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1. All Is One

We're the orphans from the holy land, the tears of Jerusalem
And in darkness we have prayed and swore to rise up once again

We are the sons of the blazing sun
Sharing our faith through the barrel of a gun
Walk on holy water yet we burn
Brothers of the orient stand as one

An ancient promise in an orphaned land
A clenched fist becomes an open hand
Armed forces spill their blood on holy sands
Again and again we fail to see that all is one

Words like venom through our veins they run
Weaving a web of deception hope is gone
Shall we re-live the pain of wars before?
Or shall we be the light, the new folklore?

Evil falls on each of us, there's nothing new
Who cares if you're a Muslim or a Jew
The awakened ones are nothing but a few
And the one to make the difference now is you

From the Middle Eastern lands we ride, all children of Abraham
Our only sword, the light within, that burns as bright as sun
Wer're the orphans from the Holy Land, the keepers of Or-Shalem
So we bow to you our warriors for being simple men

2. The Simple Man

Vanitas vanitatum
[Everything is meaningless - Ecclesiastes 1, 1]

I was born to pave the way
To let the masses hear, listen to my say
They'll follow through the darkest nights
As to a shepherd with second sight

But I'm a simple man
I follow God's own plan
Only a few coins in my hands
I live alone
The only life I've known
I do not need nor want this throne, on no...

Upon this stage these words I sing
Peace to all men is the dream I wish to bring, yeah...
So do as I do not as I say
Out of this ocean land I cannot lead the way

For I'm a simple man
I follow God's own plan
I dance while raising high both hands
I'll preach tonight
These few words of light
But I swear I'm not Jesus Christ

Minor sum cunctis miserationibus quam explesti servo tuo
[I am unworthy of all the kindness and faithfulness you have shown your servant - Genesis 32,10]

3. Brother

This story began before I was born
A childless woman cried sadly at home
Her maid gave birth to a child of her own
My father felt joy yet he was torn
A conflict began one day at dawn
The maid took your hand and you were gone
To the desert you left, towards the unknown
I reckon you were so alone
God will hear you oh, my blood
For the years you roamed in dirt and mud
Forsaken like a nomad, deserted in the flood
Forgive me, brother
You did nothing wrong and took all the shame
I suffered myself, yet I am to blame
The lord blessed us both, but we still fight and claim
That kid on the mountain, - what was his name?
Brother hear my plea tonight
I grew tired from these endless years of (Our) fight
From a tiny corner stone we may build our realm of light
Please hear me, brother...

4. Let The Truce Be Known

As two kids who always spent
Their time and played with toy guns in their hands
There you stood in front of me
They taught me that you're my enemy

And when our eyes have met
We both set sails to death
With guns of grown up men
I fear it might be my last breath

Eye to eye
Our aim is blinded by the sun
Seeking higher ground
To a safe haven I now run

The night had fell on no man's land
This flute was heard from out there in the dark
I knew the words and joined in song
This nightly truce a miracle of hope

We raise our hands and walk
Upright to move towards each other
No guns, no death between
The enemies now turned to brothers

Together on this barren earth
I tell him of my son
No pawns or deadly toys
The morning comes, and we are done

We head to base and end the truce
That lasted through this war of liars
A vision of a better life
Where music drowns the toy gun's fire

Next night I see a shadow and
We both shoot in the name of god
As we fell down our eyes have met
Our friendship ends now in this turmoil of blood

5. Through Fire And Water

על אף השקר, המוות וקושי הסליחה
באש ובמים, אלך איתך
[English translation:
Despite of the lie, the death and the woes of forgiveness
Through fire and water I shall walk with thee]

[Arabic Verse 1:]
مع الأكاذيب و صعوبة الغفران
سأكون معك فى السراء و الضراء
[English translation:
With lies and difficulty of forgiveness
I shall be with thee in good and bad]

בנפול אויבך אל תשמח (משלי כ"ד י"ז)
[English translation:
Do not gloat when your enemy falls]

