me
As ominious as my dyed counscience

Every night it turns every dream
Into a frowsty nightmare
Every night I want to turn
And finally face this shadow

In a frowsty chill
A mist of fear
The one I do not wish to know
Resides my every dream
The Shadow, my unseen
Beholding captor

Every night I feel it behind me
Every night I want to face its nature
But never this do I dare
For saw I it, surely die would I

Last night, in my dream I turned
To face the faceless peril
How morbid my dreads then seemed
As I saw my own distorted face

In a moisty chill
A dreadlike mist
The one I restist to know
Enshrouds my every dream
The Shadow, my hidden
Second I

7. Terra Mater

Spring ... Writhe
Autumn ... Rise
Twilight ... Begin
Decay ... Thus bring

Disharmony their son
The blackening of the sun
Betrayal begun
Disoriented creed, all past begone

Darkness can't hide them
From our moonlight gone black

It's born again
The beginning of the end
Our forces must blend
Our lives to expend

Disharmony has won
The blackening of our sun
Cleaning operation has begun
Disoriented creed is soon gone

Cold winds ... Rise
Past life ... Writhe
Parasites ... Die
Terra Mater ... Lives

8. Journey's End

It's wonderful; Darkness is my bride
This shrine overwhelms me
As I become one with my own fate

Through the inverted land I journey
Where the seas of joy fall
From the eclipse of blackness

Some soothing darkness crawls up my spine
This truth overwhelms me
The heart of my soul unveiled
Such perfection
Mortals seldom do encounter
The end, some sort of beginning

...My journey is at an end...

The key to happiness
The hope of beyond
Is but a delusion

...I go...
...Far away to seek
...My coming, the truth
...Which lies far beyond my dreams
...It is the ever and ever for me

It is an illusion, lest the power is
Twisted it seems, as twilight ascends
Welcome then its dim embrace

To begin To cease To stray
To wander To live To be


9. When the Storm comes Down

Behold, the sky is falling down
As twilight descends
Shattered rays still filter through
As the veil of darkness unfolds

In rapture I see all grace is gone
Embraced, all light now sleeps

The fall has come
This time is my home
At this time of year
All my anguish is gone
... with the sun ...

The wind wipes out all grace
rejoice as the storm comes down

Behold the man upon the hill
Lonely he's awaiting
Sorrow is his only friend
Only he knows why

As wind has wiped out all grace
Raptured I am as the storm is taking me

The wind has carried me
Back to my realm

KJ Lervaag: Drums
Zilla: Vocals & Keys
Chris Eidskrem: Bass guitar
Tom Erik Evensen: Tenor vocals & Guitars
Tom Kvaalsvoll: Bass / guttural vocals & Guitars

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