Dark Lyrics


1. Shadows Still (Intro)

2. The Finest Art Of Feeding

The moon has bathed in clouds tonight
I howl in wanton pain.
Loose your silk, discard your fright
I'm not foreign to you, my bane
The boiling scarlet of your throat
I cannot resist, nor you
For this eve the need is sire.
The winter in your tears, dark venoms
Through and through
In musk of misery and desire.

Your soft skin, it draws me
Nearer, I can't
Or wish to decline from this madness!
Lift your chin now, come,
Let me take hold,
Lose yourself whole in my sadness.

For this is the edge where insanity brings
An end to all known and all granted
The kill and the chase and the warming embrace
When all senses scream for the hunt and

Madness! Overcomes anxiety
Fearless, give me immortality!
The beast inside me wakes, it's clawing me
Staining crimson dreams and cruelty

What are you?
A wolf.
And a man?
That is, too.
And of virtues?
Milady, of words.
A drop of the precious,
A drop of the sweet,
A drop of the blood and of heat.
For this is the edge
And infinity, too
And the hideous face at your door
The kill and the chase
And the dances of two
Of the beast and a man, so forlorn

The man and the beast in silence they feast
But in victory laid to the prey
Then come to me, love
And let me surrender in this lovely curse of the day
Come to me, hunt with the moon
Or be hunted in sake of your flesh
For your blood and your lust and everything, thrust!
Come to me... Release the beast!

What is this strange desire
That in me deep enrolls
My dark familiarities, enough was said
What is this haunting craving?
I start to lose control
What dangers it beholds inside its petals red?

And as I lurk behind her
To strike the great unknown
Her rush of blood. A spell on me, it fills my sight!
A mischief is the sunlight
The day is long begone,
A beast unleashed and I surrendered to the night

The woods drip of dread oaths
The Lunar call for hunt
And shadows clad only in starfire.
Bones reform the edge of immortality
A lone howl jewels the distant candlelight.

The risen fullness of me, now awakened and is named
Lycanthropy's strong grip and thoughtless aim
The need runs in dry veins, increasing, I feed and you will claim
Ere it rise on us, a lure to tame
Madness and your arms, and oaks and seas and skies, all bleed for us!
I burn in sweet, disdainful shame.

3. The Becoming

Heartbeats. and I knew where art thou
Summoned by dust and the ashes
To hunt you in the boundaries of woe
Clawed by the fangs of the darkness.

My irises burn, extinguished by dusk
Tongues forge the entrance, come to me
Complete, I shall claim you by flame of the dagger
By the whisper implied by another.

Blood flows from my chalice to yours
When our sloughs in the fabric entwined
And the Styx that yet follows the lines of your cape
And the Lethe that runs between mine.

The swords and the flames and the guards and the east
And the banished, dripping and wanting
Risen to welcome our inhuman zest
With a kiss to seal our death.

Our spirits, serpentine, wrapped in the winds
Let us hunt, let us the forests!
I stand yet against the flame of the west
A moon, and a wolf, and Ashtoreth.

4. Under Dying Stars

I'll come to you, unknown
When silhouettes slowly prance
The pregnant moonlit mids.
Let us race the wind, the forest
Bids us forth, to hunt the spells
Of a ripening majesty.

Under dying stars
I have tread so far.

I'll come to you, obscured
By memories that have shed
Dark melodies and tears.
Take my hand now, follow me
Into the tempest cords
Into eternity.

Omens and your embrace
This witching hour's grace.

Under dying stars I swear
To be your bride for this affair
To love, forbidden vows, and yet so true!
The heart that beats in your beast's eye
The ruby shades and lullabies
Of dusk to seal this estranged love with you!

And as we lend divine
In vessels intertwined
Follow me into the night, eternal
And as we lay in rhyme
The alchemy of time
Take me in the nightly thermal.

Under dying stars I spread wings
And drank the mysteries of your skin
Weresouls danced in scarlet, black
Camphor of the woods -
Secrets line the liquor of your breath.

5. In Sickness And In Hell

What have I done? Am I out of my mind?
Have I gone completely insane?
Should I grow cold in this thin lullaby
Or follow the essence of men?

This false masquerade, sensations and trials
We laid in the passion of mutual denial
I've offered a piece of my once beating heart
To linger in madness, in sickness and fright...

What is all this? Is it truth or folklore?
Is this what you want me to be?
Is it the shade that had made us grow sore
Or is it the shade deep in me?

I gave her my body, I gave her my name,
I gave her my silhouette and my dark shame,
I used all my charm and I used all my fame
And divinity's fall and that sickness again...

