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1. The Eyes Of Destiny

Stories forgotten,
Once we roamed the earth alone.
Mystery surrounds us,
But forever legend grows.

The fate of those who see.
The eyes of destiny
Shall set them free.

Living in silence,
The stones of earth our home.
Walking amongst them,
Blind to the signs they've shown.

From all the pain they see.
The eyes of destiny
Shall set them free.

Innocent the victims
Of the ones who don't believe.
Driven by visions,
Of a world we can't conceive.

The fate of those who've seen.
The eyes of destiny
Now they are free.

2. Fire And Ice

Death riders from above have come to bring an end.
On wings of mayhem the warriors descend.
Those who defy will know the power that they hold.
Prepare for battle soon our vengeance will unfold.

Seeking our destiny
The burning bridge of night
Brings us home.
Gods of war hear our cry.
Thunder roars
As lightnung cracks the sky.

Onward to glory ride we sound the battle cry.
Fight 'til the battles won let blood rain from the sky.
With sword and shield held high we face the enemy.
Send the bastards back to hell for all eternity.

[Repeat chorus]

On dragon ships we sail
Across the raging sea
Call forth the sacred ones
Lead us to victory

Call upon the outcast souls for whom we seek revenge.
Death riders from above have come to bring an end.
Onward to glory ride we sound the battle cry.
Fight 'til the battles won let blood rain from the sky.

3. Broken Wings

Seeking out the hidden place,
Where coldness grips me.
Shadows pass to tempt my fate. I'm pulled down to see
Those who've gone before their time.
Their spirits whisper.
Guard the light from whence you came, for it is fleeting.

Burning skies - eternal void.
Falling to my fate, I'm slipping.
Broken wings to fly upon.
Lift me from the fear that's gripping me.

(It) matters not what's come before,
The future lingers.
Take the stories of my past,
For they hold answers.
Wisdom screams out from my mind,
My heart won't listen.
Save me someone from these trials,
Or please bear this with me

[Repeat chorus]

4. (I Alone) The Traveller

I alone the traveler, I've seen my destiny.
The earth she spoke in anger and told what was to be.
I foretold the prophets but still they wouldn't see.
The sins of my forefathers forever placed on me.

[1st chorus:]
I've lived a thousand years to be
The one foretold in prophecies.

Calling on the demons who've cast this spell on me.
Raise your curse now from me and grant mortality.
Lead me not to temptation God knows what I have seen.
I have seen the future doomed by humanity.

[Repeat 1st chorus]

The past it's voice still haunts me. I know what shall be done.
I search the sky for answers - am I the only one?
Who's forced to bear the burden, the lies of my own son.
Now you know the answer, the battle can't be won.

[2nd chorus:]
I've died a thousand times but seen
The fall of man, this blood on me.

5. Cemetery Earth

This is where we lay to rest
The sins of yesterday.
In the hope that someday soon,
This too shall pass away.

Scattered are the ashes where
The faithful died in vain.
Martyrs for a dying world
Their souls cry out in pain.

Walking like the living dead their faces cold and gray.
Sickness to insanity they watch their world decay.
Soldiers of misfortune tell me what is your life worth.
Buried and forgotten in this cemetery earth.

Father please forgive them
They know not what they do.
In their darkest hour
They'll come crawling back to you.

[Repeat chorus]

6. Empyrean Dream

7. The Seventh Circle

Beyond the sea of faces.
Behind the wall of lies.
In dark forbidden places,
Beneath these blackened skies.

[1st chorus:]
Looking back upon the tortured life I've lead.
I'm growing weary of the path I tread.

Like a serpent coiled,
In the sinners mind.
No refuge for the outcast.
No mercy for his kind.

[2nd chorus:]
I have seen the horrors few have lived to tell.
Apocalyptic visions from the depths of hell.

8. Soul Searching

A word from father to son.
Be careful where you turn.
Your life has only begun.
There's still so much to learn.

Walking down that lonely road.
God knows it's been too long.

And when the damage is done,
Just let those bridges burn.

I tried to follow my heart
To set my spirit free.
But I found out from the start
It wasn't meant to be.

[Repeat chorus]

Two souls that drifted apart
Still it keeps haunting me.

9. Shadows Of Death

From the dark - into the light
Eyes of fire burning bright.
Deliver us mortal men,
Your time has come to rise again.

He's on the outside looking in.
Dark angel in a dead man's skin.

I see the road that lies ahead.
Beyond the garden of the dead.
A journey to the other side.
The gates of hell are open wide.

The reaper waits to harvest souls
After the final death bell tolls.
Heed the call - fade to black.
Beyond the point of turning back.

The sum of all your morbid fears.
Silently waiting all these years.

[Repeat chorus]

"That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange eons even death may die."

[Repeat chorus]

10. The Conqueror Worm

Welcome to this horror show
The time we have is running low.
Don't be surprised by what you see
This is the way it has to be.

So let the tragedy unfold.
A timeless tale for ages told.
The race toward the end of days.
The plight of man, his wicked ways.

[1st chorus:]
Behind the curtain,
The hand of fate.
Enter, the conqueror worm.

If all the world is like a stage
Then we're performers in a cage.
Exposed for all the world to see
Condemned for all eternity.

[2nd chorus:]
His path is certain,
He lies in wait.
Enter, the conqueror worm.

Like a cancer it has grown.
The likes of which you've never known.
An open wound that cannot heal.
The constant pain is all we feel.

[Repeat 1st chorus]

[Repeat 2nd chorus]

Greg Diener ‒ Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Darin McCloskey ‒ Drums
John Gaffney ‒ Bass

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