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1. The Cave

In the dark I live
Without any freedom in life
Those darkened shadows do not deceive
They are all I see and know
This cave is all I breathe
In chains 'til the day that you die
This crimson fire burns at my back
Like waves of nothing it flows
One can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark
But one cannot forgive a man who is afraid of the light
Gods. Blind. Death. Chains. Dark. Bravery.
War versus peace
Ignorance versus strength
Freedom versus slavery
The dreamer must awake

لا إله إلا الله
There is no god except Allah
La illaha illallah
Within a dream, I cannot forsake
All hope has flown away
This dark shall be your friend
Your wish is not my command
Free thought will lead you astray
The brother looks from above
I cannot forsake the brother I love
One can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark
The real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light
The stage is set for me
Your life is a play that we wrote
The curtain has to rise now you shall see
This tragedy is the ending we sought
The shadows are dancing upon the wall
The man who has the gift of sight is one with truth in heart
He sees beyond the veil of life, our cave he will depart
Like Icarus he will fly too high and for that he must die
Those unsung prophets and dead messiahs will fall
We choose to live in this darkened cave, far, far away from the light

2. We Do Not Resist

المجد للشيطان معبود الرياح
Hail to Satan, Lord of the wind!

On the pulpit the false messiah speaks
Hand them your papers now cease and desist
Spreading false news and selling such lies
'Twas the night the lie rose and truth finally died
Our slavery ends only when we are deceased
Our lives are their meat, all partake in the feast
They put us to sleep with a lie and a kiss
And when the keys lock our chains
We say: We do not resist!
Poverty – rise! Children die while we read the news of gossipmongers
Our lives pieces in a game
The naked emperor walks, to his new clothes we clap our hands
Blinded by fortune and fame
They play the saints in our daily lives
And we do not care at all
And our children march to the sound of their drums
While to war we lose our fathers and sons
The only prophet they trust in is the profit from their guns
They care not for the old the weak or the sick
Masters of speeches and measuring their dicks
Breaking our bones with maces not sticks
And when their poison reaches our brains
We say: We do not resist!
Poverty – rise! Children die while we read the news of gossipmongers
Our lives pieces in a game
The naked emperor walks, to his new clothes we clap our hands
Blinded by fortune and fame

3. In Propaganda

Suffer to live
Drown in lies
Orphans are we
Born to be the ones with open eyes
The rest are trapped in propaganda
They are the blind
Bereft of all sight
Set free your mind
So you may depart this endless night
The rest are trapped in propaganda

4. All Knowing Eye

Angels fell, fell and died
Yet still remain those chains of you and I
Sacred saints, all crucified
Where is that hidden key they could not find?
I always pray, the heavens cry
When fathers fail, the children – will they rise?
Darkness reigns and we are the slaves of that all knowing eye

5. Yedidi

יְדִידִי הֲשָׁכַחְתָּ חֲנוֹתְךָ בְּבֵין שָׁדַי
וְלָמָּה מְכַרְתַּנִי צְמִיתוּת לְמַעְבִידָי
הֲלֹא אָז בְּאֶרֶץ לֹא זְרוּעָה רְדַפְתִּיךָ
וְשֵׂעִיר וְהַר פָּארָן וְסִינַי וְסִין עֵדָי
וְהָיוּ לְךָ דוֹדַי וְהָיָה רְצוֹנְךָ בִּי
וְאֵיךְ תַּחֲלֹק עַתָּה כְּבוֹדִי לְבִלְעָדָי

[English translation:]

My friend have you forgotten resting between my breasts?
Why have you sold me to my enslavers for aye?
Then, upon an orphaned land have I not chased after you?
Seir, and Mount Paran, and Sinai, and Sin – my witnesses
For you were my love, and I was given to your will
And now, will you bestow your honor upon others?

6. Chains Fall To Gravity

Awaken my sanity
Slavery falls to the ground
Chains fall to gravity
Truth can now be found
My freedom yet escapes me as if I am still in chains
The memory of servitude it somehow keeps me sane
Shadows – my enemy
Yet beyond them now I see
Fear lingered in me
Kept me from being free
Pierce the veil of solitude and turn away
I must
Sand in the hour glass my time is up at last
Go forth and be all you can be
So you can see the path ahead
Let our voice guide you on
I feel only pain
But I know that everything shall pass
The end of the path that forever ignites
White light is blinding me
Robbing me of my sight
Somehow it sets me free
Calling me to unite
A spell upon me cast
Bringing the final light of a long awaited dusk
Blessed, you are the one
Who opened his eyes to light
Now go in peace
And step out of this maze
I thought that I'm insane
I always knew there has to be more than this
I am on my way out while you're embracing the dark
When a messiah is born it's like a late blooming of a flower rising in the netherworld, waters of hope, falling on an orphaned land
No longer the slave
Now I roam onto the unknown
But as sure as my heart beats
I'm not afraid of the light