For I want all the glory in truth, far from pleasures and lies
All the glory in the shade of the sun
I have desires that run deep, that run deeper than lust
All the longings that I shed all my love to -
In sickness and in hell I shall dwell
I will never be true
I am I, who are you?
In this silent decay
I won't stay,
I'll run pale for this treacherous day
You are fading away

In sickness and in hell I walk along these mortal ways
In sickness and in hell I am true
And where are all the glorious vows between me and you?
In sickness and in hell I am through

Behold the death of wolf, behold the howls that silent run
And welcome this new man I've come to be
Farewell you, silver moon, insanity and passion's rime
I am where I belong, away from you

(In sickness and in hell I'm leaving you)

6. The Death Of All Morrows

The moon has now sank in my orbs, I am lost
In the dank cells of truth. I am sober
Of dreadful mistakes, and the somber, unspeakable
Zest. I am worn. now humanity pounds
In my chest. no more wolf! No more vain
Incarnations! No vicious temptations!
No maddening rage of obsessions
Declines this vile change of the dimmed
Contradiction, for light and just ration
Hold not deadly passions
Nor demon transactions -
Enough with this dream!

7. Dismissal

And so I stand
Where the memory of grace descends
Where her smile can never reach me,
Telling tales of crimson heat

Who am I to blame?
I have never had to walk this lane
Where the flowers always grow
As pale divisions of the trees

From my point of view
I will always be here
Without you

Cruelty, hate and the agonized fate, false tomorrows
And the hand that's not there
And the breeze in her stare
And the souls we once shared
And the meaningless, meaningless prayer...

Moments of white disdain
Doses of sweetened pain
I write myself out as I try
To express your ways with ink
Epilogues slip down my spine
I try to embrace all's mine
To regret as your poisonous chest
Stains the well at which we drink

What is left now to hold?
Just the ghost in the fold
Of your hem, just the cold breath of heaven
Behold, I am sate from this glorified hate
And I mold. all in vain incarnations

Something inside me dies each night I'm with you
Narcotic desires to carve the unspeakable truth

A dozen of silver chains
Seventy hours of pain
I tear myself out as I try
To forget all your ways in this chilled lovers' quest
Conclusions slip at my palm
I try to crush all that's mine
To forget, to forget and to never regret,
As your poison washes my chest

Engaging myself in forbidden requires
To quiet your pulse in my lines of thin fate
The vigilance cry of the morrow awakes me
The sound of the whispering walls lets me rest

I will never reach for pain
And I will never walk this lane
And I will never be the same with you.

8. In Terms Of Twilight

And then it was quiet
And then all was done
Lonely streetlamps, scattered heartbeats and I.
And then it was gone.
What is the strength that calls the man
To leave in terms of twilight?
Under dying stars, not sober. no! No!
They lost neon, I lost faith.

Tonight my only god is silver, sharpened chrome and itch,
Tonight I know my hunters and the meaning of pain
And as I try to gather piece to piece of oxygen, I breathe -
Don't pull the feathers from my wings.
I dare you wolf!

9. Because He's Made Of Flesh

In this fair nakedness I kneel, head between my shaking hands
Vision blurred from ice tears dripping from a cold champagne
To shatter, amplified by the echoes of another heartache-over
And the symptoms of a crimson, unspeakable need.
A mutual urge for warmth, only a glimpse of it in the stained glass
The wine, all red and black and pale, and colorful and dull
A memoir left in times of haste: "Dance with me, for the night calls,
I'm losing each and every part". only dust now dances wild.

Counting the hours ticking by, the liquids surround me as I lay here
Standing by the mirror, undressing slowly, as if you watch
Here in my nakedness I kneel, moving by the sleeping windows
"Because he's made of flesh..." and I am nothing but the blood.
Scream for me, won't you BLEED for me, I'll accept you between my legs now!
Come hard and fast so I can die in you, the soil beneath me yawns
You were so WARM! A mutual need? What's mutual in this hunger?
Your beauty's gray and wet and sound and colorful and dull.

Because he's made of flesh, and fingernails and aching colors
Scream my angel, scream! I'll cut your wings for I have none!
The liquids wash away, drain and surround me with your own, then!
Your broken wings to jewel my bones, my tongue to voice your aches.

Because he's made of flesh! And the creation and the passion
Because he's made of flesh! The burning rivers and the heat
Because he's made of flesh! Behind the truth once in a memoir
Because he's made of flesh! In this red wineglass or his Crete.

Rage, rage, rage! And the flames would go up and heat it all!
It is power! This is creation! This is passion, in its rich, sweet, destructive burn!
Won't you share it now, ladies and gentlemen?

And take it all! Take my strength and my memories,
Take my love, take my pain! Take him, for god's sake! Take everything!
Take me whole and leave me here
Unable to breathe... Take me whole!

