Dark Lyrics


1. Blue Box

[Music and lyrics by Samuel de Vries]

Our song is coming to an end
My love are you still trying?
It's time to walk away
And in time we will heal our lonely hearts
Oh our hearts...

We'd rather fall back in time instead of far apart
This moment spent together in one tick of the clock
Our love's a relative dimension in space
And my heart's a blue box
You stole to fly away

We fly away no more
Fading, fading, craving
Somewhere among grains of sand
Waiting, waiting, craving

In the end we're all alone

2. Stone Intact

[Music and lyrics by Samuel de Vries]

Pure desire a giant stone
Names I carve and cast a moan

Their absence is a mineral
Inorganic – beautiful
And so I keep carving names
Until nothing's left of the stone
I found intact

All affairs that make thee
We bind to memory
(feast on detailed dreams)
On the distant darkened line
We dance towards the dawn
Oh baby can't you see?

Blood in my veins
Tears on my cheeks
This is my gain
Drawn from the rain

Flesh on my bones
Skin on my flesh
Love moves alone
Leaving us prone

Within, I plant a tree
At night I watch it grow
In your fairness

3. The Dance

[Music and lyrics by Richard Sluijk]

Take my hand
Fall with me
My feet are bound
Make me see
Tie me down and
Dance with me

Feverous dignity
Rhythmic beats
Tie me down and
Dance with me

From within these eyes of innocence
A seed of lust is born
This dance shall set us free

Losing, failing
Heartfelt endeavour
Through burial mounds
Of creeping guilt
I tread the path of the dead
This dance shall set us free

4. Storm

[Music and lyrics by Richard Sluijk and Samuel de Vries]

Red sun glowing in your eyes
Black engulfs fading minds
Clouds impending
Behind your silhouette
I prepare for a storm

Blinded senses yet I see
We're at its burning mercy
Howling winds warm the core
Inside we're dying like before

And I run
Through the downpour
Warm me to the core and engulf me
And I run
Through the downpour to you
Howling winds warm me to the core
And your every howl warms me

5. My Heart Suggestible

[Music and lyrics by Samuel de Vries]

Here's to my heart suggestible to all the shades of pain
A hymn to life and death and all states of being in between

Here's to my back against the wall fragile in the snow
In a poem I will call upon the warmth of summer's glow

And in the warmth of heaven I gladly fall asleep
For in my dreams I will return to hellish fields

So once more to my heart welcoming the misery of each
This hymn to life and death and love, the only remedy

6. Aeons & Life

[Music and lyrics by Samuel de Vries]

The vast stillness of a lake
Fed by no stream
And out of which nothing flows

The natives of the lake
Veiled by the palest mist
Were surprised by a people
Very much unlike themselves

Descendants of humanity
Some caravan of travellers
Discovering remote debris
Increasing their supremacy

What mother Gaia gave to life
The gift we all need to survive
But a story has two sides
And so one must leave the stage
There can only be one race

In this distant land aeons blend
There's no compromise
One will have to die

Ruthlessly chased deeper into
The inaccessible realm of broken memories
Collision of aeons and life
The elder destined to die
By the hands of delusions of superiority

Remember the next millennium
Seventeen temples cannot keep you safe

7. Pastels

[Music by Glenn Bergmans, lyrics by Samuel de Vries]

How long until leaves dry
And golden apples rot?

A whisper only felt in the rain
Almost audible but escaping anyway

Let's regain the pastels we used
To paint our roses red

Some things should be in the dark
To sustain our hearts lid
Underneath unrealities
We defy cosmic autonomy

One drop a harbinger of the rain
Washing all our paint away
Explain to me destiny's
Morbid sense of irony

The threefold pain of realization
We have ourselves to blame

In the sediments of sanity
We pray for redemption
A remedy

8. Heave

[Music and lyrics by Samuel de Vries]

Chasing silver shimmers
Words echoing in here

Open-ended at all sides

Made for none
The ark has begun
To take in millions of doubts

Heave sails
On the waters told
Her light will saturate
The dark beneath

Layers on layers
Of assumptions made

It draws me in
It drowns me in reverb


9. Broken Glasses, Torn Pages

[Music and lyrics by Samuel de Vries]

I bleed poetry
Poe could only write about
And breathe wisdom
Erasmus could only speak of

I see patterns
Pascal could only calculate
And make connections
Sherlock Holmes could only
Wish he made them too

My thoughts are cold as the wind outside
And the chords strengthen a sense of despair
This is the time when I'm a cynic at best
Written thoughts on paper
Notes by an unstable muser

It doesn't matter
The glasses that should clarify are broken
And pages that I so desperately read,
Are torn apart by contradiction

10. Detour

[Music and lyrics by Samuel de Vries]

I am in no hurry
To complete a tragedy
Lips are reaching beyond the starlit wall

When you fail to stay
I am the errant
Astray in a nebulous gallery

We are wanderers for hope
But the trail is growing cold
Forlorn detour
We are wanderers for hope
But the trail is so cold…

When you fail to stay
Darling, a fly in the lamp reminds me

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