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1. Being : Being


2. The Peter Pan Complex 2.0

[feat. Joel Hanlon (Ex-Permillisecond)]

Oh, how quickly life goes by
So swiftly, taking it's toll
Nothing is the same, anymore, anymore
My mind is a playground
In which I tumble and fall, tumble and fall
Still thinking that it's nothing at all
I'm completely under siege, under siege
I will never grow old, I will never grow old
Clouds by my side, the earth below me
All is silent
I will never grow old
Turning fantasy into reality
It's what I'm made up of, something complex
Within each reach, is a simple dream
My mind is a playground
In which I hold onto
Still thinking that everything is simple
It's never ending, I'm eternal, I'm eternal
The sky is falling
Reality becomes broken
Age defies reasoning
I will never grow old

3. Ambivalence

[feat. Chad Kapper (A Dark Orbit/When Knives Go Skyward)]

And I'll wait for all this to begin
This destruction clears a path
For the warning signs to freeze me in my tracks
Now I shout the lies and it's a beautiful reaction
Such a beautiful release to counter distraction
Devastation is written all over the rays of my horizon
Now it's such an ugly world
That the road is now my home of inspiration
And the bloody corpses of my prodigies they're screaming
I'm light years away
In the passion it shows
Sorry world, my extinction, it has to happen to bring on the weapons
The conversation is in its final stages
And all of us fear that we aren't good enough
All of us fear that we won't amount to much
And I promise you that I will find a place in my heart
For the likes of you and your judgmental thoughts
Now stretch above the clouds
You are free
Now stretch above the clouds

4. Psychic Cycles

[feat. Andrew Zink (Akeldama)]

Free me from this body
I am no longer asleep.
I'm now completely aware of my being.
I have been given a new life.
Or have i been given a curse?
I am a victim now.
I am a victim now.
This reproduction of fate is now a prison
No escape.
These are the end of days.
No longer alive for myself.
Chain reactions.
These cold contraptions stretch my eyes.
Try to look away.
I've become a slave.
I will no longer be held down in this.
No longer alive for myself.
A heart without love or a pulse.
This prison I once called a life.

5. Apeirophobia

[feat. Sean Silagy (End, Ocean)]

Chasing myself through time, always falling further behind.
What seems to last forever can fall apart in the blink of an eye.
Always afraid of immortality to proud to turn my back.
I'd give anything to return to the now but there's nothing left to give.
Carefully crafting a path to the end to rid myself of this plague within, and lay my soul to rest.
Transcend, transcend. The time has come for you to forgive.
When will you learn that this is where it all began.
No one can say what the future holds, but rest assured I'll do my best to create a life worth living,
A dream worth dying for, something I can no longer ignore.
Never slowing down, the hands of time are a constant reminder.
Of the time we have, the days we've been given.
It wont last long, this won't last forever.
I place my life in your hands.
This life is yours to mend.
Wasted away, I will live forever.
To carry on in existence, emotionless, meaningless.
A path walked by few, a road paved with faded stone.
I will make my mark.
In this life of the lesser known, in this life of the lesser known.

6. Archetype


7. Quark

[feat. Aleksandra Radosavljevic (Above The Earth)]

You hold the answers, deep within your own mind, conscientiously you forgotten it
When something is too unpleasant, too shameful for us, we erase it from our memories
But the imprint is always there.
You cant run away, cant hide from yourself, it just won't fade away.
Can try to forget, but all will remain, it just won't fade away.

8. Telencephalon

[feat. Chris Jones (Ex-No Consequence)]

Travel through space and time, is is all in my mind?
My body moves on a line, but no sight with my eyes.
(Watching dreams unwind)
My mind feels like its drawing, to the end, from the end, and in the insides, in the insides of my mind.
(I am blind).
Travel through space and time, is it all in my mind?
To know what's on the other side, no time.
Walk into the sky, to find out what is right.
Nothing, nothing will let you go, please breath in time.

9. Diencephalon

[feat. John Brogger (Ex-Burning Alexandria)]

It’s all been a dream that I can’t comprehend
One where I waited for your lies to try and change my mind
On a crumbling planet lifelessly cradled by your faith
Parallel to a night sky that never seems to fade
Sitting and waiting and hoping yet knowing
That not a single fucking thing you do will ever bring us back to life
You know you did this to us, get on your fucking feet
You do not yet have my permission to sleep, wake the fuck up
Speed up this earth
If every days the same and this is a dream then I want to feel some fucking pain
Call out my name, the sky has begun to open up
And the plagues that we are have come back to life
To rid this earth of it’s sanity and decency
Call out my name, bring this world back to sleep
There’s a blind man watching every sunset
There’s a young girl waiting for her life to end
There’s a mute child screaming at the top of his lungs
Only his deaf mother hears the child's screams of remorse
Don’t you tell me that this is not a dream
Real life can’t be like this
The fortunate take it for granted
We are the empire of filth
We praise the superior for the blood that stains their hands
We kick to curb the inferior for the blood stains on my blade
The existence of two or more voices within a thought
Especially conflicting discourses within a linguistic activity
We will bring to you to your knees
This is a broken promise from me
Turn the page to find it blank
Let the ink drain from your veins
Kill your newborns
Let the ink drain from your veins

10. Phyllotaxis Complete

[feat. Joey Virrueta And Jake Lowe (Vocalist Of Sea Of Skies And Guitarist Of The Helix Nebula)]

The form of a rose with dissonance at its core.
A black hole lies under ten thousand masks.
We are bound to our design but you move so freely.
Without an internal structure.
Demented creation.
Defy all the formulas and figures and leave a shell behind.
Every waking life you destroy defines your defect.
So find restitution for all you destroy.
If blood wont convince you, then what's in your bones?
I know all the answers within ourselves.
Yearn to be found.
We choose destruction and we ask why.
Are we so imperfect, or is it part of our design?

11. Toska

[feat. Steve Mccorry (Exotype/The Advaita Concept/The Reset)]

As your life unfolds before you. Haven't you learned anything? Anything at all?
My eyes are closed, but I can still see everything around me.
Take your time and make it count. Your life's a lie, and only you can help you now.
There's no turning back. Your fate is written, where is your savior?
Save your breath for the next man.
You have taken everything, you have taken everything.

12. Woods


13. Apachee


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