7. Like Orpheus

Close my eyes, I cannot see
Sudden blindness upon me
This ray of light is so unknown
From womb of darkness I am born
Lift the veil of shade forever
Like a candle that's within me
I receive the gift of sight
And rise!
This life is a storm that rages on
Fire, wind, the earth and sea are one
I sing before you all like
Orpheus with torch in hand
The cave it still lies within
Like a never ending sin
Paint these walls with crimson light
The phoenix now is taking flight
Stare back to the abyss
"Hades who rules there shall grant thee salvation"
Like the snow that brings December
I am the spark that sets the flame of truth alight
And fight!
And this life is the pain of being born
Man, child and woman all are one
I sing before you all…
Like Orpheus

8. Poets Of Prophetic Messianism

ἢ δοκοῦσί τί σοι τυφλῶν διαφέρειν ὁδὸν ὀρθῶς
πορευομένων οἱ ἄνευ νοῦ ἀληθές τι δοξάζοντες

[English translation:]

Anyone who holds a true opinion without understanding is like a blind man on the right road

9. Left Behind

Like a memory
Of the time before
Like words lost throughout all time
Like rain drops
On barren lands
They are destined to dry and fade away
Now the compass calls
Navigate our way
To the land beyond the North Star
Born to nothingness
Died for none at all
From nothing born and to nothing…
Left behind forsaken and lost they are the ones out of mind
Left behind fragments of memories they are the ones that are blind
They are left behind
Do not forsake us within the shadows we wait
For salvation pray
Lives in disarray
Leaves fallen from the tree of life
Truth they will delete
With merciless deceit
Our voice is taken away
Left behind the chains on our hands
Still we cannot unbind
Left behind the key to our freedom
Within us we must find
Left behind like an orphan abandoned and lost throughout all time
Left behind they are the victims, unpunished is the crime
They are left behind

10. My Brother's Keeper

I have to go back.
These thoughts and voices in my head are haunting me at night and torturing my soul.
Lord, I'm alone out here, what use can I find in this outer world if I am not my brother's keeper?
I have to go back
It's beyond my prophetic knowledge to understand the reasons those dead messiahs failed again and again and again throughout the dark history of mankind, and yet
I have to go back
To save these shades, souls with faded hearts, brothers of my pain, they grew (up) without any love
Pain is the lack of love so their souls
They will not save
In jail they choose to live they will die to save their cage
They are trapped inside
How can we communicate, how can I reach your hearts if we are poisoned and brainwashed, blocked by walls,
All our filters are decayed and our compassion is just switched off.
How will you hear my words and pleas, how will you trust me when I tell you
Come with me to the Promised Land, I'll set you free
I exist not to be loved and admired, but to love and act.
It is not the duty of those around me to love me.
Rather, it is my duty to be concerned about the world, about man.
[– Janusz Korczak]

I have to go back
My scars bleed again, from light into the dark
Again I cannot see but I have to go back!
With fear in my heart and the truth I run back to hell
To this cave of chains and despair where my brothers dwell

11. Take My Hand

From endless lights I come back to thee
To untie these chains, I'll take you with me
In this tragic cave, deep are your sighs
Hear me out and heed now my cry:
Your silent fears, they are all false, all lies
Wake up! Don't deny
None of these shadows are lights
The prophet in tears to them he plead
Take my hand and let us walk for miles
To a place where children play and smile
They sing, they fly, they rise
And pure is the air
Our souls we do bare
Where shades are dancing on the walls
We'll depart these ancient halls
I came for you all
Take my hand before you fall
Your silent fears, they are false and all lies
Wake up! Don't deny
None of these shadows are lights
Words to them are like water to dead flowers
How can I tell them about green fields
and blue skies when all they worship
are walls and stones?
Seven times they circle the idols they made
Nothing I say these walls can now break
Take my hand and together we will rise
To a place where children will not die
They live, they seek, they hide
And pure is the air
And gone is despair
Where shades are dancing on the walls
Will depart these ancient halls

12. Only The Dead Have Seen The End Of The War

The prophet has told us that his truth will set us free
He is the blind messiah who cannot find
his way or see the forest for the trees
Even the one who saw the light could not foresee
Shields held high the armies moved on and on
To the next land that to bloodshed was sworn
Oh father – heed us in the time of great need
Remember our prayers and our virtuous deeds
Make him the prophet, the martyr – pass him the disease
Shut are the eyes of the one bringing us to our knees
Only the dead have seen the end of the war
The prophet enlightened now covered by night
It serves an example rather blind than having the sight
Let us burn this scapegoat and gather our might
Let this messiah now die, thus ending our plight
Remember the warnings you gave to no end
And the mask that you wore to disguise as a friend
Gone is the savior, no more you pretend
Evening falls upon us and the future is dim
So the only thing that will save us is to kill him!

13. The Manifest - Epilogue

לא עליך המלאכה לגמור, ולא אתה הבן חורין ליבטל ממנה.
[English translation:
"You are not obligated to complete the work, but neither you are free to desist from it."]

Sometimes it seems to me that this world is nothing but a beta version of this amazing thing, and while our maker has gone to his next improved version, we are left behind in this Flying Dutchman.

Those blessed, cursed humans
You may call them authors, true leaders, kings with no crown or simple human beings, they lived and died here they are always among us - those unsung prophets and dead messiahs.

Canto que ha sido valiente
Siempre será canción nueva
[– Victor Jara]
[English translation:
"Songs of bravery, will always be new songs, forever."]

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