Dark Lyrics


1. Bliss

2. Yes, I Do Own Clothes

it is on a need to know basis
but we all need to know
but you don't need to understand

3. Holy Trinity Church Student Bar

first name tungsten
arrow gets through
and is finished with you
second name rest-home
ex of kinned you
now they're finished with you
third name plaster
persist right through
and has finished in you
fourth name nothing
cause there's nothing
that is in me of you
rotting sagging milk-born breast
battery acid litmus test
severed tendoned mouths espouse
(faith in) the tenets of a louse
and it's ground covenant which lives inside you
you are nothing but a child crying with no sweeties
this is all just a game that will end in laughter
or blood, it all depends on whether you can be fucked
happy to rot
happy to rot shackled right here
heavenly salve can go fuck itself
and so can hell
(see you there, wish you were here)
dogma is not a concept
she is a goddess
and you don't know her
so leave her alone

4. One, But Not Metallica

snubbed at birth, removal of air
no more gastric juices for baby to shave
denied the comfort of oxygen
body parts swirl in lieu of disengagement
do your best to ignore life
there's five seconds left till never
hanged by angel's hair you severed
you cannot conceive of forever
you will be built up to never know
stab your whole family tree
and pretend that you're not here
cancel subscription to full head of steam
hope asks permission to smoke in the canteen
piles of magazines hide the view of excrement
but is the dwarf in your shoebox really that content?

5. Mustn't Grumble

pan koòikov is a carpenter. he works alone.
every day he looks out at the summer sky
through the grimy bars of his small window.
but he is happy. forty years of toil and strife
are finally paying off. word is getting around
the small town, and he's getting more work.
everyday at noon he goes to buy bread from
the baker down the road. on the way he passes
a little girl begging in the street, dirt on her
clothes and her hands. her name is anna and
everyone in town knows her. he spared
her hardly a second glance. despite her pleas
for food - everyday is the same.

one day pan koòikov is very happy. he is
getting more and more work and decides to
buy two loaves instead of the usual one. as he
passes anna, he relents, and for the first time,
gives her a loaf of bread. the next day, anna
is back at her station. she is convinced that
that was the extent of her luck. but pan
koòikov beckons her over to his workshop;
he sends her to buy the bread, promising her
a fresh loaf. the next day, expectant, anna
needs no beckoning. she runs to buy the
bread and is happy.

this continues everyday until the sky
gradually turns grey and the winds start
to pick up....the old man looks out of
his door. anna is waiting for him as per
normal. he slowly steps out and looks
down at her. "sorry", he says. "there is
no bread today. for you, or for me. people
will not buy my tables in winter." she
turns, and walks away, and sits back down
in her old position on the street once more....

6. Rides In (On a Cash Cow)

hear me
hear your mother's voice
there will be no resurrection
if they want money give them blood
make them pay
from their mouths

7. Look What Pale Horse Has Done To Me

bruises come up atlantic-coloured
ships are sunk by the shit I've swallowed
vultures drawn to that soiled crib
a thieves guild singing praise to acid
I got through these past few years
by adding up what you cost me in tears
reason haunts you like a ghost
parasitic, needing fresh host
made to suffer your sharp wit
your voice's tone reeks of horse shit
for your trouble to this tune
please accept this gaping head wound
I don't think they'll be back for me
I must admit I'm feeling poorly
all the insight that I've gained
by pulling gently on these reins
please let me get back
those senses of mine that were attacked
please, I'm on my knees here
praying I don't get bleeding ears
please let me sing any song
I don't want to be alone anymore
please, please....

8. Don't Die On An Empty Stomach

you discovered ostrich eggs in your back yard
where you buried your neighbour's body and his dog
vomitory string quartet in your front yard
where you buried your wife and children
and all hope
so let go, and be a good boy
and do your best to forget
you have the god-given right to lose everything
I want to see you keep trying just to fail again
there's not enough bullets in this world for me
to shoot you as many times as I want to
you'll be a good boy
suffering's just a page in a book
that you burnt everytime you were naked as a child
who would pay to be interred and for the last breath
funeral, who cares? I'll be dead I won't care
just like you, you won't care and who would?
portioned body
you won't care cause you'll be dead just like me
and this will be the last time
so don't fool yourself
no-one comes back

9. Sun Starved Day (Be Patient)

try to be patient

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