Dark Lyrics


1. Perfect Kill

That's what your kind are
A pestilence
You wont even listen
We don't want you anymore
It well be fast and clean
So be it...Shit

A fucking disgrace
To society and race
You must be the perfect kill
The perfect kill

We want to see you suffer
We want you to go away

Extermination must be the way
Personal pleasure must be achieved
We wont be happy
Before you're all dead


2. Winterlands

A storm is coming
And I wonder if it will be the last
But we still have to move
We have some killing to do
But winds are getting colder
And soon winter begins

Then the demons will come
And death will be our release

I feel the cold now
I see the end now
The last phase of war begins
And on the soulside of the eastfront
Life seems to end

We can't hold this front no longer
And surrender is irrelevant
So we must dig in
And on the soulside
Frost takes our lives

It's so cold now
It's so cold

3. Panzer

Steel trust iron dreams
Metal taste in my mouth
Solid wheels, burnt flesh
Thank you, friend, for I can see


My demon friend
You have awakened me
Your lust for war
Jave now set me free


The time is near
For their salvation
They will be set free
With my warmachine
There can be no escape
From my friend and I

4. Frontlines

So this is it
There's no way back
I'm closing in
Breathing down your back
You can't escape me now
So use that last chance of yours
And run for me
Run to me
And I shall cut you down
And I wil take your soul

You make me laugh
This - your final call
Too late to save your ass
And now you're going down
So use that chance of yours
Run for me
Run to me
And I will kill you all
And I will have your souls

It's the smell of your blood
That makes me go insane
Helps me lose all my hatred
Makes me love this war again
And again
Frontlines is what I live for
I wish it will never end
The smell of blood
And game

5. Virus

Your blood in your vein
Becoming back
No time left

And now your body dies
Blood flows out of open cracks
In your skin
Leaving you just time to think
What you have done wrong
And you're not comfortably numb

And so the final process sets in
No God, no religion
Can save you now

And the feeling's gone
And you have become part of it

But don't worry,
It's only nature's

6. Halls Of Oblivion

When the gates
Behind one closes
Life ends...
And only dreams are left

What I was I am no longer
In this eternal darkness

Then I hear their whispers
Tormented hymns
Souls without hope
Waiting, for their impending doom
Waiting, for their Lord
Spirit without peace

When eternity suffocate our hopes
Then the gates will open again
To a world in his power

We are now his demons for war
We chose darkness, now we are the Gods

The dream is gone and life has started
Waiting, for his command
Waiting, for the spirit
Spirit without peace

7. Reload

I will fill you up
Make you bleed
Make you pay
The led makes the hate go away

I can't help myself
In this rotting place
I need to place myself
So I reload again

Reload again
Lifting stones from my heart
I am your sunshine
Your heartstopper!

Now I am coming for you
Don't try to fight it back
My final dream
Missile Seeking Termination
And total domination

8. Eviscerated Bitch

Bitch can you feel the itch
Sickness in your mind
Pain in your eyes
Hatred from the past

Demons feast upon the dead
Fills you up with insanity
Demons breathe upon your neck
Now your time has come
You can't escape your past

Bitch, your time has come now
Your lies will end now
And so will you
Through your blood-soaked eyes
I will cut you in two

Bitch your time is gone now

What a relief
That you're out of my life
But now I have this "thing"
I could do it again...

Bitch, your life has left you

9. Gunhead

Come be with me
And save yourself
Don't know it's all
In your head

Release your mind
And save your...
Kill yourself and save your soul

This darkened place
You have to leave

So come with me
I will save your...
Now kill yourself
And save your soul

It's all inside of you
Search your inner self
And you will know
This is the way to go

Gunhead, now this is the end
Release yourself
And let your head go

Gunhead you have found peace
In another time
Your mind is free

10. Last Supper

We sit aone here you and I
And when I look into your eyes
I find the emptiness
In the dark of them
And I cry for you
I cry for you

So you think there is a God
And life is a fairytale
Look around you
Do you think he would create
A world of shit

So you say I am losing my faith
But the only thing I've lost is you
You're too dull to dream
And it makes me think
What if life is just others fantasy

Lasse Hoile: Vocals.
Finn Henriksen: Guitar.
Jes Christensen: Lead Guitar.
Nicolej Brink: Bass.
Michael Enevoldsen: Drums.

Thanks to alfader for sending these lyrics.

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