Dark Lyrics


1. The Front


2. My Rage

Rageful thoughts invade my mind
Every time I see a crime
Besides me or my TV
I feel hate corroding me
A real intention of killing
A strong will to see them bleeding
The politicians are stealing
The money I'm contributing

I can't understand so much money spent on these punks
So that they can't represent themselves inside the congress

My revolt's proportional to the stolen amount
And the people have been quiet until now

Stupid part of my generation
They absorb wrong information
It's really a shame but it's the rule of the game
They got no power-they got no strength
Decadent generation
They obey the corporations
What about the power of thinking
What is that? they keep asking me

The faith of the poor is led by the brain washers-owners of the world
Filling their minds with lies-stealing their dreams of heaven

What about the health care we all get
I don't even want to talk about that

Racism became a norm in our lives
And we cannot see how absurd it is-how sad our future will be

Our anger must be used to restrain
The state of chaos in force in this selfish system

3. Manipulated Reality

Network commands guiding all of my thoughts-my will-my needs
Locked inside this world, I cannot even move before the TV

I can't stop watching all this trash
For this I live-without this I die

Another slave is captured by the screen
In each commercial appeal that's on TV showed
But I don't know how to get out of all this
My whole life is controlled by this old machine

They say how I must dress
They say how I must see and think
Just like a serf you have been living
It is a shelter for cowardice and fear
Induced by your illusions I do whatever you please-I need it
Just cause you have your thoughts and your
Hands tied by the fake reality you see and read

I cannot understand why it's really going on
My weakness and my indifference can't be overcome

I've been fooled by the news
Controverted, empty news

A television slaughter I've been suffering
What I've been hearing and seeing is not real
I can't swallow anymore of these cruel lies
But I can't turn my words into attitudes


4. How To Pray

I was born in a gutter in the streets
Nobody wanted me, momma threw me away
A reformatory took me and brought me up
I got a number and I met my thousand mates

[Bridge 1:]
Trying to survive, I only stole to eat
Running for my life - It was a crime
Nowhere to hide - No one to believe
Caught by the Pigs - I lost my pride

My hell is here - Your heaven is there
I haven't learned how to pray
What is good for you is not good for me
So get out of my way

Living in jail, rage keeps growing inside
Rehabilitation was the word they used to say
I should be fixed but I lost my faith and mind
Now I don't care cause I got nothing to lose

[Bridge 2:]
Ready to die - No wife - No kids - No friends
Gambling with life - Come on and fight!!!
Reigning at night, I hunt you just for fun
Only to kill time I take your life


[Bridge 1]

5. Scars

I was caught because I killed a man
Now I gotta dwell locked in hell
Where crimes drug deal happen free
We all see it everybody knows the way it's done
Who's behind all the dirt?
That's why I hide my jack knife under my pillow
To protect me while I sleep

The cell is my home - My hell is growing
Behind these old bars my fears I'm knowing
Violence explodes in every cell all day to keep
That makes us all insane

The therapy of violence is not working with human beings
Torture - Distress - Disrespect - Spanking
Where are the human rights inside this cage???
Gangsters with their guns run their business
Control our lives to preserve power in the criminal game inside the jail

I'm eating this trash - This floor is my bed
Torture I've seen - Rebellions coming
Rats run between our legs our bodies
On the filthy food they serve us daily

If out of here I made my own rules
Now I became part of the gangs cast killing in their names
So for my freedom I cry

Cry for the memories of my kids for the life that I always wanted to live
The system failed and I'm paying for it with my soul and they don't know who's guilty of this...

Injustice ordered by a partial - Racist - Fascist justice
If I had money if I were not black
I would not be judge like I was
Justice is not for all it's for those who pay to have it
So for me it was deaf - Mute - Cruel - Blind - Merciless

The people here know what I mean
No one is treated as human beings
Fear lives inside the inmate's eyes
Everybody's rights are already denied


They want me better - I'm getting worse
Nobody here is worth my trust
The scars from this hell will be on me for my whole life
Anger is my pay back for all these crimes


6. Still Primitive

Ignorance - This is what keeps you supreme
You're full of ingratitude
Everything you get or what touch lies here
And you judge yourself to be God!

That's why you live for the TV
Or to serve corporations
Why do you spend all your useless life
Pushing drugs and smoking dope all day???

You live among the battles on the streets
You pollute the air that you depend on to live
Stop to think now!!!

