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1. Birth Of The Three (The Unification)

The seventh had seven descendants
The seventh was then divided into three
They were given their first symbols
They bore faces of animals
A Snake, an Eagle & the Lion

The first was known as magic
and he bore an enchanted heart
A Star of David upon his crest
was his eternal mark

The second was strength,
half a moon was he
A triangle he adorned,
a sword for all to see

The third was Lion wisdom
a mind unmatched
Represented by the cross
the white was his essence
A crystal his defense

The three were one, divided at rebirth
Forbidden to unite,
for fear of their strength

The divine order was ignored
the three then became one
Their punishment was swift
they were denied and then cast down
A thousand incarnations passed
the time was now at hand
A prophecy fulfilled so;
he may save this sinful land

As Jobe bore the sins of all men
who walk the land
They must bear the cross
as was their commands
The second unification of the angel Seven
Three human souls, merged,
as in heaven

The lion's roar was heard by all
The magic and the force have heard
the will to prophesize was theirs
The cross shook the hammering of nails

Omen in the darkened skies above
Thunder, lightning and rain did flow
As the united angel rose
Ice steamed and fire rose
And the three were born...

The seventh had seven descendants
The seventh was then divided into three

2. Ocean Land (The Revelation)

"Before eyes that are blind no more
A sight unseen that tears the soul
All we ever loved and known
Into mass graves is what we're shown"

"We see an ocean once was land"
& So they come to understand
This place where man used to be born
Will be man's water throne

"All that was magical, beautiful,
will be gone"
These measures call for divine intervention
"All the achievements of man,
one will stand all alone"
One the survives the final selection
"The sand in the hourglass,
moves so fast, slow the sand
And nothing that mankind has strived for
will be all in ocean land"

The rain will fall then
Filling the dried land

"Here are we servants three,
flesh and blood
Poor and weak,
hear thou speak of the flood"

It must be a sign
A massage from God's hand

3. The Kiss Of Babylon (The Sins)

Twisted ways blackened nights
Sin upon Sin, gone is the light
Doom shall befall them all
A Downward spiral they shall fall
The Three, all this they see
As they try to pass god's decree

Worshiping the gods
that demand lives and sacrifice
None but the blood of infants will suffice
Fallen sparrows fall as one into a grave
They are the souls of living men
that could not be saved.

"Walking the land we see
The sins of flesh and spirit flow
Bodies entwined a serpent's
lethal kiss of venom is bestowed
Our lord watches them fall -
He stands above you all"

"Son slaying father
A Cain's mark upon us all
Babylon's rising, cast from heaven
We see the angels fall
When will the heavens be alight
The seasons will re-unite"

"Ahavat hadasa al levavi nikshera
Ve'ani betoch gola paamay tzolelim;
Lu yesh reshut li a'ale ethabera
Toch she'arey zion asher hem nehelalim;"

"My heart is bound with love to the Holy Land,
But my feet are sinking in the depths of exile
When will he give me leave to go up and make my home
Within the extolled gates of Jerusalem?"

4. A'salk

"A'salk ya chur aganani
Lama Lama Ad Betney
Ve'ana ahrach raim zmani
Takrim liman hu haii"

"I beseech you, King of Kings
Why, Why do you torture me?
In my faith lies eternally
Have mercy upon your forsaken"

5. Halo Dies (The Wrath Of God)

"Vaishachet ha'aretz lifney habore, vetimla ha'aretz chamas"

"The land was corrupt before God,
and the land was filled with violence"

"Father thou art in heaven
Thy kingdom cried hallow lives
The sacred halo dies

You defied and turned your back
Upon our lord of wrath
All faith you lack
You walk (upon) this beaten path"

All man shall fall as Abel fell to Cain
By fire, by storm, by hail & by rain
The Sacred triad, the three that are one
Shall serve the word, thy will shall be done

Hell hath no fury as a God scorned
Unleash his wrath
he will let death be adorned

"I will cleanse the world with fire
Scorched earth forevermore
Purple tongues that burn,
shall climb higher
Seas of flame will crush ashore
Shed the blood of mortal man
The pains of birth are felt again
Reduce to none, thou art unborn
The end of man, human dethroned
All light is gone..."

The rage of lord is ever true
You have been led by the eternal deceiver
He is the life taker, and pain giver
(Who) dwells into the depths of darkened fever
There, as always, he lies, waiting - silent forever at the door
The wrath of God that has befell you
The servant of God - Job, the faithful believer
He turned into a shadow, all fear and shiver
Eve he drove astray and Adam to believe her
The serpent coils inside its lair
As if picking at an open sore
Forever man's shins shall
survive his earthly demise
Wallow in hateful ways & his life of lies
Eternal redemption they do not want nor seek
Short are their days & feeble
Naught but pleasure they adore...

The lord seek the repentance only real
So his children may mend their ways and feel

"Vayar Habore ki raba ra'at ha'adam baaretz vekol yetzer
Machshavot libo rak ra kol hayom,
Vayenachem habore ki asa et ha'adam baaretz,
Veyt'atzev el libo"

"And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the land,
and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.
And it repented the lord that he had made man on the land,
and it grieved him at his heart."

