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1. House Of Cards

break the ground,
commence our lives follow what we mind as real
our fleeting goals dilute our thoughts
choke on sand from our foundation
fabrication of our lives can be misled by suppressing truth
we give ourselves to the world
we deprave our minds and do what ought not be done
and without excuse we build our house of cards for since creation,
God's invisible qualities his eternal power and divine nature have been clearly seen,
being understood from what has been made
so that we are without excuse
for although we knew God,
we neither glorify nor give thanks
our thoughts become futile
and our foolish hearts are darkened
although we claim to be wise
we become fools

2. Resurgence Of Souls

revive the spirit of the low
restore the heart of the contrite
break not your yoke with the Lord
don't tear off your bonds of faith
your backsliding will rebuke you.
you reap what you sow
destruction for those
who sow their sinful lives
but eternal life
for those sowing light
do not be decieved
your actions bring great consequence
restore your dying soul
for wide is the gate
and broad is the road
that leads to hell, many enter through it
but small is the gate and narrow the road.
that leads to life. few find it.

3. Lethargic Duration

sleep walk this earth, never lead just follow
fall into ruts and every day routine
our comfort zones, our safety blanket
color outside the lines and have your hands removed
authenticities not in our actions
apathetic living, we might as well be dead
lethargic duration, lukewarm in this life
I know your deeds
that you're neither cold nor hot
so because you are lukewarm
I will spit you from my mouth
what would become of our lives
if we put forth the effort to achieve
set standard wrought by merit
with ambotions of validity
i pledge my life to try.

4. Conversion

these are times that we must fight
to keep in tact the words and truths we've etched
upon our hearts, our hearts that pump
the blood thru veins, the blood sustains and the blood remains
vital to life, and I will write out in my blood the truth I know,
that brought me to my place in life
and toward the light that beckons me
to fall down on my knees and face the cross
for Your blood cleanses me
the chains that bind my soul released
Your blood renews, Your blood rebirths,
Your blood refines, Your blood restores
wash me in Your blood
conversion, my second chance at life.

5. Child's Dead Innocence

in these days of lust can we still prevail?
rive out our hearts as ounishment if we fail
disgust ourselves with the worthless impure
potency for the day as we endure
disguised disease is seen as pleasure
distraught in thought given your glow
abandoned thought mistaken measure
this sexual snare will never slow
these selfish minutes, destroying years
read the words of lust
spelled out in tears
child's dead innocence
you can't retrieve prostituted virginity
you've done it all
no stranger to the fall

6. Our Mortal Standard

eyes fixed on goals of wealth and riches
we reach out to recieve but never give
in debt for our wants and neglect our needs
silver and gold the measure of a man
possessions posses
owned by ownership indebted distress
enter the gauntlet of dreams
acquire happiness by any means
content is the man that knows
his worth relies in Christ
for Godliness with contentment is great gain
for we brought nothing into this world
and we take nothing out
for the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil
some people eager for money
wandered from their faith
and pierced themselves with many griefs.

7. Revelation

8. The Resurrection Body

9. Reverence

You're wonderful, I'm powerless in your arms
You've shown me love, in the surrounds of hate
and restored my strength
and I proclaim my life is Yours
so break my will
and surely not in vain,
I keep my life pure
for great is my reward.

10. Equilibrium

[feat. Chris Broxterman of Oneself]

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