Disrespect you've been giving you
Your brain's used to just build up greed and more hate
You are blind, for power you die
You burn the earth and destroy all environments

You sell your sex on the corners
You've got no self-esteem, pride or respect
You've got no bounds, you've got no laws
When money talks, all your values walk

Tell me now just what you're wanting
What's this gun in your hand for???
More violence you're inbreeding
More distress you're spreading out there

Happiness is something you've always wished
It is in front of you but you could never find it
Sadness you've got it!!!


Your selfishness makes you close your eyes
To your friends that need some help
You do it all just to satisfy
Your sick mind and your presumption

You are the poor victim of your madness
No love – No faith – No peace - Just sadness
No hope to change it!!!

7. Just Another Day

The alarm is ringing and I got to wake up
Another day - Another day - Another...
Get the bread - Take the bus - Get off and sign in
A lot of work - A lot of work - A lot of...

Do this, do that
Don't you complain?

Shut up - Obey
Your sweat is mine
Hard day - Hard life
Hard to survive
Each day I die to keep my family's keep

Die - Die - Die - Die
Die for a plate of food
Die for a place to live
Die for an old shoe
Die for my family to feed

You got my work
You got my soul
What else can you steal from my misery?
You want my pride!!!
Do you want my life?

After work I can't be a man in my bed
I can't afford to be alive nor to be dead
I can't give health or education to my young
Or protect us all from the rain or from the sun

System controlled
I can't complain
Shut up - Obey!!!
Calm down your rage
You're just one piece lost in this game
Yet you're lucky to be still employed

Die - Die - Die - Die

Die for the right of being
Die for my life to live
Die doing only what's right
Die to keep my honesty

[Chorus (x2)]

8. School

Shut up!! Sit down you fool!!
Welcome to school
You've got an empty mind - I'll fill it up
I've got the knowledge they passed me
Listen to the words I will throw up

Open your books and close your minds
Swallow the history written by the elite
Full of lies and contradictions
To maintain the system and the upper class

You must not understand
Just know everything by heart
Forget all your doubts
I will wash your brain up

In this old school my friend you'll only learn
How to be a worm in the land of words

Can you say you want a better world to live?
If you don't care what the children learn at school
Can you say you want a better world to live?
If the future depends on what they learn today

The way the teacher teach makes us feel bored
The study that should be a pleasure becomes monotony
School should be a nice place to be
But their repressive rules makes us feel in jail

Tests and grades are not a good way
To test how much we know
Just kill our intelligence
Destroy our creativity



Listen to me my master I want to learn
But not to learn by rote I want to think

Now I want a school of truth
Without hypocrisy class
No lies no brainwashing
I want more than that cause...



9. Last Words

These are my last words in life
These are the things that I'm gonna leave
Power brought with bloody money
Wealth built on innocent lives

That's my empire, made of hate and pain

Money was my fascination, but now
The greedy dream is gone

That was my life full of empty lies

It's about time to go
Just your words will remain

When you're close to death
You see your life passing by
And you find out who you were
And what you're leaving behind

I lived among the bums and junkies
They were my brothers and my friends
With them I doped off my reality
In this violent neighborhood

I was just no one roaming free

I lost my family and my job
I lost all my self - Respect

I was defeated in my infernal war



I was the leader of the blind crowd
I turned my greed into their laws
I was the priest that made them all slaves
I made money on their faith

I forged healings in the name of God

Now I'm lying on this cold bed
Scared of where I will go

Regret takes over my mind in the end


10. Postcard From Hell

I have some good places to show you
Pride of our fair society open your eyes
Wide to enjoy this tour
Feel deep in your heart the things you'll see

Our first stop will be at a slum where
People and rats share the huts and fight for the scraps
Scared by the cops and delinquents
Stray bullets don't think- Stray bullets just kill

Ragged children play in open sewers
Drug dealers - To be to escape from misery

Beaten and abused by drunk adults
Open sores in their souls that will never heal

This is what you used to call
A free world where everyone is equal

"Ordem e progresso o caralho
Seu filho da puta mercenario"

I hope you like hanging out in hell
I hope you like the reality hidden behind
The postcards and the magazines' lies

Lots of people dying in hospital lines
Many more coming to replace them

In this fancy church you'll realize
That you'd better die than stay alive
And if you wanna buy a spot in heaven
Just pay the price and they will provide

