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1. The Zombie Factory

Turn on the engines of fear...
Turn on the engines of pain...
Turn on the engines of madness...
Turn on the engines of life and death...

One more child is born
Under the sun
Boy or girl it doesn't matter
Just a working one

Born dead, his fate is written
Life's shift has just begun
Behind a mask of freedom
Lies the technological scum
Another slave's been made
In the zombie factory
What are those things we create?

Machines remove his souls
Empty bodies the state controls
Another slave awakes for life
No name, no identity
Just the reigning ideology
Another zombie's ready to die
In the zombie factory

One more working man under control
A stupid fool, a powerless, filling the role

Strong chains look up his freewill
Mouth shut, he's to obey
Carrying the cross of anguish
Ready for an endless day
Another slave has died
Replaceable kind of life
'cause real zombies never die


Turn on the engines of fear...
Turn on the engines of pain...
Turn on the engines of madness...
Turn on the engines of life and death...

Another slave's been made
In the zombie factory
We're everything we create


2. Children Of War

Children the war
They live to fight
Patrolling the streets
Ready to strike

Defending their countries
With blood and pride
Attacking the troops
Learning to survive

They're children they're warriors
Dreaming of peace, no fear of death
A painful deep mark lives in their hearts
Made by this war they'll never forget
They're victims of men that for a long time
Just wanted to kill
If men love war - fuck them all
But don't let' em die for another war

As they're children
Love is in their minds
But they'll never know
The reason for all this fight

Living at a foolish war
Air is full of death
Shooting and killing
'til their last breath


Oh god of this earth
Show them just one place
A place that' they could live
With peace n' no more hate

And all this foolish war
Won't be finished
And so many kids
To fight will be born

We are killing each other
Time keeps passing by
(who knows) peace can rule one day
And take all the pain away

No, there won't be
One sole hope
We've done it all again
No future for men!

3. Dead Clowns

"The lights go down, it's time for the show
They're all on stage ready to go
Hey you lady... and you sir, too
I'm the ringmaster, and this is my crew"

Playing with his own life
Slow moves, no breath
Rope-walker's show time
He's always on the edge

Look out
Beyond the ring they're sit as a
Funny crowd
They seem to laugh but they're dead
Dead clowns
Tonight's main attraction on the
On and on the comedy goes...

Over the ground the trapezist goes
A fearless acrobat flyin' high and low
He trusts his life to other hands
Slippery bones, traitor ones, will lead him to the end

Spinning on his two wheels
Round the globe of death
He can't think, can't feel
Just live fast and die fast


Inside a cage the beast-tamer shouts
To prove his training gifts he whips his loyal pals
Humble servants feed to open mouth
Instinctive actions, we're all animals!


On and on the tragedy goes...

4. Profit

See that beggar sittin' there
All alone, a solitaire
But some day, one day
He was a rich man

Hazy eyes, his mind runs fast
To remind him of the past
Some day, one day
He was a millionaire

You were born with a silver spoon
And they taught you everything they knew
"hey son, c'mon! kiss your daddy and get your greenie
Oh, what a profitable childhood!

You made it once now you want it twice
You heart of stone, stone cold as ice
You only lived for a profit ( profit )
You always gambled with your life
You took the chance, now you pay the price
You only lived for a profit ( profit )

You were the king as you paid you ruled
An empire built with the faith of fools
But some day, one day
You knew you had to loose

Your lying words were somebody's truth
And your full pockets were another's food
Now today's the day
The time has come for you

Yeah, it has come for you to pay your debts
And now you know they're not few
Hey you, you fool! the wheel of fortune rolled
Fast against you
Now you'll die hungry and poor


5. The Healer

He made them believers
With mighty promises
And headed for a no return crusade
Towards the sun he went
Bare feet and preaching hands
He took faith from the sinners
Also took sins from the saints

But he couldn't let' em down
Cause he made them all believers
Following him a crowd
Praying for their supreme leader

He crossed deserts and wasted plains
Faced sickness and pain
His scary eyes draw a picture of the insane
War and hate, beloved fate
No mercy for this race
How could he be the healer
When his people were the shame

But he couldn't let 'em down
Cause he made them hard believers
Following him a crowd
Waiting for the final healing

The promises have failed
Last hope has fade away
His healing words became a lie
And they will make him pay
For the sins, for all they've made
A fallen angel will be crucified

