Dark Lyrics


1. First Breath

Take your first breath, deep
Let in the scent of winter
Listen to the tweeting finches
And the soughing evergreen

Trust your bed of snow and dirt
Shelter under the coat of frost
Be blessed by the radiant moon
Under which you were born

Don't be blinded by the promises
That your life will ever be more
Nothingness is in front of you
All you create, comes from the depths of despair

Already the shade is forming
Obscure faces everywhere
Without knowing they walk the same line
Burdened by the curse of existence

Life‘s system
Comes on
Bright colours
Embrace me

2. Theothanatological Shift

Sarx eternal, the invulnerable cask
Gift of omnipresence, endless being
Infinite nous of origin, divine
Vessel for the astral spirit
Spear strikes to rend a river of life
Aorta pours crimson fuel for flesh
Mind’s comprehension of reality
The primal meaning bestowed upon
Omnipresent being of lies
Finite sarx and deceptive nous
Unfit to be the vessel
Not all-knowing as promised in devotion
Separate from this union
The source of seeming immortality
Let be one being, the vessel of itself
Nous guiding to the end, transmitting reality
Extricated from the sacred dissension
Wisdom attained through mortifying lust
Nothing divine to the hereditary legacy
as the refinement forgets the immortal art

3. Scorn Of Eternity

Unburdened, the parasite within me deprived of control
A new dimension revealed
Holding harmony within itself
Through roots implanted a vision -
Entwined in endless fractals and spirals
The infinite nature of the system
Anchoring me to the earth
Is this infinity? Timelessness?
The withering of everything
A beginning and an end
Encapsulating existence
In these confines
Set your mind
The tool to guide your arms
And break the bonds
The roots that hold you down
Fog surrounds the great hill
Through the white you walk
No sight of what's ahead
You are lost
My grave will not stand
Amidst dead trees
Long forgotten
Left in a thick haze
My ideas
will not survive
The erosion
Of time
Encased nowhere
No one will live by them
Nor will I be
For ever in their minds
Roots in the mire
Shall rot as my bones
No relic will remain
A carrion dawn for vultures
Rays cut through ivory curtains
Light burning, the lens of deceit
Through the mirror, sterile vision
The revelation, of mind and body
The mind that I possess
The will within my flesh
Built to be the core
Of my own reality

4. Interlude


5. Perdition

The eye of light
Shutting its lids
An ancient mass of flesh
The force that rids....

In thick black
Illumination knelt
To her brother, dark
Only tremors can be felt

A stench-ridden body
Hauling itself across
Once perfect purity
Now infested by vermin
Inhuman forms
Rise from murky depths
Manifestation of ancient gloom
Possessing the force of death

Mind degraded to a structure
The long-lived mass of life
Body affected by the rapture
Reduced to human waste
No glimmer of hope to be seen
To save primordiality
The savage beast within me
Eternally feeding on chaos

Weakening legs under pressure
Sinews tear, evoking stillness
Unearthly heat, cracking the skin
Bones revealed, a blinding reflection
Bound to embrace the harsh soil
Become a part of its system
To feed a ravaging plague
Nourish the source of my demise

Ages pass
Static form
Impulse for motion
The last exertion

Endless odyssey
Towards rejuvenation
Destructive prodigy
The eater of worlds

Left blind to scour oblivion
Lost in the void of time
Inescapable spiral
Erosion of existence

-The elements stand still
All life wiped away
-Deafening silence ensues
Immersed in eerie stillness
-In the deep unknown
The ground begins to shift
-The cloak of darkness tears
A pulsing core revealed

Covered in ash
A lifeless sphere
Of madness

Cold and true
The transcendence
Into infinity

The ground weeps
For her next of kin
A dying wish
To be revived with no sin

The dust spreads
Long lost lives
And memories fade
To the abyss

I died for their lives
I live in their minds
And I am their stone
Their weight to carry

6. Fractal Rearrangement

Ashes on barren soil
Residue of annihilation
Consciousness reduced to null
A subject to deprivation
A narrow pathway
To forming the cornerstone
Led by will of materialization
Through carnal destruction
Ashes fill lacerations
Foundation for reformation
Order rises anew
And breathes once more
Embers reanimated
Holding the power of life
The core awakens
The essence of creation
Waves clash on lifeless shores
Endless fields of sorrow
Roots roam across cracks
Blood flowing in their veins
Spores of corruption preserved in grit
Obscured, forgotten reminder of seasons past
Futile suffocation of renewal
The waking hand, outlasting the gift bestowed upon it
Web of amanítis spreading into vascular roots
Twisted symbiosis giving birth to deformation
No supply of blood, the ground turns putrid black
Cracks torn agape in a violent burst

This illness, rooted deep within
Incurable syndrome of the species
Reconstruction all for naught
Inescapable path towards demise

Let rivers dry
Soil bleed its last
Flames die
Winds howl of pain

7. Inner Fragments

A nocturnal reflection of an outcast
And his shadow beneath the cracking ice
I had trusted my nature, and slipped
Into the emptiness
Drowned within myself – familiar depths....

An ancient darkness
The tomb of a forgotten void
Immersing towards this nothingness
Yet I fear it more than my own demise

The understructure of our will
A fathomless pit of no hope
I have seen how our race descends

Far across these frozen waters
A safe harbour for sanity
The shore obscured by emptiness
The trail lost in time

Far across these frozen waters
Can't let go the sight of a better future
They all crave the same
The brethren will never cross the ice

And the pressure finally rips me apart
Disheartened by the fate of our kind
Soiled water pollutes my soul
Complete dream of the future just lost
Fragments, inside me

8. Absolute Solitude

The cold is here
I can feel it all around
Even more in this trail of red
That follows me
But I'll be going on

And I'll be going strong

My kind gave me warmth
That's all they ever were to me
They cease to be as of now
I alone, I am the avatar of vital force itself

But I'll be going on
And I'll be going strong

9. The Palace Burns

They’ve come to ruin my palace
To torch my ethereal kingdom
I am the king in this castle
The king in solitude

The red sea is closing in
A melting tide
A glowing horizon
A blackened sky

The wind carries
A thousand burning embers
A thousand screams of agony
A smell of ruin

In flames, this endless living hall
Becomes a torture chamber
The asphyxiating poison replacing air
I'm breathing death

The deadly red tongue
Licking on my throne
Stinging through my coat
Stopping all my senses

In this pain, my pride, my vigor
Become just empty words
As I'm coming to and end, I realize
I never was the king of anything

So long it has been
That time has twisted
Itself around my center

So far I have traveled
Centuries of knowledge
I have gained

Trees of millennium
I've seen wither

I have no home, no legacy
And no way to justify
That my life's work was
Just myself growing old.

A red collage of death
Burned into my eyes
A vivid image of reality
Until the end will torture me

This end, that I've yearned for, turns vicious
When recalling the past
My throne of dirt, a finite monument

This final breath, that I’ve waited for long
Carried away by a familiar cold
Let the flames consume me

No witness
To my frailness
Buried in the ashes

Magnus — Drums
Heiko — Guitars
Endrik — Guitars
Kevin — Vocals, Bass

Thanks to paeanestonia for sending these lyrics.

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