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1. Rio, Samba E Porrada No Morro

Tudo que eu sei
Que era Carnaval
No alto do morro
"Cumendo" o maio pau

Cade os marginal?
É tudo animal
Cade os policial?
É tudo marginal

Sai dai"Corujao" !!!!!

2. Street Law

I live in your eyes
The dark side of your mind
I'm a mistake of society
To live, to kill and to die
Contempt, indifference - It's what I feel
Madness, violence - It's what I think
Desire and frenzy - It's all I want

You're weak you fool
I don't need your dull laws
Who wants your foolish laws?

You can't lie to me
Cause in this game I make the rules
You can't seduce me
Cause in this war I crush you

You pray for your soul
But you can't clean your bloody hands
You lie to yourself
While I choose what I am
Fraternity and harmony - These are bullshit
The law of the jungle - Controls men
The power is above – Life and death


3. Straight To The Point

Mistakes and lies
Wake up before it's too late
Fight the peace
Fight for more

Don't stay away
React and get your rage back
You must try
Or lose pride

Slavery ... Lunacy....

Defeat conformity
Complaisance, stronger than your hatred
Reach for your rights
Confined forget about your defeats
Conformity, complaisance
Much stronger than your hatred
Reach for your rights

You're tired and sick
How long can you stand this apathy?
Scream for more

Stop now and think
How far gone things are going
Get some faith
Break the chains

Slavery ... Lunacy....


You stupid fool
Stop being grateful for nothing
Nameless man
Know your truth
You're still a slave
Just feel the pain of living
Why rival your own self

Slavery ... Lunacy....


4. Progress Of Decadence

When we were born
A prompt world we found
Rules 'n' laws
In a big strong wall
In the name of progress – They say – So sure
We're going ahead
Don't call into question - Accept – This way
Just think as I think

But I lost my hope and faith
Because I learned
Among the hunger and misery
So many wars..... Why?
I'm going to tell you about

Progress of decadence
Spreading the hate
Discharge of our aggression
Instinctive action
Primitive end

Opposite sites
Of the same coin
Rising together
In A dangerous game
Social disaster - Moral - Decay - Destruction of it all
Wait for the right time – To show – The face of hypocrisy

You fucking money cannot save
The failed men
You can try but you can't get
Away from your fate... Why?
I'm gonna tell you about


5. Capitalist Way

If you live in a third world country
Ugly, black, just a simple man
Looking for a fate and a way
If you feel like a normal man
Having the same chances as everyone
Working with the hope in their lies

Man, you're a fool
Can't you see what's happening?
You're a piece of shit
In the powerful game of money

I feel, I feel you burning
In the new inquisition of the capitalist way
I see, I see you drowning
In the broken system of the decadent days

If you didn't have a rich father
To pay you a nice school
Or give you a high life
If you wanna be a rich man
And get everything that you've dreamed
Like girls, cars and nice places to go

You will never get it
You will die as you were born
In this society of opportunity
Only the rich is human


6. Deep In Your Mind


7. Noise From Brazil


8. Aluquisarrera

There's a poor – Black child
Crying - Walking on the streets
Looking for water and bread
But he only finds scorn
We all see it
But we do nothing

There's a red faced Indian
But he isn't painted in red
It's just blood of a wild heart
Life traded by gold and trees
We all see it
But we do nothing - "Aluquisarrera"

On my TV - I just see the same old news and faces
In Rio - Another tragedy in the Favela
More people died
We all see it
But we do nothing

The congress wants new laws
The President wants more money
But when it is election time
They turn into nice guys
We all see it
But we do nothing

Where do you think
The rain forest trees are?
Where do you think our stolen gold went to?
Do you think this poverty is our fault?