But as you're alive you need to survive
So get a job and carry your cross
In this zombie factory, I'll introduce you
To the real devil who'll suck your soul
Eaten alive by starving machines
You'll pay with your life for cheap merchandise

"Cest ce que tu appeles liberte, Egailte, Fraternite
Es esto lo que tu llamas desarollo? hija de puta sanguinario"


This is what you used to call
A free world where everyone is equal
So now make yourself at home
Help yourself if you want some more

11. Who's Guilty?

Living in a poor country beside the hungry inside a war
Locking education the population don't ask for more
Greedy foul politicians sell the nation betray their folks
Look at this humble people without ambitions living like ghosts

They just pray - They just wait

With this old prescription the situation is getting worse
Selfish childish people control the earth in a foolish
Game holding their privileges they close
Their minds and keep this shame
It is a time bomb that may go off at any time

And you say, "This is the way - It's just fate"
Then I say, "There is no fate - We made it
"Get smart now and take some action!!!

We're lost in a big small world without morals without values
Where the cunning worms and the mercenaries make the laws
Ethics, integrity and honesty turned into trash
Don't be a hypocrite cause you're part of it too
We are all guilty of this

What kind of future may we expect with this attitude??
Have some compromise with the human race and with yourself
So when you face death your existence will have made sense
You may not change the whole world but at last do your share your way

Do what you can - Do your best
This will make a big difference in the end
Use your brain and take some action!!!

Greedy foul politicians sell the nation betray their folks
Selfish childish people control the earth in a foolish game
It's a time bomb that may go off at any time
Don't be a hypocrite cause you're part of it too we are all guilty of this
Ethics, integrity and honesty turned into trash

What kind of future may we expect with this attitude??
Have some compromise with the human race and with yourself
You may not change the whole world but at last do your share

12. Out Of Control - A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a king who
Loved himself so much that he could not bear
Anyone different from him. this is what he used to say:

First I'll talk about the blacks – Inferior race
They don't need to have rights or chances
Spit on the Latins - Aliens go home!!!
Banish all impurity
Now let's talk about the gays
Spreading that AIDS
I'll root out abnormality
Look at the filthy whores selling indecent love,
Shame of society

I gotta purify the humanity
I'm gonna save the world from this weakness
From this sickness
In the name of evolution
I can't stand any imprudence
Difference and any kind of divergence

Burn the Jews and their faith
Conspiring to take control of all the human race
Die the crippled ones - Die the old ones
Die all the useless

At last the third world is dead
They can't use their heads
Let's steal their work - Wealth - Minds - Their souls
I'll sterilize all the freaks
I must clean the trashy streets


First I'll talk about the gays, the aliens and the whores
They don't need to have rights or chances
Look at the third world - Look at the Latins
Shame of society
Now let's talk about the blacks,
The crippled, and the old
Bring me their work - Wealth - Minds - and souls
I'll sterilize all the Jews alive - I must clean humanity


Kill the red skins - Kill the black eyed
Kill the long haired - Kill all the junkies
Kill the left handed - Kill the ugly ones
Kill the southerners - Kill all the witches
Exterminate impotence - Eliminate difference
Eradicate insolence - Extirpate divergence

Kill the percussion - Kill the guitars - Kill the drums- Kill the bass

"What makes people noble are their actions and not their color, nationality, religion, sex, money, age, appearance, social class, language, dress, "O tamanho do seu pau..."

13. Nu Dus Otro É Refresco

Num tem hora num tem luga
Nem avista que vai chega
Estora a fundanga escurrega malandra e vamo ve nu que vai da
Estora a fundanga escurrega malandra e vamo ve no que vai da
Se arrupio toda a cacunda
Memo durumindo, acordando ou cuspino
Bate nu canga pra assunta e incherga
Bate nu canga pra assunta e incherga
Tava durumindo acordado cum jeito di acoitado
Ca lata cheia ca lata amacada num atinei que era robada
Ca lata cheia ca lata amacada num atinei que era robada
Mas vem nu caminho di tria um tiozin um veinho que ria
Dizeno como ninguem que tudo aquilo era bom tumein
Dizeno como ninguem que tudo aquilo era bom tumein
Eu falei tudo as coisa proce ce rodo disvio num ligo
Si sunce num intendeu
Fila da puta nem eu............

Baza - vocals
Claudio David - guitar
Sérgio Cichovicz - guitar
Eddie Weber - bass
André Marcio - drums

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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