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1. We Are The Black Death

The human inside of us has died
We are empty vessels
floating like wraiths in the fields of the fallen

We are the Earth's wound
that's grown to infection and spreads like a cancer
We've lived too long.

Hungry to touch what we cannot feel
Our gaping mouths fill with flies
bred from our own word's poison

Hungry to feel what we cannot have
our hands clutch blades kept warm
in the backs of our brethren
We've lived too long

The man inside of us has died
we wrap our womens' thighs around our lies
In false moments of closeness
bastard sons beget bastard sons
and they've lived too long

We masturbate our greed
and feast while the needy's whipped back bleed

We hang our faces on statues
and bask in their towering shadows
We've lived too long

We paint on others' canvases
so that we can still create
We display our work to a blind void
Our hands have drawn too long

We write short chapters of our lives
as we'd like to be seen through other people's eyes
We magnify all the wonderful things we've done
but our real horror is hidden
We wave
with a skeleton hand

There is no dawn
for our time
We dance in a field of ashes
in which we could never cohabitate

We peer into
our vast black aura
We've lived too long

2. The Storm Feeds The River

The tree
older than the flesh
mightier than the animal king
bends with her breathing
rips away with a whisper

The Stone
older than the roots
mightier than the legions of man
returns to dust
as her fingers exfoliate the Earth

The threat moves on
though her song still sounds in the mountains
the sun begins to burn through
its black veil
animals creep from dens
they are drawn by the roar of the river

She has granted
the hand of life
a gift for all to drink
what was brown becomes green
what were seeds become trees

The storm feeds the river!

3. Threnody

As I raised my blade to face my final foe
I was shown the true daunt of my weakness
Her sirenic gaze transformed a fiend to a lover
a contagion to a cure
for all my world's pain I couldn't endure
At first taste of her I set my bridge ablaze
I watched it fade to a small glow

Why did you choose me and let me live?

Bound in your chains
my flesh is easily cut
You've extinguished my flame
Your black hand shrouds my soul from what it once was
united with trees, the mountains and rivers
I burn the homes of my kin
because you've pit me against them
I grant a vacant stare
to this bare exposition
I can't remember the last time I've slept without you
You've forced me this way

Your poison courses my veins more than my own blood
as you make yourself all I can reach
My strength has surrendered to your being
I am here but not fighting
I can see that I'm dying
as your arrows rip through my flesh

4. Cruel Caradhras

All of your efforts whisper secrets to me
I laugh at their frailty
I see all

Where will you go when the mountain impedes you?
I am the harrowing voice in the wind
I am the White Wizard

I am the tongue of flame that tastes the breast of the mother
She will quake in her pleasure
and bury you beneath her

It is unwise to face the fingers of the deep
You should have risked the western way
The doors of Durin have remained sealed for an age
starving the dark remains of Moria

The era has ended
that place is a forgotten tomb
your names will echo through
the halls of the Dwarrowdelf

5. Carousing In Jealousy

You were desirable
of the breasts and vagina
I swallowed your virgin
to bring forth the woman

I made you my goddess
of flesh, of sex
where you fell short of my interests
I exercised my reign over your body

Your young soul
was advantageous to my primordial
He uses you the same way
Making you wet with wealth
Now you slave to his crying children

and in my visions I saw
you naked again
on top of him and not me
you thought to remain hidden
I've touched you where no man would dare
He will fill you
with a dead seed

6. Sleeping With The Nightwitch

How far have you come?
While hunter's mouths of steel teeth remain open and hungry
silent killers still strung on bows
Your fur has made no coat

I am pulled from sleep
as your howl sounds again
closer than the nights before
Just then a red mist lets itself in
under the door

I reach for the hidden dagger
as the mist grows
to a woman in a black robe
suddenly the blade is wrenched from my grip and buries itself in the wall
her commanding stare stays me

and to my wonder she lets her robe free
yielding her white beauty
the last uncovered treasure of the Earth
for my eyes to see
she places her hands on her breasts
as she descends upon me
she doesn't speak
but her eyes scream in ecstasy
the sweat of our intimacy flows into pools
like secret fountains of our majesty

and in the flesh we were married
she begged I grant her my seed before leaving
I am left with a cherished memory
alas, the moment was fleeting

7. Pisces And Cancer


8. Pisces And Cancer II

Do you see how I handle my pain?
I still want you in my world

Do you see how I wield my words like wild?
I still want you in my world

Do you see how I refuse your spread
And then take eggs from a bird's nest?

Do you feel the thrill in my chest
When I ignore your request?

Matt Friend ‒ All Instruments, Vocals

Thanks to insolitudewecry for sending these lyrics.

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