But he couldn't let' em down
'cause he made them blind believers
Following him a crowd claiming for the
Promised healing


The healer came
The healer failed
But he's the only one to blame
On a stream of shame
He washed his hands
And left them for the judgment day

6. Violence

I've had enough of this way of life
A frightening daily fight
Never ending
Trying to survive with violence
Walking side by side
A step behind

Mighty men steal the poor
Exploring their work
"You'll do this, do that", they don't care
"Till they suck all their blood

In the still of the night
The cops protect and serve
(beating, killing innocents!)
In the name of a badge
They're down stuck in the dirt

Church uphold its luxury
Building palaces of gold
If you don't contribute
In the hell you'll burn

How could it be ?
God's love monopoly...

Like branches of a tree
Flourishing in front of me
From a rotten society
Violence is all i see
We accuse, denounce, we refuse
We beg for justice, freedom and truth
But who's violent ? man is violent

I've had enough of this way of life
A chaos on my mind so confusing
Trying to survive with violence
Blurring all my sight
Making me blind

Stupid men destroy the trees
Into ashes they're turned
The green-house door is open wide
Our skins starts to burn

A street gang prowls
Looking for some fun
(blacks, Jews, Nazis)
They've declared a cultural war
Firing racist guns

Statesmen always dealing
With some bureaucratic stuff
Pleading they're not guilty
For the poverty on earth

How could it be?
Man-to-man dishonesty....


Media preachers looking
For another tragedy
Raped women, abandoned children
A mass violence feast

How could it be? Violence shows on my TV...


7. A Good Day To Die

You're feeling good sensations
Delirium in your mind
They could not get pulsation
So needless is all this fight
A cold wind blows over you
Whispering your last rites
Flat line brain death forever
Now you fly into the never

A shooting light calls you to
Join this revealing ride
You're floating on a vague haze
Fearing your own dead eyes

Oh what a good day is today....
C'mon and take my fading hand!

And today
Don't be afraid cause this day's
A good day to die
With no regrets
Face death
Say a prayer
And go with a smile

All the things you did in your life
Emerge in front of you
Happy moments, scary torments
Came back just to tell the truth
You're the one to be the judge
Pronounce your final doom

Heaven tell the never
Welcome the new dweller

Now your mission is completed
You silently realize
We're living just to die
Dying to another life

Oh what a good day is today...
C'mon, and take my fading hand !


8. Powerwish

Mainspring, energy, pushing us all
Strong impulse leading us to survival laws

We wish to kill and live
We make big wars and build solid ideologies
We subjugate, and we desecrate
We deny our culture for a major force inside

We destroy and create
(for powerwish)
We command and we enslave
(for powerwish)
And we can't tear it down
We corrupt and we smile
(for powerwish)
Now we live and we die
(for powerwish)
And we won't stop it now

Strange battle, with no start, no end
Sometimes amusing, sometimes innate to men

We wish to bleed and breathe
We rise and fall
Fighting a well-known enemy
We alienate, and we procreate
We feed the cursed for a
Major force inside


9. Beyond My Bad Dreams

One night
Resting when i fell into sleep
Had a dream i could not believe
Misshapen faces trying to scream
On a flashback
Of my life right in front of me

I was standing there and a 3-d screen
Showed my own moves, my past tragedy
All my childhood friends suddenly appeared
Good ones and the bad ones laughin' at me

Old days
All the things we've done
Mates, mates
Now they all have gone
Time, time
Always ruling my life
Cries, cries
Wish i still were a child

Beyond this dream
The unconscious seem
To have nothing else for me
All i need to know
Is where I'll go
Now that I'm old


I wanna see beyond my bad dreams
Deep into the secrets of my destiny
Beyond my bad dreams
Maybe I'll meet my maker or devil's breed
Who's gonna be hiding there waiting for me
Beyond my bad dreams

Act two
I was a teenage seeking a way
To get away
From the challenges i had to face
You grow up
And understand the gifts of mankind
Then you learn
Life's a joke, nothing but a lie
An old love with a pretty tempting smile
Tried to convince me it was all worthwhile
Faces that i haven't seen for a long time
Could not ease the pain 'n fear of a young mind

Fate, fate
Always haunting me
Old days
Of a sweet agony
Time, time, always torturing my mind
Cries, cries
Sometimes death would be fine

[Repeat bridge and chorus]

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