Dark Lyrics


1. Absent Minded

Some special things
Let my thoughts freeze
Let me feel not
Wax on their face
What they hide behind
I should not be here
I should not be there
I should not be at all
If I am
What is then?
I go and seek
Go and seek
When you look in the trench
Can you see me die
Drilling my mind in yours
Take me up
Take me up

I jump through the mirror
I fall on the other side
Emptiness I remember
I feel so clean
I feel secure
A smile on my face

A nice shine
A personal lie

This person is coarse
Trembling within my corpse
Putting a hole in my mind
Glowing pain to find
Can you hear the refusal to grace
See the hook in his face

Can not stow the anger
Can not size the pain
It hurts so good
Relapsing into relapse

2. Unleash

Searching for the spotlight
To clear up your wickedness
You have waited so long
Penetrating yourself
Diving deeper to the forgotten parts
Swimming through the black water
Going deeper and deeper
To the place where your pearls lie

Delighted by success
You rise up to the sky
Now you are a believer
Greeting with your pearls
You go up to the sun
Like a newborn Phoenix
Nothing can stop you now
Grappling for the crown
Changing to become the light
Now you are a star
Shining bright in the night
Please, if you wait
I will be there!

3. Artless Treatment

So many thoughts we have lost
So many thoughts we have won
Selecting the real ones
Rejecting the false ones

Every day cuts through your heart
Every year cuts through your soul
Every pain cuts through your face
Every loss cuts through your pride

Your life turns into art
You become your own work

Time is the hammer
Pain is the chisel
You are the artist
Obey your master
Love your scars
Kiss your wreck
A body tells a story
You have to write it

A masterpiece needs time
A good life needs scars
An artwork needs pain
A human body needs signs
A new art needs energy

It is worth to live it
So workable, so unspoiled
Look at my furrows, at my veins
Look at my skin, addicted to dirt
Addicted to dried blood
Every pore needs a sign
As it grows
It must be disfigured
As it burns
It turns pale

No one can ever be or steal your work
Everything can change and improve your work

You got the whole life
To watch and change
The carcass, the soul
You will discover nothing
But you will get more laughter lines
It is great to recognize
The evolution, the age
Watch it grow, watch it change

You agonize yourself
You critizize yourself
You tool yourself
Every pain, every workout
Is memorised
Nothing is ignored
You will know yourself better
Than you did ever before
Steel, wood and leather
Become one with your corpus
And as desired your body changes, into honor
Force, erotic, selfconfidence
A new level is born

A life leaves its trace
A strong seed, a strong hole
A new art, an old way
A life-form, a traditionA main-support, a main-line

Conclusion becomes evolution
Sweat has to be sore
In those scars I live my life
Without sense but satisfied
Nothing will stay virgin
With this treatment, this art
What a pleasure to live and learn
To protect the flesh inside

No one can ever be or steal your work
Everything can change and improve your work

Put yourself in the hole
Now creep and drink
The sadness and the filth
Cover you and your mind
Then take the water
And pour it on you
The dirt will change
The scars will stay

You got everything
You change the bloom
You are unlocked
Work on it
You have to load it
Or another one
Will load it

Change it
You have to humanize it
Or another one
Will humanize it

4. The Eternal

Midmost in the firestream
I live in an anxious way
Trying to give birth to
The child of my redemption
But too calm I am
Too unreal I feel
Constant alienation
Is the result of my abstinence

Once I was the cyclone - Once I was this god
Once I was the one - Screwing you around
Consuming your immunity - The truth in your lies
The sadness in your ecstasy
The love in your mouth
Once I was true - Once I was pure
Once I was you - Now just a duplicate of myself
Lives in your world
Hiding myself
Behind these words

Your blood still flows in me
Your love still lives in me
Your hand still covers me
Your pride I wanna be

Why does it matter now
It will end someday, somehow
This silence I can not bear
This dwelling I can not bear
This warfare of hellish rage
Walls of a remaining cage
Pieces of dust and respect
Hounting through my head

