Dark Lyrics


1. Games

I know a game that will set you free
So undo yourself and just be
It will all come naturally
This game insanity

Open your mind
Make the connection
What are you wating for
Played out procrastination

Be at one with your heart
In the mirror is where it starts
The future could be so endless
Whats so hard to understand

Let your conscience be your guide
Pass over those who have lied
Make your world clear
Stand up to your fear

It won't be and easyt thing to do
Make and create your own rules
Only you can decide what is best
Now put your life to the test

In the end what matters is
What you decide
Let the genie out of the
Bottle inside

Realize the potential in you and me
This game, reality

2. Bee Sting

You get to do as you please
Why is my life for you to tease
I'm trying to cut this chord
Trust is a luxury I can't afford
Thank you for making me feel my pain
Opening my eyes to see I'm truly insane

I breathe out while all breathe in
Is your beginning my end
If I'm the monster waiting to be
It doesn't give you free integrity

I stay up late at night thinking
About what you said
What right do you have to play
With my head
I try hard not to hear your voice
Same room, no choice
Another chance to fail
Is wisdom just another name for hell

I still hear the words you speak
Enter the shadow of the weak
Uncertain, the blur in my eyes
I search the truth, it's all lies

3. Forgive Me

I tried to ignore it all
The weight brought me to a fall
All the guilt and the shame
It's us who are to blame

There was no excuse
For your life to abuse
Played the executioner
Guilty of legal murder

Thoughts of nothingness
Feelings of emptiness
Gray clouds hang over me
Images of what came to be

The pain I feel, I can't hide
It hurts to cover up, what's inside
I wish I could take it back
Seeing your eyes rool into the black

Who were we to decide your fate
Told you we loved but all was take

Mourning again, it's a loss
Shoul've done better whatever the cost
We let you down in the worst way
All of this is why I'm saddened today

In my world there's cause for alarm
When I watched you die in my arms
All of this is making my soul bleed
All I ask of you is will you forgive me

4. Matters Of The Soul

Every day I fall beneath
My dreams so out of reach
The goals we all wish for
Better future, nothing more

I feel so distraught
When my lessons don't get taught

Amused by what I put myself through
Regression is nothing new
As I keep wondering
There's got to be something

Do you feel better when you loose again
Are you afraind of what you might win

I am searching
I get no feeling
Something is tearing me
No peace, I struggle eternally

My past is meaningless
Your present is emotionless
Our future is bottomless
Nothing more that makes sense

I see everything, yet I see nothing
I hear everything, yet I hear nothing
I feel everything, yet I feel nothing
I live everyday and yet my life is nothing

5. Inner Dilemma

Trying to get through to you
Simmering with a dejected view
Thoughts get washed out, nothing I can do
Straining so hard for my aims

End up feeling just the same
Whats the matter, change of heart
Too scared to finish what you start

What I want I can't have
Thinking about it makes me sad
Are the answers sought
Have my feelings been bought

You represent something
I can't ever have
Because your miles away
From my grasp

Leave me in my loneliness
Can you touch me?
Ignoring my distress
Can you hear me?
As you pull down the blinds
Can you see me?
Ignoring all the signs
Can you feel me?

Doubts come from behind
Waiting for the outside to shine
But it never does come
Not after what you have done

6. Sphere Of Unhappiness - I. Withdrawing From The World

Reality sets the ride
I took a peek outside
Quickly I turn away

Sometimes I shake
My feelings make my heart brake
Sealed myself

The doors are locked
The curtains closed
I turn my back
The truth erodes

I sit quetly
With my face in my hands
Patiently waiting
Draining out like hourglass sands

Memories forgotten
Forfeit my soul
Can't seem to break this
I refuse to let it go

I wasn't prepared
In truth i was scared
My life was given
I cried but you didn't listen

7. Sphere Of Unhappiness - II. Fathernature

I'll always be there for you
I heard you say
I waited forever on that long autumn day

Your poisonous promises
Killing of my innocence

Eternally running from responsibility
Thanks for that lethal dose of pain, Daddy

All day I waited on seventeen
Something special became a bad dream
Was it in your nature to do what you did
I could not understand any of this

I was just a kid

Was it in your nature to push me away
No father to help show me the way

Was my birth an intrusion?
I see you live in illusion

Yes, I waited but you never came
My life was never the same

Is that what you had in store for me
Scarred for ever emotionally

Hours I watched the cars go by
That day a part of me died
When you die you'll die alone
Just words from a son you've never known

8. Sphere Of Unhappiness - III. Feel

I know no joy
Only sorrow and pain
I have evertying to lose
And nothing to gain

Once I stood so very tall
Now I feel I'm nothing at all

As i search, this quest gets shorter
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger
Forever fading, losing my grasp
I wonder whos having the last laugh

Each night I sleep as if it were my last
I tire of living out lifes' task
I feel I can no longer hold on
So it's you who must stand up and bne strong

These things I ment to tell you
With my own voice
But I was hurting so much
I didn't have a choice

There's nothing left for me now
You must carry on somehow
You may not understand
But it will come to you
Just what I've been going through

Deep in my heart I know I'm good
Sometimes I don't see it even if I could
I have to do this to be free
I can't take any more misery

Overcome these thoughts that surround me
I can feel myself drowning

There's so much I could never live up to
I never ment to be a burden to you
I can see you as the tears swell up
Find your strenght, don't ever give up

These questions I long for
Which were never sought
This isolation
Further spreads the rot

Release these chains that
Kept me all in a bind
Reliquish myself to
Have peace of mind

My life's been punctuated
My price for hesitating
Total self-detonating
There's no other reasoning
To rid this imposter inside
Time to say goodbye

I apologize for putting you
Through all this
Deep in my heart
Who I always will miss
Take care, so long, miss you, forever

9. Sphere Of Unhappiness - IV. Sphere

I have this urge to die
Another plane to the other side
Look at my life
Nothing left inside

All my frustrations
I could not find a release
My death will come
At great ease

I've felt i've never belonged
Doesn't matter when i'm dead and gone
Life is no longer a wheel
It's time to give you the real deal

From the cradle to the grave
I've never had my way
No one will miss me anyway

The method will be of my own design
Don't be sad at what you're going to find
Got tired of hurting in this world

I don't want to live anymore
Watch myself spill out on the floor
Really it's all for the best
Finally, I can get my rest

All songs by D. Cornelius, P. Barrett.

Thanks to jovan for sending these lyrics.

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