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1. I Saw The End

We crawled
From the beginning
Oceans of blood
The price of living
Grasping gold
Always pursuing
Wealth untold
Others abusing

I saw the end
Of all tomorrows
From a place
Where the pigs wallow
Filth that runs
From mouths so overfed
The joys of life
On mountains of the dead

Blacken the sky
Can't stand to see the sun
The truth of light
Reveals the hatred that has won
The hearts of man
Corrupt and bleeding rage
Can't understand
We're sick and dying race

If we're to survive
This must not remain
The end of lies
Could be dawn of day
Take heed of the wise
All your hate disown
Can't look to the skies
Fate is ours alone

When all your fear dies
Life becomes your own
To silence your cries
Learn the truth that must be known

2. Thorns

The earth-child
Returning waves of time
The blood that runs away from here
Unknown to the ones left behind

These thorns are all I can feel
Fragmented shards of a god
I leave a memory
Better left scattered
In another life

The harbinger
An ever-present wound
Spills words that flow tomorrow
A message written in blood

It appeared
As a ghost
A whisper out of time
Can't walk away
From atonement
Was it worth it all
And can we ever find our way back home?

3. Lie Of Survival

All our gods have fled
Retreated to the skies
From there
they watch us fall

Beneath unyielding scythe
A cold and callous blade
Indifference, swathed in blood
Ageless, unafraid --
As fools, our end has come

Ignoring signs
We believed that we were blameless
Then the harm could not be undone
We hang ourselves
From any rope put here to save us
And seal our fate
To die as one

Across the breadth
Of our existence
A single moment to be snuffed out
Shared blood that flows
Sins unreported
No inclination
To see the sword that's crashing down

Last burning breath filled with death and desire
Our boundless pride becomes a funeral pyre
The end remains the only god we can't deny
All still believing the lie of survival

4. Dancing In Madness

Dripping personification
The putrid liquid
Washing all away
In the edge of mind
Lurks bleak sacred monster
Null incarnate
Defeater the way

Locked within a spell
This ritual repeats itself again
The drained one
dancing in madness
Inverse horizon stretched out
before the shivering frenzy
The serpent whispers
And the haze must return

Again the moments stop
Replaced by falsehood
Perverted image
Of the self arise, impure
Non beginning
In a self-creating doomsday
Believe in your own end
And your wish will be fulfilled

Unforgiveness thrives
We cannot survive
Time -- we'll pay the price
You will not survive

In the dying of the flame
A solitary piece
Remainder of the sane
A shattered bell
In shadows still rings
And the night crying bird
Laments the loss of its wings

Even alone
The wretched voice still calls
On a not too distant day
The sky is soon to fall
The wounded one may try to search for sleep
Even in deepest night
The softest voice will sing

When all but night has gone
And hands are filled with dust

There's no one else
Who can take the blame
For these deeds are yours alone

And everything has gone away
In ceaseless erosion

In the languid sand
The seeds of pain
Are sown to grow once again

5. Cruel Road

Old cruel road
It never ends
Tearing down
Every defense

It leaves me
I've lost my way so many times
From first breath
To final rest
I find the path always unwinds

My sunken hopes
Are buried deep
A revelation
Just beyond my reach

And thus
My journey's brought me home again
It's not what it used to be
Faded tracks recall my origins
And rekindle memories
Forsake that which
I worshipped then
A whole life in effigy
Set foot on the cruel road again
And pray this time will not leave me

The constant sting
A future I will never know
Forgotten loves
Left bitter tastes
They died before a chance to grow

Those days alone
Fractured beliefs
Left tattered scraps
Of former peace


The old times
Be my captor
The curse
My life
Must be shattered
And slough
The shackles
And tread
The world
Until my body collapses

On the cruel road

6. Heartless

Piercing stare
Perceive the heart that I am holding
Metallic trails
Stream down my arms
It loved to swear
Upon the lies that it foretold to me
And I: its pawn
Guided blindly unto harm

Laid so bare
all that's visible is crimson
Still feel its primal song
Though hollowed out inside
I prepare
To drink deep its well of wisdom
Rend away the sinew
fitting, bitter ending to its spite

In my hands
To carve away
A lifeless star
Makes darkest day

Beyond reprieve
No more to stray
Silenced call
Extinguished flame

There, it's done
I've ended its dominion
Blood red tyrant
Now overthrown
Empty chest
Without familiar rhythm
Its knowledge, mine
Deepest secrets, shown

As cold as ancient stone
The ruined heart has been disowned
The pain is mine, and mine alone
Its grievances at last atoned

7. A Plea For Understanding

In a little time so much has changed
Here I am again in that familiar place
Dreams may try to grow in the dark
But no fire can burn without the setting of a spark

I just want to give to you
All that you have given me
My searching heart
Cries for this
This thing I can't grasp
A love somewhere within

Given to roam
In a vast and empty space
A tiny glimpse of truth
Wrung from a simple twist of fate
Help me to find a new way to tread
So I might not be alone on the path that lies ahead


Try to forget the past
But nothing ever changes
Try to understand
But nothing ever changes
Try to lose myself
But nothing ever changes
Try to love myself
But nothing ever changes

Behind the eyes lies a truth
SO deeply concealed
Somewhere inside is a place
Where the weary rest and heal
Anger, fear, and regret keep the darkness at hand
But these feelings are real
All I ask, won't you please understand

Thanks to lacartasisquella for sending these lyrics.
Thanks to dthudgins7 for correcting track #4 lyrics.

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