What is wrong with you
Are you sightless too
Tell me what to do
When I look at you
Give me your moon
To shine in my room
I have been dead for so long
That any sensation has gone

I know if I could
That I certainly would
Know what turns eternally
Into infernally

I am my end

I am the rock I will crack on
I am eternal without comeback

I am forever, No come back
And like a brave old soldier
I stand up and accept that
Someone capitulates for me
I accept your judgement over my difference
My childish eyes have turned into
Black holes a long time ago
My thoughts have turned into infliction
Many years before
But I know that time and
Knowledge belong together
Celebrating the prisoner
Now a cold fire burns
On a black moon
I accept your rules
I salute my end
I endure my punishment
Look down on me
Play your game with me
I am eternity
Your pride I can never be

5. Confidence In The Executioner (Share Nothing)

Lonely, lonely, lost and lonely
Lonely, lonely, defeated, conquered and lonely
Lonely, lonely, broken, burried and lonely

No longer

Nature breaks through my mask
New blood lifts the task
A thought beats up my mind
Hate will see eyes are blind
Now I take the floor
Outside hardens the core
As I start to grow
I see the long way to go
Not sure what to do
Enlightened about you
Swallowing slowly
Material and me

Well-known past
Remember your past
Eradicate your past

Some new balls took advantage of myself
Unpacked characters ventilated my love
But that will not do, there is so much more

Well-known past
Remember your past
Eradicate your past

I do not believe in whatever I have to do

World, now here I am
Between child and man
I am liberty
Against conformity
A new energy
Loving my enemy
You made me, But you found
That I am your final count

I am the third part
Cleaninng up the battlefield
Your peace is mine
Leaving you in pieces

I am the climax
Of your awfulness
Listen to me
Hear my scornful laughter

I am strong now
Refusing to cooperate
With the blindness
In the eye of reality

I am the stresser
Checking out your pastime
Filling it up
By obtruding myself

I am the sad one
Scrambling for your inner life
Standing out here
And waiting for changes

I am here now
A fact in your life
I will break you
So you will feed me

Now I am power, growing up with rage!

6. Production

Tonight a carnivore is out
Lust burning in his head
The need for flesh leads him
Right between your thights

Violent energy hammers
His body into yours, animalistic rituals
No love, just wantoness
No love, just wantoness

Lust, physical, liquids, blood

One big piece
Of meat they are
Slaves of sexuality
Careless sinners

A hunger for
Someone's most infected
And rotten parts

One constant
Rythm of work
For the bad machine
Extending your hole

Sucking out
The entire pride
Of the partner's meat
Crude penetration

It makes him roar
Body against body
Sweat, saliva, and sperm
And once again he scores...

7. Epitome

With your pride
You are spraying the souls
Not for me
And not for who I am.
At any image area
You feel at home
Just to see
How far you can go
To behave like a child
Just to see how honest we are
To get us surprised as we are

To find out how deep a smile can hurt
To find out how deep a thought can be
To find out a thing you will never know
Without killing and overstraining the bow

Tears in your eyes ruined by a laugh
Many words burden your thoughts
Every soul cries no matter how it kills
There is nothing you could understand
Nothing you would ever choose
Nothing you would ever bare
Nothing you would ever feel
Nothing you would ever know
Nothing you would ever see
Nothing you would ever reach
Nothing you would ever get
Nothing you would ever be

Do not need a mirror
To see My sad eyes
Do not need broken glass
To feel my inner-wrong

An unlived dream
Does not have to grow
Still in the nowhere
Still ain't coming home

Your front is washed away
By an icy rain, a burning sun
Can finally melt, what
You have already known

A new picture is born
Remote, empty, lifeless
Your lies will not catch you
When you fall, when you cry, when you die

Still left behind
Wearing my smile
A crown of nothing
It is the same dust
You have swallowed
A long time ago
You know this game
It is your own harvest
By jerks you stand up
Reacting on yourself
The deepest fall cannot
Melt such a heart
You are the winner
Of your lost game

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