למרות הדם, החושך והמלחמה,
באש ובמים אלך אתך
[English translation:
Despite of the blood, the dark and the war
Through fire and water I shall walk with thee]

[Arabic Verse 2:]
مع إنتهاء الحرب و الظلمات
سأكون معك فى السراء و الضراء
سأكون معك فى السراء و الضراء
[English translation:
With the end of the war and the darkness
I shall be with thee in good and bad
I shall be with thee in good and bad]

6. Fail

No surprise this morning, as usual I woke up again to a world that kills itself repetitively with no shame or fear. The papers were telling me as always in burning red colors that it's everywhere I'll go. An eternal loop of slavery, murder, rape, corruption and wars. Same old story in colored versions of death, death, death. As if we are doomed, sucked and being smoked from far beyond by a dead star, a black hole, an endless appetite that swallows our light and wants nothing but more & more & more.

Yes I am too the fuel that feeds this machine, this vast engine of destruction that takes our lives, our souls and our freedom. And what other choices do I have in a society that educates me to be stupid. I am brainwashed like a sheep, so that every liar with a sip of charisma can easily turn himself into my "shepherd". So, here I am, sitting like a fairy princess, waiting for her Messiah while happiness is everywhere except here and now. And we all keep on hanging onto our hopes, while the storm still rages inside.

Slippery tongues fork from my screen
Spewing such lies in the name of the green
They play the game of thrones till one wins
A rule of one liar ends and another beings

So why do we fail to see
And why in this jail are we
Living our life with the threat of fire
We’re losing again all to this mire

Money tied with power, war and bloodlust
They’ll spend our money until none of it lasts
They will send our sons to war to die for a god
That they use as a coin to barter for blood

“Yes sir, no sir” – can I go home now?
Your thirst for blood has lost me somehow
I was young when they took me;
I am a young man no more
As they used me and threw me like the army’s last whore

A children’s crusade – we are brothers in arms
A multitude of fools like a rain of falling stars
We walk the road to war while they smoke their cigars
Like a serpent forever feed on its tail
This cycle of death goes on forever gain,
and again… and again…

7. Freedom


8. Shama'im

וכשנדליק את השמיים
מי לאש ומי למים
אל כיוון שאין לו סוף
אל ים גדול שאין בו חוף

והמבול שעוד יגיע
בלי נביא שיודיע
ואין תיבה כאן בעולם
לשמור חיים פה לכולם

האם זאת דרך אלוהים
או סתם תעמולה להמונים
שמתחילה כל פעולה
תמיד בדרך השלילה
בגלל כתות ואדמה
ארץ יתומה

Aquae diluvii inundaverunt super terram
[The waters of the flood were upon the earth]
[Genesis 7, 10]

והפסלים בהם בחרנו
האמונה שאיבדנו
ומה היא דרך האמת
כשהמצפון מזמן כבר מת

ואל תגידו לא ידענו
לא ראינו לא שמענו
זה יגמר בלחיצה
כשהעולם יחזור להיות ביצה

האם זאת דרך אלוהים
או אגדות או סיפורים
שמתחילים כל פעולה
תמיד בדרך השלילה
בגלל כתות ואדמה
ארץ יתומה

כי נדלקו כבר השמיים
מי לאש ומי למים
אל כיוון שאין לו סוף
אל ים גדול שאין בו חוף

[English translation:]

And when the skylight will ignite
Whom to fire whom to water
To a path forevermore
To a great sea that hath no shore

And the flood will surely come
Out of nothing will arrive
And no ark upon this world
That all life here will now hold

And is it not the path of god
Or just a doctrine for the masses
That starts with every action
Forever a negative reaction
Because of cults and dry sands
Orphaned Land

The idols that we chose
The faith we have lost
What path now is true
When conscience is long through

Do not say you didn't know
Didn't see and have not heard
It will end with a push
And the world will be a seed again

Is this the path of god
Or stories told of fables
That starts with every action
Forever a negative reaction
Because of cults and dry lands
Orphaned Land