6. A Call To Awake (The Quest)

"On to the lands we must go to warn all"
Said the Snake, to the Eagle and the Lion
"Beg them to repent so they might be saved
From the fury and the anger that shall claim them"

And so they set sail across the land and seas alike
In a quest to avoid the settings of the sun

"God's rage is true
He urges you
To awake..."

"Thou has stolen, betrayed
and worshiped pagan gods
Thou must awake, thy lost faith to be saved"

And so spoke the prophets,
as the mob has gathered round
(They) said their empire would soon crumble
and fall down

"Thou art our brothers, hear our call this day
We come not to see your end,
but to revive we pray"

"God's rage is true
He urges you
To awake..."

"Where did these three come from"
asked crowd anxiously
Furious and confused at the same time,
"Surely these people are lying or jesting.
Either way they are here to cause harm."

"You just be on your way", said the mob as a
warning, "or else (all) hell will break loose!"
"It's all a matter of choice..." said the Eagle,
though they really didn't
have much to choose...(From).

7. Building The Ark

Comque vidisset Deus terran esse corruptam omnis
quippe caro corruperat viam suam super terram
Fac tibi arcam de lignis levigatis mansiunculas
in arca facies et bitumine linies intrinsecus et extrinsecus
...corrupta est autem terra coram Deo...
Et ex cunctis animantibus universe carnis bina indu-
ces in arcam ut vivant tecum...

"Thy servants are we.
our lord who sits up high,
Thy rod and thy staff,
shall comfort and guide our hands"

And God looks upon the earth, and, behold, it was
corrupt for all flesh
had corrupted his way upon the earth.

"Make Thee an ark of gopher wood;
rooms shall thou make in the ark,
and shall pitch it within and without with
...The earth was corrupt before God.
"Of every living thing of all flesh,
two of even sort shall thou bring
into the ark
to keep them alive
with thee"

8. Nora El Nora (Entering The Ark)

נוֹרָא אֵל נוֹרָא נֶאֱזָר בִּגְבוּרָה שׁוּב אֵלַי מַלְכִּי
דּוֹדִי רְפָא נַפְשִׁי נִכְסְפָה לְבֵיתָךְ מַלְכִּי
נוֹרָא אֵל נוֹרָא נֶאֱזָר בִּגְבוּרָה

נוֹרָא אָשִׁירָה לָךְ אַכְבִּירָה שִׁיר מַהֲלָלִי
לְךָ אֶתֵּנָה מְנַת חֶבְלִי וְגוֹרָלִי
בְּכָל זְמַן עֲזֹר אֵל נוֹרָא
גֶּזַע אַבְרָהָם נֵצֶר תִּפְאָרָה
אַתָּה אֵל חַי נוֹתֵן תּוֹרָה
נוֹרָא אֵל נוֹרָא נֶאֱזָר בִּגְבוּרָה

Nora El Nora, ne'ezar begvura shuvi elay malki
Dodi refa, nafshi nichsefa, lebeitach malchi
Nora El Nora, ne'ezar begvura

Nora Ashira, Lach akabira, shir mahalali
Lecha etna menat chevly vegoraly

Bekol zman azor el nora, geza avraham, netzer tifa'ara,
Ata el hai noten torah

Dreadful god, girded with [strengthened by?] fortitude, return to me my lord
Heal me, my soul is yearning to your house
Dreadful god, girded with fortitude

Dreadful [god] for thee I sing, I shall increase [multiply?] my praising song
To you I shall give my share of pain and destiny
In all times help, dreadful god,
The seed of Abraham, descendent of glory
You are a living god, giver of the torah
Dreadful god, girded with fortitude

9. The Calm Before The Flood


10. Mabool (The Flood)

"...Hineni mavi et hamabool maim al ha'aretz,
Leshachet kol basar asher bo ruach chaim mitachat hashamaim,
Kol asher ba'aretz yigva...
Vemachiti et kol hayekum asher asiti me'al pney ha'adama"

And, behold, I, do bring a flood of waters upon
the land to destroy all flesh,
wherein is the breathe of life,
from under heaven, and every thing that is in the
Land shall die...and I shall wipe away
the world I created upon the land.

May the lord eternal save his troubled child
As he passes through rain and storm
Behind the walls of this hallowed ark of wood
Our prophets found a revelation, which they understood
Onto the lands of fearful heaven comes a flood erasing all
Landing as if a ruthless bird of prey to crush all human souls

The lightning colors of the sky with flames of light
Hell shines above us and the fires bright
Erasing the works of the common man, all we hold dear is set alight

"Bayom haze nivkeu kol ma'ayanot tehom raba
ve'arubot hashamaim niftechu
vemey hamabool hayu al ha'aretz"

...In the seventh day of the month, the same day were all the fountains
of the great deep broken up and the windows of heaven had opened...
...And the waters of the flood, were upon the land...