You all say
The same thing
But you damage
Our land

Will you help?
Forget your money
And do
What you can

Children made in Brazil
Sent to Europe
As cheap merchandise
The dirty dealers pull the children's gut and sell it
In the black market

The people know everything
But on Sunday there's Soccer
And if you have nothing to eat
And nowhere to live
No problem, man
We have Carnival



9. Favela

Slaughter in your sight
Fear you feel inside
Useless existence
Senseless violence

Tribal attitude
Dirty neighborhood
Bullet in your gun
Killing's just for fun

Felony, cruelty
Poverty, misery
Genocide, submission
Prejudice, injustice

No food, no home
No smile, no peace

Tragedies, terrorism
Minds don't grow
Hate and sow

Brutal scenes
No one speaks
Mortal needs
No one hears

No love, no law
No faith, no pride

10. No Truce

I don't care about my life
Humanity is not kind enough
To change the way things have to be
But on the streets no truce there is
My future is not really great
Nightmares on my nights and days
Scared people walking by my side
I just wait for my next assault!

One shot, hold up
I can just run away
Stand up, you're weak
I wanna kick your face

Crimes every day
I will kill you, baby
Dying innocent
The world is not for them
Crimes every day
I see the death of my own mates
Dying innocent
I'm not guilty of doin' this

Revolt in my head
Against the rich men greed
While they smile to me so calm
I rob to eat
Revolt in my head
Against the prejudice
Some dudes are meant to live as kings
And some as shit

Streets are turning into traps
The victim is you, normal man
Insanity and agony within my sick mentality
Dealing out your charity
I only take what you should give me
Bread crumbs fallen on the ground

Are all my food that you spit on

No hope, no chance
This is my dirty end
Scorn, contempt
That's what you feel for me

Repulsive misery
Indigents smoke joint with me
Rats around me
Biting something I would eat
My throne is poverty
Few coins are my salary
Pus drains from me
Worms always sucking my bleeding


11. Faithful Death

Die, die, do not think about your life
Die, you will find the other side
Don't wait, just keep on following me

I'm the man who was sent by the Lord
You're the chosen lamb of my herd
God is in my speech
Power's in my hand
I'm the one who'll lead you to the promised land

Bow down before me and ask for my mercy
Implore to your God
Holding my hand, to know all my blessing
Let me show the way

Leave under my care
All your desire


In the worst time of your life
I loosen your mind
You have been given all my help
Now I want your soul
A loyal proof to God
Give me all control
Praised be the Lord


I'm gonna accomplish all your failure


I have answers to all your questions
Let me heal all your pain
And give you eternal rest
All you want to know
I will teach you

Let the death angel
Take you by the hand
Just freeze, your mind and soul
Don't worry 'bout the end


12. Stupid Generation

Hey, you who make questions
Searching for an answer
For your life conceit
You looking for wisdom
Hide behind your reason
Donkey mind grows up

You never felt the taste of shit
In your golden throne

Blind man, made by a fool generation
Stupid, kissing asses all the time

You think you're smart
Keeping on the fashion
Doin' as everyone
You spend your rotten life
In a futile way but
Can you see around yourself?

You're dead even in life
Go to your grave


13. Zombie Factory

Turn on the engines of fear...
Turn on the engines of pain...
Turn on the engines of madness...
Turn on the engines of life and death...

One more child born
Under the sun
Boy or girl it doesn't matter
Just a working one

Born dead, their fate is written
Life's shift has just begun
Behind a mask of freedom
Lies the technological Scum
Another slave's been made
In the zombie factory
What are these things we create?

Machines remove their souls
Empty bodies the state controls
Another slave awakes for life
No name, no identity
Just the reigning ideology
Another zombie's working to death
In the zombie factory

One more working stiff under control
The stupid fools are powerless, filling the role

Strong chains look up their freewill
Mouth shut, just obey
Carrying the cross of anguish
Ready for an endless day
Another slave has died
A replaceable kind of life
'Cause real zombies never die


Turn on the engines of fear...
Turn on the engines of pain...
Turn on the engines of madness...
Turn on the engines of life and death...

Another slave's been made
In the zombie factory
We're everything we create


Pedro Alberto "Baza" Amorim
Claudio David
Sérgio Cichovicz
Eddie Weber
André Marcio

Thanks to sh_wildchild for sending these lyrics.

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