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1. The Sahara's Storm

I call the mighty prophet
Taint my sword with blood
Help in my holy "Jihad"
As I tear, kill and maim
All is done in your name

For me God shall do the same
My faith is left to blame
Even though our God is one
You will just spill blood
It shall be done

This all shall die
Fire from the sky
Cannot ask God why
This kingdom cry?
Open my eyes
See only sand
It shatters all life
And kills the land
I drown in myself
Of the heat
In the desert storm

War of gods, you cannot deny
Into damnation we shall fly
I am becoming all and all becoming me
When all has been said and all has been done
Now it ends
Can rise no sun

Let thy will lead us on

"But to those who believe not in the signs of God..."
..."God witnesseth that there is no god but He"

Infidels that worship the worm
Shall bring Sahara's storm

2. Blessed Be Thy Hate

Enriched with crimson shades of pain the river runs dry

Full of painful memories of happiness - together we fly
And I curse you death - cold flesh of ice
I see your beauty through a halo of flies
Oh God prevent my fall
Oh God inside my soul, Allah !
The night falls upon my wretched self
And he who hath forsaken the giver of my purity

And so I never cry, the night falls upon my dying eyes
There's no power source left to me, and so like this I lie

In this barren castle I can't find any tears

My fear takes hold, I flow onto the mold
Sinful souls, dark with fire
Burn freeze cold with desire
Heavens start to cry
Crawl for me, beg for me
To hear your cries
Why it seems like a life that dies ?
Silently I watch you die
And see you cry
The tears of hope denied
They are falling but never from my eyes

3. Ornaments Of Gold

Deliver the love out from your body
Grieving nights to you, I'm hard as stone
Bodies sweat in the heat of the moon
After you're gone I'll be all alone

Drinking the fluid of love
Eternally my beloved ones sweat purple wine

Especially when I need a woman like you
To help me to pass the night through
And reaching foreign shores
Then you're closing the doors

The research for pleasure brought me to this
Now you're gone I'm as cold as ice

"If ye love God then follow me"
"God will forgive to him your plea"

Lord I die, God hear my cry
You left me all alone
To myself I now mourn
The light of the dark is the morning of the dawn

4. Aldiar Al Mukadisa - The Holy Land Of Israel

[Lyrics: Taken from the "HALEL" praising words & THE BIBLE book "TEHILIM"]

khavivi ya khavivi ha'el hamelekh harakhman. yishlakh meshikho hane'eman.
av harakhman shma kolenu. shlakh ben david veyigalenu nashuv letzion ir
kodshenu. venishlot ba beyad rama.

(my beloved one oh my beloved one the merciful king God. he will send
his faithful messiah. merciful father hear our call. send the son
of david and he will redeem us we will return to Zion our holy city.
and we will rule it mightily.)

mizmor ledavid yehova roi lo ekhsar : bin'ot deshe yarbitzeni
al-mey menukhot yenahaleni : nafshi yeshovev yankheni bema'agley-tzedek
lema'an shmo : gam ki-elekh begey tzalmavet lo-ira ra ki-ata imadi
shivtekha umishantekha hema yenakhamuni : ta'arokh lefanay shulkhan neged
tzoreray dishanta bashemen roshi kosi revaya : akh tov vakhesed irdefuni
kol-yemey khayay veshavti beveit-yehova leorekh yamim :

(poetry for David, Jehovah is my shepherd I shall
not want : on grass fields he'll lay me, on calm waters
he'll direct me : my soul he'll make joyful, will guide
me in justice-circles for his name : even if I'll walk in
death-shadow valley I shall not fear because you are with me,
your staff and your support they will comfort me : you
will set up for me a table against my enemies, in oil you
cover my head and filled is my glass : but kindness and
charity will seek me all my life and I shall sit in Jehovah's
house for days on)

5. Seasons Unite

The rain falls, the snow storms
The gods unleash their wrath
The summer comes, sunlight swarms
Fairies of magic laugh

The green of leaves forsakes now
To be exchanged with gray
Before the king of winter bow
And begin your wish to say

As autumn falls upon us
And we wait for a sign
Waiting for the cold to pass
Absorb it if we can
To warmth I lust
The swan song of a man

For all you believers
This darkness I make mine
The freeze sends its shivers
Up and down my spine

Seasons unite, shining above my eyes

The heat soon brings desire
Burning my veins like fire
The truth is actually a lie
I watch myself burning higher

Flesh to flesh we bind
Yours is winter and summer is mine
Could this be the end of the line
Or a beginning (that shall) eternally shine

6. The Beloveds Cry

My heart flies on her wings
Now I'm crying, the moon so red
Tomorrow shall be another hell
To the sun, the sky's soul is fed

Blows pass me down
Them I do not feel
Nothing except the shadow is real

Why did she do it? Why did she die?
How could she leave without saying goodbye?
She's proven my life to be just a lie

When sea waves crush they hit me hard
But I do not feel them
And then, reality is no more real, to me
I ask myself, should I end it now
And join her at last?
I miss the cold embrace of lust
Nothing left, just a dust

Nothing's left, my dearest love

7. My Requiem

From the arising of the golden sun
To the gloomy shadow of the moon
The wind still whispers
While I'm standing here by myself

I'm waiting for a sign that could lead me
Away to the land of the divine

But when weariness starts to affect,
The eclipse of the sun came to earth
I hide from the sun and try to live
And I know deep in my heart
(That) this is a life that God cannot give

I still carry in my mind
The feeling that I'm blind

I still carry in my mind
The fear that something is behind

Tear, left bare
Rule the whole earth
The dark will rise
I await its birth - To die

I see gray in the sky
And pray for rain
But the sky slowly becomes blue once again
The spirit of God controls my mind

The divine - The unearthly Lord
He left me a sign - He made me a God

I lie in eternal coldness
I'm trying to find
The thing I couldn't find
Nowhere else in my past life

My spirit sours into heaven
I reincarnate into a cold black raven

8. Orphaned Land - The Storm Still Rages Inside...

The rain keeps on falling
Filling the dried land
It drinks the purity of life
(The) land starts to grow
It must be a sign
A message from God's hand
Like tears from the sky
Water begins its flow

Left alone, deserted so long ago
The storm still rages inside

Before the dawn rises I cannot see the light
This land's ground grows weak
Shall we find the path ?

The preacher's words were right
I can't see anyway to (the outer world)

Tears do flow, yet can't conceal
This land is barren, it does not feel
Our self-made slaughter
By our own hands
Here lies the orphaned land...

Suddenly lightning strikes the earth
It marks the sign of my rebirth
Seeds of love from myself evolve
This cannot be living - without (your) safety

The storm still rages inside...

Invisible rays penetrate the ground
This land to die is surely bound
Suffer but doesn't scream
Can this be a hopeless dream ?

Holy Records (Fra) - 1994
Recorded in June 1994 in Sigma Studios (Israel)
Produced by Orphaned Land
Engineered by Tamir Muskat

Line Up :
Kobi Farhi : vocals
Yossi Sasi : lead guitars
Matti Svatitzki : rhythm guitar
Uri Zelcha : bass
Sami Bachar : drums
Itzik Levi : keyboards, sampler, piano
Female vocals by Hadas Sasi
Female "Arab" vocals by Amira Salah
Tarbuka by Albert Dadon
Kannun by Abraham Salman
Backgrounds vocals by "Neve Israel" Synagogue

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Thanks to nirajpandya for correcting track #1 lyrics.
Thanks to like2kill_u for correcting track #5 lyrics.
Thanks to metallica_saint_anger for correcting track #6 lyrics.

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