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1. Amplified

Can you feel the power amplify?
As we travel through the silver sky,
A magic carpet ride for you and me,
We'll see what lies beyond eternity.

Can you feel it, can you feel it...
Can you feel the power amplify?

Mirror, mirror tell me what you see.
You're just a shadow of what used to be.
Ask the freaks, you know they never lie.
Release your mind and let your spirit fly.

[Repeat chorus]

The son of Satan says he knows your name.
No invitation but he's glad you came.
See the demons dance around the sun,
The battle for the earth has just begun.

[Repeat chorus]

Now the end is here, our journey's done.
The battle for the earth has just been won.
It's wise to envy not a sinner's fame,
And cheat the devil out of his own game.

[Repeat chorus]

Orange blossom, bittersweet.
Purple clouds beneath my feet.
Inside my electric dream,
Things are never what they seem.

[Chorus II:]
Over, under, in between.
Cosmic journey, so serene.
Psychedelic shades of green.
Climb aboard the dream machine.

Ecstasy, wash over me.
Feel the sweet tranquility.
In my own mind, I know the way.
This is where I want to stay.

Wizard waves his magic wand,
Takes me to a world beyond.
Never thought I'd see the day
All my cares would fade away.

[Repeat chorus II]

2. Magic Potion

Welcome to where time and space collide.
Over morphic fields of light we glide.
A journey of discovery my friend.
We'll race toward the golden rainbow's end.

Come inside, have a taste.
Only one, there's none to waste.
Sit down relax...feel the vibe.
Let time elapse as years roll by.

Can you feel the magic all around?
Another way to fly is what we found.
We paid the wizard more than twice his due.
To bring the magic potion home to you.

[Repeat chorus]

3. Judas Wheel

Listen people, I'll tell you all,
The high and mighty are gonna fall.
Lust for power, hate and greed.
The more they have the more they need.

Betrayal hides behind a grin.
Turn your back, the knife goes in.
The lord has seen your wicked ways.
And now you bastards are gonna pay.

Little minds play little games,
And they expect you to do the same.
A twisted game that no one wins.
The Judas wheel forever spins.

Listen people, hear what I say.
I'm trying to tell you it's the only way.
You have to keep your love alive,
Or else this world just won't survive.

4. Pale Divine

There comes a time to meet your maker.
There comes a time to beg forgiveness for your sins.
As you hear your last words echo in your mind,
You'll have to face your greatest fear.
You'll realize the end is near.

What once was so bright has now turned pale.
What you had you can't redeem.
You crossed the line, no in between,
And there you'll lie while others cry,
Then say goodbye.

There comes a time to ask the question.
Where do my values lie?
Am I without conviction?
Am I a child of god beneath a blackened veil?
Has my divinity grown pale?
Has our divinity grown pale?

In unity our sould entwine,
Blessed be the pale divine.
Eternally our sould entwine.
Blessed be the pale divine.

5. Gods, Monsters & Men

6. Dream Flower

7. Star Child

Hands reach to the heavens.
Eyes look to the sky.
Beyond this blue horizon,
Spread your wings and fly.

The power lies within you.
Seek and ye shall find.
Let the spirit guide you.
Thunder perfect mind.

You can chase the starlight,
Ride the astral trail.
You can climb the heavens.
Seas of light we sail.

Were you told to follow,
Or to light the way?
Deliver us from darkness,
Children of today.

8. Devil's Mark

Gather around the fire as the spectacle begins.
Flames are growing higher, soon she'll beg for all her sins.
Begging him for mercy as she's crying out in pain,
"None of us are witches, can't you see this is insane."

Oh, she wears the mark...
She wears the devil's mark.

"Silence wretched whore, there is no truth to what you say."
"You made love to Satan and for that you have to pay."
The smell of burning flesh begins to permeate the air.
Her life will soon be over, no one even cares.

The congregation will be gathered soon.
Hooded figures beneath and orange moon.
High preistess invokes the fallen one.
The dark avenger, unholy bastard son.
On the altar, the sacrifice is made,
Another life is lost beneath the silver blade.
Born of fire, in fire you shall fall.
By her wretched hand a curse upon you all...

9. 20 Buck Spin

[originally by Pentagram]

You think that I'm the devil
But I told you I'd be your clown
I couldn't help you if I was Christ himself
You've got your head right under the ground
And you'd like me to get you out
Of the jam that your in

I'll tell you flat don't you look at me
I don't go floatin' for no 20 buck spin aww no
And you run to me in the night time
the look of fears in your eyes
My one life's goal is survival
I ain't got time for no rival oh no!

10. Dark Knight

[Lyrics by Bobby Liebling]

In a darker age when most of the world
Seemed all man's stage.
To meet the grade was must to perform
For one to conform.
At a hero's standards they would all be gauged
With wild beasts not yet caged.
Man's underlying theme still raged.

And the thought of couthe remained aloof,
For still no standard proof for truth.
As the past would fade so the future be made,
Time to bend my friend 'round the bend -
All may end.
Then the cause that our kind sought to find
Fails the grade, through the roads that our
Fore-fathers showed lit the way.

It was shunned the wise would day,
For each dog wants his day.
Though time moves, now more to choose,
There's also more to lose.
The shadowed noose won't cut you loose
If no one sees the soul's abuse.
We've slipped before, sure will some more,
But try to feel our crumbling floor.

We must not delay
From what's at hand today.
'Cause if we still, to our dismay,
The dark knight might take light from stay.

Now hear the steed, it's him indeed,
So now man's cries are all in need.
But wait too long there'll come death's song,
Look forth - move on, don't stop to plead.
You seek, you'll find, but don't be blind
To what I'm trying to say.
For come what may we all still stray
Then dark knight's fire light may tell any further day.

Greg Diener ‒ Guitars, Vocals
Darin McCloskey ‒ Drums
Jim Corl ‒ Bass

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