Dark Lyrics


1. Morphia

2. Crimson Tears

Take my hand and walk with me
beyond this masquerade.
I offer you a chance to dwell
where seas of red cascade.

wretched hands grasp the soul.
poison laughter centuries old.
crimson tears fall from your eyes
as your spirit slowly dies

I will follow where you lead
my soul is yours to take.
But promise me you'll still be near
perchance I shall awake.

[Repeat chorus]

Come closer my child,
let me gaze upon your light.
Your eyes are filled with innocence
though still concealed by night.

[Repeat chorus]

3. Sins Of The Fallen

You're a fallen angel
in a black abyss.
Feel the touch of evil
taste the serpents kiss.

Dissident deceiver
in your world of sin.
You're a nonbeliever
you can never win

Falling down a spiral,
Falling down.
Save me if you can.

Have you no emotion?
Have you any shame?
Take a look around you
tell me who's to blame.

Plant the seeds of hatred,
reap what you have sown.
There is no salvation,
for the devil's own.

[Repeat chorus]

Cast your eyes upon me now...
see me as I am.
For your sins you'll burn with me,
mortal souls be damned.

Play with fire...
are you ever gonna learn?
Sinner, liar....
in the end you're gonna burn.

You're gonna burn now!

4. Martyrdom

Shadows fall...
under blood red skies,
as the angels mourn their dying son.

One for all...
crimson tears he cries,
for he knows the end has just begun.

the love he had has died...
condemned and crucified.
All the pain he tried to hide...
burns inside.

Blood will flow...
from the hearts of men,
for the one who wears the martyrs crown.

Now they know...
he will rise again,
though they tried in vain to strike him down.

The love we had has died...
condemned and crucified.
al the pain we tried to hide...
burns inside.

I gaze into your eyes...
I see that we are one.
Your hand in mine we walk alone...
until our days are done.

5. Blind Faith

You call me the sinner
but I've seen with my own eyes,
hatred and corruption
deep within your church of lies.

Masters of deception
slaves to decadence and lust,
Poisoning the masses
violating sacred trust.

Open your eyes
tell me what you see.
How can you say
that you still believe.

Architects of madness
hide behind their grand facade.
Children of creation
taught to fear the wrath of god.

So get down on your knees
fold your hands and bow your head.
You may choose to follow
but I will not be mislead.

[Repeat chorus]

6. Serpent's Path

Father of creation
now bows his head in shame.
Paradise is burning
and we're the ones to blame.

The end is fast approaching,
apocalypse is here.
The sun no longer rises
as judgment day draws near.

I gave you sanctity,
you brought down fire and wrath.
I gave you purity,
you chose the serpents path.

Politicians scheming
to get out while they still can.
Safe behind their castle walls,
they watch the fall of man.

[Repeat chorus]

Sifting through the ruins
a child cries alone.
They're the ones who suffer
it's we who must atone.

[Repeat chorus]

7. Ever After

Driven by the fear
of our own damnation.
By the hope within us all
we are searching for salvation.

the righteous way to pacify temptation.
Yet in their eyes
I see the signs of anger and frustration.

Living in this desperate world
we struggle with confusion.
To think that we are without sin
is only an illusion.

8. Drowned Out

I am legion
sacred whore.
I'm the heathen angel you adore.

Feel the fire
let it burn.
Past the point of no return.

No release from this agony
god above have you forsaken me.
Drowning in my misery
holy father won't you set me free.

set me free.

I'm the evil
you despise.
The demonic sorcerer of lies.

This inferno
my domain
the addiction driving you insane.

[Repeat chorus]

set me free
desperations final plea
set me free
as I am soon you shall be.

9. Lord Of Sorrow

Blackened is this heart of mine,
pain is all I feel.
Death can be a stae of mind,
wounds that never heal.

just a painful memory
forcing me to see.
All the pain and misery
that lives inside of me.

lord of sorrow
hollow be my name.
stained glass savior
thy kingdom never came.

All the colors in my mind
have slowly turned to gray.
Search for answers I can't find
drifting day to day.

Broken window to a dream
searching endlessly.
Drowning in a lake of tears
wash away my fears.

[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat first verse]

10. Solitude

[originally by Candlemass]

I'm sitting here alone in darkness
waiting to be free,
Lonely and forlorn I'm crying
I long for my time to come
death means just life
Please let me die in solitude

Hate is my only friend
pain is my father
torment is delight to me
Death is my sanctuary
I seek it with pleasure
Please let me die in solitude

Receive my sacrifice
my lifeblood is exhausted
no one gave love and understanding
Hear these words
vilifiers and pretenders
and please let me die in solitude
Earth to earth
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

Greg Diener ‒ Vocals, Guitars
Darin McCloskey ‒ Drums
Jim Corl ‒ Bass

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