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1. Worlds Apart

Without light
The dark encloses all
Our works would be but ash
No knowledge of the time that crushes love to dust
Or the life that's frozen deep within our veins

Without dark
The light burns out our eyes
And turns each of us to ash
Our hearts, too hard to ever learn to feel
And mouths, laid open, deep in silent song

Trapped within
That which all collapses
For fear of what may lay beyond
When peace eludes
And devastation happens
A subtle glimpse of where we each belong

Darkened heart
Enlightened mind
Whole world apart
Remain entwined

I'm reaching out
Across frayed tapestry of lives
Eroding worlds
Cut through unravelled cords of time
Within this rift
Where lays our heart of hearts defined
My darkness and your light, still yet remain entwined

2. Foundations

The sand that hides
The bones of the dead
Whispers in the wind
Rumors of our future

We shall build here
In this cursed place
Cruel structures
The towers of gods
In their shadows
We will ever toil
We will hide there
Waiting for a revelation
Citadels of sorrow
These relics of old
Sentinels of secrets
Hidden down below

These are the foundations of burden that we laid
Must we feast on a bounty of blood?
The soul of the world in the mouths of all
Sick corruption in the fountain of life
It will sustain us
Was there even a choice?

Descendants of dust
With faces carved from stone
The legacy of what has gone
Our paths connected by a thread
Only remains of the lies we led
Impart the weight of the years we shed

3. Watcher In The Dark

Torn through the veil
Corporeal vessel left behind
Into formless void
Branching web of space and time

Wandering away
Wandering deeper inside

Endless open wound
Swirling mass-ten billion eyes
Dismal cosmic tomb
Spines licking astral mind

Wandering away
Wandering deeper inside

Endless and obscured
The watcher in the dark
In the sea of illusion
A voyage to beyond, within

4. The Ghost I Used To Be

Strange shards
All relics of the path
That I have followed
To dead ends

Embed in wounds
All doors into the past
They've barred themselves
But scars have failed
Torn open far too soon

And with time
The shards transform to keys
Fit for lowest depths
Unlocked truths to reveal
Sharpened fine
The keys all sink within
My time has come
Accepting fate
Light disappears again

Fading eyes
No paths I see now
I become the ghost
The ghost I used to be

I searched throughout the void
(I chose this)
For the scraps of life I have left behind
Each one has left me knowing
(I feel nothing)
This path may never reach an end for me
And with a spectral breath
I'm begging to be freed

This burden of regret
Kindling to ignite
And a necessary end
To living in a lie
So when all fires burn cold
Leave behind a glowing husk
The ghost that I become again
Glides back into the dusk

5. Ashes

We willed our hearts and bones to break
Sift us through the ashes

And one day soon our sun will fade
A gift unto the ashes

Enshrined in smoke, our shadows wait
Drifting through the ashes

Then souls set free amidst the grey
Lifted through the ashes

6. Vanished

All the distant nights
That vanished from my mind
Hang like glistening knives
In the back of my mind

I can almost see
The phantoms gone in the past
What could I ever trade
For all that's escaped in time?

What can dreams be if nothing ever lasts
In a future where everything's made of glass?
Each moment carves a piece away
Of the sculpture shaped by the passing of days

Hands ever change the days
As monuments turn to rust
In the grasp of the infinite
All mountains crumble to dust
Arising from nothing
The short dance of existing
We're always shifting
And always becoming

Joseph D. Rowland – Bass, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals (additional)
Devin Holt – Guitars, Vocals (additional)
Brett Campbell – Vocals (lead), Guitars
Mark Lierly – Drums

Thanks to matt_smith_1 for correcting tracks ## 2, 6 lyrics.

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