I'll be so WARM above you! Let me taste you now,
Let me hear you cry for me only once!
Come on! Let's hear you now!

Because he's made of FLESH!

Take everything! Everything!
And burn! And burn, and burn!

Into the river now! He's made of FLESH and dreadful colors!
And feathers, "You don't need them here", to fly from your dark Crete!
And where are yours now? I'm not burnt! I'm kneeling, blind and silent
In nakedness once sought, in dripping cold sweat of champagne.

Because he's made of flesh! And blood! And fingernails and no more!
The tide is now a stain behind me, climbing to the shore
Wet, soaking, panting, drained of everything but bones and colors
Because he's made of flesh and blood,
But I am made of fire.

10. For Each Man Kills

In the weak of the night I have once again found
A way to apathy's arms
And this gloom spreads behind me like wings of great bats
Bare in front of his late evening charm.
And I tread upon it as if all was my kingdom
To master, the taste of the bite
The skies have many stars tonight,
And each of them is sharp.

As the pale midnight glow bathes my psyche
Your window outcasts me outdoors
Your sharp silhouette cut in yellow light
As to blind the confetti of ghosts.

A widowed moan then escaped my lips:
I could not rule this wondrous art!
I poured all my anguish in one silenced wish -
Be a nightmare in your serene fright.

I narrowed my eyes to a slit,
Where her rage was immense to trespass
My mortal instincts could sense, but see not
As darkness from darkness parts.

I scorned to her essence, I scorned to her kind
I have turned my back to them all
For kindness is but the perversion of kings
And compassion in their compass foul.

She has the wild eyes of prey
To jewel in black skies
The moon herself in her crest!
But her eyes bled of acid when I reached out
To touch the unknown of her chest.

The serpent's voluptuous tongue, and his kiss
That embedded a frail lament
Bewailing the spirits of wayward winters
When he lent me his veins and his fate.

And when all is lost and nothing left in here
The swirl of the tide where furies rest shall rise
He shall repay thrice for this forsaken falsehood
Ban him from the woods, conceal his lying eyes!

Open your veins for my heart is opaque,
And truth has long left us forlorn:
Man exceeds all beasts; I'll rejoice
As the wolves in your fine winter mourn.

For each man kills the wilderness
That lurks in troubled minds
The creed of prey, the nameless wind
The passion in the tide.

The deadly need, the phantom crave
Of what was once and lost
For he had killed and he had lived
To disobey his oaths.

And each man kills and you have too
Your lying tongue judged well
You killed the beast inside of you
Dismissed my mortal cells.

For each man kills, and each man slays
The bleeding hope. and I
But this man killed in many ways
Yet this man did not die!

11. Chronicles

...And I was younger then,
The pages white, the ink yet dried
Imprisoned images of fate
But now the curse has come upon me -
'Neath the streetlamps, 'tween the chimes
An eerie shade and silence.

His skin. a blasphemy
That I could never comprehend
In the mellow, evitable gloom
And the serpent of his tongue
Where all my chronicles were laid
To rest before the writing hand of sorrow.

To whom I write these chronicles, I do not know
The ink now drips of blood.
The shifting, trickling dance, unfolding
The vipers of his tongue now brush the pages
That I favored not
To touch the ground of this foul freedom.

Long needles and narcotic sweets
Would I dream now of cruelties?
I would give everything to stillness!
A wolf's cry jewels the cryptic night
A maiden's moan of heat and fright
And take it all! And burn!
I do not want this...

12. The Man Who Cried Wolf


13. Shapeshifter

I have never walked away
In the sadness of this life
You know where it hurts the most.
Now I tread the fearsome path
Of sweet vengeance and of tears in the dark
When the talons are fierce and the drugs are all quick
Guess you'll never find
A way out in a world of woe
I have not

And when it hurts
I will rise from the dust
I will sharpen my fangs
I will fist up my claws
And when it cries
To be out in the sun for just one day
I will lay it out and hate it
And break it
And take it
And make it
A way to remember

In the sickness of it all
The elixir in my grief
Held by ropes and by you,
Tonight I'll wear the mask of the midnight.
No more running away,
I know now what I am
A fire upon my skin -
A mistress, a man and his shame.

In those discarded rhymes
I will tear through the winter woods
Let the ecstasy glow, let the rivers all flow
Let the blood drip freely of this man's disloyal veins!
And the soft candlelight
A moment of burning
Now watch it, it's burning, it's burning!
Burn with me, burn with me, burn!

Come do me wrong
Come hush my words
When all is lost and heavy are
Truth and pain
Embrace the night
Come shut the lights
Let the dream pull it's darkness over me
Once moreā€¦

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