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1. Memorial To Suffering

This Pain remainds of Doom
The roaming is aimless
Beeng uncertain is accompanied
By loss of a vital power
So We make them
So We make the monsters
Who are the results of our
Morbid imaginations
The fear, The fear
Increases and gets stronger
The fear, The fear
It's fragile existence
I've lost my Faith
Going on my way
How stupid-it all is a deception...
We immortalize a Human Suffering, Suffering
By our Deaths
You suffer! Suffering!
You suffer! Suffering!
The Pain prevents from a fascination

2. Why?

The time's flow is inevitable
The vainities devour our power
Why do we rush about the Earth
Possessed by vain Hopes of changes
Death is inevitable
Fate is invariable
As ever!
It's boring to have, to have
No changes
As ever! Forever!
The time's flow is inevitable
I cannot pause myself
What am I doing? Why?
Which are my aims? Which are my ends?!
I cannot get rid of the loathome fuss
Of this world burdened of the flesh
And I'm doing something again'n again
Knowing no rest! Knowing no rest!
Vainity is our torture, suffer the Pain
The flesh opresses me from day to day
The vainity is our malediction!
Why do we bugger about? Bugger the fuss!
I fuck such a life. I'm bored to death.
Yes! Only Death'll dispel my boredom.
Apparently, I must commit suicide
That it should defeat the hateful monotony
Of my own days!
Apparently, I must commit suicide

3. In My Tomb

My Home is the Tomb
In the captivity of the Holy Land
I don't see a Light for ages
In the cramped caske
t I don't see the Sun and the sky
There is Realm of Death
Only demons talk with me here!
Way back don't be here, but in my cramped box
I was seized with the yearning!
I miss Light!
There is Realm of Death
I've wandered in other worlds
But my mind where slumbering
You have been filled with Lie!
Lie of mystical revelations!
I'm not saying good bye!
The Moon arises in the East! Why not!
Bearers of another life! Get out of my Cemetery.
The Eternal Incantation took me a prisoner.
I lie under the tombstone
Now I must give evil to the Earth!
Everything is unreal where I was to my death day
It's night now. It's my time.
There is moon shines. I'm waking up!
What do you seek strolling about the dark streets of my graveyard
What do You want flamingly to know
There is nothing except Emptiness!
Under the weight of the stones my bones rot for a million ages!
Under the weight of ages I languish, It's my fate!

4. The Weeping Of Unborn Children

The Bruts who have taken from their own lifes the enjoyment
Are disposing of other lives now! Yes, they do it. It's a pity
They are merciless killers comiting deadly sins
They give terrible death to their own children
Doom to Torment and Sorrow theirs and themselves too!
It's a weeping, here is a graveyard!
The children who haven't been born die in pain
This is a predestination
But Grief will come to the killers!
The babies were so clean, so clear and sinless
They were taken to Heaven, to God
Now they are praying for us, praying for us:
Forgive them, Lord Jesus Christ!
Your own grim parents killed You
Why is it?
Maybe, You hindered to live them
Is that so?
Did You hinder them? No, You didn't...
Just quietly sleep at Home, at Paradise...

5. Rover Of Sin

I could see Your Light once upon a time
And looked at the Sun till the darkness had blinded me.
Light lost!
I said to satan: Be master of my soul
And sin penetrate into me
Woe to me!
"Everyone who keeps on sinning is a slave to sin"
We are all rovers of sin!
Serpent creeps and creeps into my essence
Ancient serpent reign over the world
Serpent seduces and curses me!
Serpent vomiting his poison out
"Sin gives death, it is sting"
O, my God! What the matter with me! What must I do, help me!
So I'm entreating You, save me!
I'm quiet black for my sins those cry up to the Heaven
We are all rovers of sin...
O dreadful state!
My many sins, My foolish dreames before the death make Emptiness!
Woe to me! Quiet so, I feel the cruel fate that I have made...
As stupid sow that has been washed goes back
to roll around in the mud as I've done!
The lust of the flesh leads me downto the bottom of hell by satanic spell!
Hot burning abyss for a long time wait for me
My mortal perishable body I shall leave
A killer and adulterous man
I'll depart who has devoted to the lust and flesh one's heart!
This heart poisoned by lust!
My conscience cry accusing me of the crimes!
I've follen down and pray to You my God: Listen to me...

6. No One Remains

Everybody is dead, nobody lives with me, nobody is here to help me
I'm quiet alone at present...
Is there a meaning in my life, my stupid life now!
There is one joy left to me: to wait for my death!
It's so painful! I'm pained to realize my solitude on the Earth. It's dark...
Why? Why does it happen to me?
I am in pain, my heart is heavy, I am in fire
I feel bad, my mind has killed, it is despair...
I miss my relations!
Only You, oh, my God, remain with me
You alone are immortal and invariable
Only You, oh, my God, remain with me
You alone give me support and consolation!
No one remains
Nothing is the real
Nothing is eternal under the Moon
Nobody has remained
Nothing is the real
Nothing is eternal under the Moon
Such is the Law, such is the cruel Law of Doom
Humanism is a strange for Truth!
I'm quiet alone at present, nobody has remained,
Where did they depart? I don't know!
Soon I too shall need to gather for the road
Hello, You there, my black destroyer, my wooden coat
It's good, let us bury me!

Dmitry Serkin - Vocals.
Konstantin Drabkin - Lead Guitar.
Michail Gorbachyoff - Guitar.
Konstantin Borisov - Bass.
Roman Kalachyoff - Drums.

All music written and arangered by PAINFUL MEMORIES.
Lyrics by Dmitry Serkin
Back vocals on "No one remains" by Michail Gorbachyoff.
Recorded and mixed at AWESOME studio January "96.
Engineered and mixed by Pavel Botov & PAINFUL MEMORIES.
Cover illustration by Irina Michailova.


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