Shattered glass reflects this shattered world, barren in the landscape here
Thunder roars as a lion caged, heat that comes like waves of fear
Oceans rise and rage as we watch the world powers fall
redeeming their sinful ways with their souls
May the truth fill their hearts, let them see the light, when they embrace their gods

"Vehine charvu pney ha'adama...
Shofech dam ha'adam, ba'adam damo yishapech"

...and the face of the land was dead...
Whose shaded man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed.

Seas cover the works of timeless art
That once brought joy to human hearts
In halls of infamy this day shall live
Like burning of Rome and betrayal of Eve
Like the fire raised at the witches' stakes

Return all earthly possessions
As ashes you return to earth, child of God to face the divine lord who sits upon the throne - eyes sad
Go in peace and find thy faith
Evolve thy self and lose all hate
So a heaven you may create

In this world of sorrowful ways
None shall live to see the light of day
Some may survive to tell this tale
If their belief shall conquer this gale
Damnations the punishment bestowed
El Norra Alila the vengeful God

11. The Storm Still Rages Inside

The lightning flashes tension's high
Bringing light to darkened skies
Like Jonah in the belly of the beast
Inside the ark the sound desist

And so the ark swept
upon the rising water...

Forty days and forty nights
There came a mighty flood upon the land
Where once were green pastures
teeming with life
Now were oceans deeper than any abyss

"Out of depths of sorrow I cry
Before thee I lie
If this world shall inherit the mild
Hear your orphaned child..."

Lord pray to save thy child
The storm still rages inside
Lord guide them
Unto dry land, Amen.

12. Rainbow (The Resurrection)


13. The Evil Urge

[Limited Edition Bonus Acoustic Live CD. Originally from the album "El Norra Alila"]

And I see that slowly your tears are drying
And I see an ocean made by your crying
And the ocean that's within...

And I see misery to forget it I must
And all of the memories are lost
And the ocean is here within me
Flows on like an ever tear

In us all there are two separate sides
That which is evil and that which is good
Some people live by one side and others by the second
Both of them have a little bit of the other
But it must remain clear that the two depend on each other
Remember, evil is a part of the good and not the opposite
There is no sadness without joy and there is no joy without pain
There is no holy without impure and there can be no blasphemy without
Thus the two sides must live in harmony
Unbalanced forever the evil urge brought lots of pain
It is so hard to defeat it
The evil urge sometimes arrives with heavy boots
And sometimes in gentle cat's steps
And even through blessed deeds it can drive you into deeds of wrong
A here is the one which concurs his urge
And so we must wonder what shall be the faith of the man who destroys one
and embraces the other...

The storm still rages...

14. A Neverending Way

[Limited Edition Bonus Acoustic Live CD. Originally from the album "El Norra Alila"]

When summer's gone and winter's past
It seems like a neverending way
And thinking of what I have to say
It seems like a neverending way
I am within you now, with my sinful cry
I am within you, now one am I
Perish the love, perish your love
When the sunfilled summer comes to love
It seems like a neverending way
It comes to us like a snow-white dove
It seems like a neverending way
I am within you now with my lonely cry
I am within you now 'till the time we die
I am within you now 'till the time we perish the love
Perish your love

15. Mercy

[Limited Edition Bonus Acoustic Live CD. Paradise Lost cover]

Denying our restlessness
Frustrations tension eludes
The past was clean
Where thoughts were mild
The present day horrors alive
Slowly passing timeless horrors
Lives within all fear
The mourning in my tears
Drown all the past
We lived beneath these years
Awaiting for the call
For all life to expire
It's mercy you're asking for cheating life
By taking more it's mercy you're asking for
Take my life or give me more...
The light is dim before us
Shadows appear and fall
A barrage of savage ways
Only the darkness can filter through
Lives within all fear
The mourning in my tears
Drown all the past
We lived beneath these years
Awaiting for the call
For all life to expire
It's mercy you're asking for cheating life
By taking more it's mercy you're asking for
Take my life or give me more...

16. The Beloved's Cry

[Limited Edition Bonus Acoustic Live CD. Originally from the album "Sahara"]

My heart flies on her wings
Now I'm crying, the moon so red
Tomorrow shall be another hell
To the sun, the sky's soul is fed

Blows pass me down
Them I do not feel
Nothing except the shadow is real

Why did she do it? Why did she die?
How could she leave without saying goodbye?
She's proven my life to be just a lie

When sea waves crush they hit me hard
But I do not feel them
And then, reality is no more real, to me
I ask myself, should I end it now
And join her at last?
I miss the cold embrace of lust
Nothing left, just a dust

Nothing's left, my dearest love

17. The Orphaned's Medly

[Limited Edition Bonus Acoustic Live CD. Includes parts from "My Requiem" (Sahara), "Seasons Unite" (Sahara), "Of Temptations Born (El Norra Alila), "Orphaned Land, the Storm Still Rages Inside" (Sahara), "Like Fire to Water" (El Norra Alila), "Flawless Belief" (El Norra Alila) and "Joy" (El Norra Alila)]]

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