For the sky's already lit
Whom to fire whom to water
To a path forever more
To a great sea that hath no shore

9. Ya Benaye

يا بنية قوليلي مال عينش بتبكي
ما هربت و عليش ولا معي خل ثاني


يا وليد يا وليد حبك طبع وسط قلبي
كل ليله وانا باب بيتك مراعي


يا بنية قوليلي كيف اصبر قليبي
ليت والله وانتي تبصري كيف حالي


يا وليد يا وليد ياللي جعودك مخلبس
ليتني لك مصر اخضر على جبهة الرأس


[English translation:]

O lady doth say to me
Why art thou eyes tearful?
I did not elope
And I have no other love

O lad O lad thy love
Is etched within my heart
Each night I wait at they doorstep

O lady say to me
How I may silent my heart
Will god make thee see my plight

O lad O lad whose curls are thick
Who shall give you a green scruff to cover thy brow

10. Our Own Messiah

The cycle that never ends
It begins and starts again
Trapped like mice inside a maze
And bereft of our own grace

We pray and bend our feet
We will not admit defeat
To a god we put our fate
And to the ones that sell deceit

We never doubt their words
Forever gripping our swords
We conform and we bend down
Nail the thorns into the crown

We believed in your glory and might
That you shall take us to your side
We reached out to heaven
The three sons of seven
But we found no messiah or guide

Why do we hold on to these prayers?
All these years and nothing has been changed

And i am just another tool in this game
And i have never put any doubt in your name
Not even when they took it all
Left me here alone to fall
I kept screaming, "Oh, where have You gone?"

[Hebrew part]

[Hebrew part's English translation:]
Our father who art in heaven
Redeem us, impart upon us for we hath no deeds

Perhaps you left us to live without you
To learn to fly on our own

Why do we hold to these beliefs?
That our god is here for all our needs

Can't we see that all we are is one?
We are the messiah, we need my son

11. Children

I’m alone in here
All I know is gone
And I don’t want to die
What will be of me tomorrow?
Am I meant to be another orphaned child?
Another victim full of sorrow?

How can we live with this horror that we bring to this world?
What is it that blinds us to the error of our ways?

Nothing’s left in here, in this empty room
Where once I lived my life
Mother, why have you deserted me?
Father, why must we all struggle to survive?
And must I grow to be like you?

How can we live in this world where lives are bought and sold?

12. As I Stare At The Ocean Alone

[Limited Bonus Track]
[Based on a song by Yehuda Poliker; "חלון לים התיכון", "Chalon La'yam Ha'tichon", "A Window To The Mediterranean Sea]

I gazed into your eyes as the train left
And never wrote one single time
Deep in my heart I remember
And cry, as faces pass me by

Drowned in the loss of the city
From out of the ashes came hope
I lived in an old dirty building
Just like the one that no one knows

Small room yet here I found shelter
And these walls are a place I call home
Mournful my mornings forever
As I stare at the ocean alone

From high above... for a sign out in the cold
And I'll fly, as a dove
As I stare at the ocean alone

Misty December, the 50's
I shiver from the wind that blows
Show on my room seems so empty
So white, yet I remember all...

Forever my wounds to be open
Oh how I wish you were by my side
I'll play and we'll sing this together
These words that letters can't describe

Here you'll find shelter and safety
Through the storm, a heaven will rise
Children will sing and it makes me feel
Embraced by the Mediterranean Sea

From high above... for a sign out in the cold
And I'll fly, as a dove
As I stare at the ocean alone

Matan Shmuely: Drums, Percussion
Uri Zelcha: Bass, Bass (acoustic), Bass (fretless)
Chen Balbus: Guitars (rhythm), Bouzouki, Piano, Xylophone, Vocals (backing)
Yossi Sassi: Guitars (lead), Guitars (acoustic), Oud, Saz, Chumbush, Bouzouki, Piano, Vocals (backing)
Kobi Farhi: Vocals (lead), Vocals (backing), Vocals (choirs), Chants, Narration

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