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1. Child's Dead Innocence

in these days of lust can we still prevail?
rive out our hearts as ounishment if we fail
disgust ourselves with the worthless impure
potency for the day as we endure
disguised disease is seen as pleasure
distraught in thought given your glow
abandoned thought mistaken measure
this sexual snare will never slow
these selfish minutes, destroying years
read the words of lust
spelled out in tears
child's dead innocence
you can't retrieve prostituted virginity
you've done it all
no stranger to the fall

2. Amnesty

Your words aside, I search your face, to read your heart.
To know intent and learn motives for your actions.
Your will is hurt, you speak in spite, in haste you judge
Eyes that pierce, pierce through and try to find my faults.
Tounge like a sword, I try to put it aside but it eats me alive
God I pray give me strength, To love all my enemies.
And do unto them, as I would have them do unto me.

3. Perish The Wicked

My enemies turn back, they stumble and perish before you
For you have upheld my right and my cause.
You have sat on your throne judging righteously, you have rebuked the nations.
And destroyed the wicked.
You bottled out their name forever
Endless ruin has overtaken the enemy.
You have uprooted their cities, even the memory of them has perished.
The Lord reigns forever.

4. Deviant Inveracity

Gave into your lust and raped her body of trust
Just a number in your eyes
A victim in your game, no time to learn her name.
Innocence lost and destroyed.
Never can you give back, her body not in tact
Its more than just her sex you stole
The eyes no longer glow, perversion stole your soul, addiction strike, your life cold.
The cancer of perversion makes me sick.
It has enslaved you and made your head thick.
Say your against addiction and physical harm.
Yet you emotionally kill life, and this is justified?
We must fight to free our lives of this lie
That this addiction can be left to thrive.
Sex is not for our abuse, but we must choose to have the strength to control our lives.

5. Lifting The Weak

why seek out the truth in a world of lies
to unmask right in wrongs disguise
to be sincere in the crowds that fall
and not to be satisfied with less than your all
lifting of the weak
starts inside
your compromise
choose your side
or stand aside
your pride can be your best friend or your enemy
it can tear from side to side to mediocrity
faith in what can be accomplished with your life
decide to choose a higher standard for your fight
your life sets the stage
be strong in your beliefs
and lend a helping hand
to life the weak to stand

6. Pride Before A Fall

this idol you bow to on your knees
give the glory to a world philosophy
deny the price your God paid
put the power of God in a cage
I sense your need to justify your choice
I hear the discontentment in your voice
God sees you put his word up on your shelf
to use the answers of this world to offer help
betrayed for pride
your pride before a fall
you betrayed him for pride
to caught up in labels you use to hide
you betrayed him for pride
too caught up in labels you use to hide
you betrayed him for pride
too proud to lose labels from your life

7. I Rise Above

I rise above the futile words of enimes attemps to alter to my cause
I rise above
I rise above the actions of demons attempts to destroy my spirit
I rise above
no force could change the way I feel
no wind could kill my flame
Your worlds will only build my spirit
till death will I stand in Jesus' name
I will not think this over twice
I have the power of the true risen Christ
and I will not fear the face of death
for I know that my enemies shall not triumph over (me).

8. The Life Of Death

memories are all that's left of the way you were
you're free to change
and reach out from this world for life
empty you will find
this world to be an deverything
you will try
to fill the void of your life only to find
you've died
search to find... you've died
in the end... you've died
no more peace... you've died
for God so loved the world
he gave his only begotten son
that whosoever believes in him
they shall not die
but have eternal life
it's not too late
I see the best in you
forever my friend
I will be true

9. Thorns Compose

when I survey
the wondrous cross
on which the prince of glory died
my richest gain
I count but loss
and poor contempt on all my pride
forbid it Lord
that I should coast
save in the death of Christ
my God
All the vain things that charm me most
I sacrifice them
to his blood
see from his head
his hands
his feet
sorrow and love flow mingled down
did e're such love and sorrow meet
or thorns compose to rich a crown?
were the whole realm of nature mine
that were a present far too small
love so amazing
so divine
demands my life
my soul
my all
when I survey
the wondrous cross on which my savior died for me
when I survey I'm willing to give up my life for thee

10. The Case For Life (Live)

11. When Beauty Dies (Live)

To god of lust, to god of pleasure,
now build your sacrificial alter
upon this lying in surrender,
murder your innocence.
Lost within your lust you feed your hunger.
Once your in you're pulled straight under.
Addicted to flesh nakedness your splendor.
Never willing to satisfy this need you've acquired.
Justify how you call yourself clean,
using this drug called pornography.
Why can't you just break free from pornography?
It tears me up inside, to watch the beauty die
as the sacred act of sex is now thrown aside.
To be replaced with lust and greed, the virgin's body now bleeds;
from the wounds of a lie that sold that body so cheap.
Realize your worth.
Realize your worth, steer clear of the perverse,
sex is not a game.
You'll be found dead in your shame.

12. Hebron (Live)

Given this day, my life as a sacrifice.
To the God that reigns forever, I lift my voice,
with my mouth I will praise you,
for you are worthy to be praised.
With my feet I will stand before you, and my hands I will raise.
Oh God, I have left this world.
Crossed Over, eternal life my reward.
I sense your fight.
Your pride comes before your heart,
this world is not worth eternity in hell.
But you're so proud, so proud of being lost.
I choose to live for God, I have crossed.
Hebron I have crossed over.

13. Foundation (Live)

Inside my mind where thoughts reside
my point of view, my life, nothing can change
my fight for what I know is right.
I will fall to my knees a humble servant,
my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak.
Weak against the pressures of this world
which drag me down and shove my face in my mistakes.
To let me know that I can break,
break but never break apart. For no one could ever
change my heart.
Trials, tests of faith to challenge your beliefs
to test if your stand is weak,
never shame to stand up for your cause
a foundation strong, suffer not a loss.

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