Dark Lyrics


1. The Sign

[Music & lyrics: G. Eikens, R. van der Aa]

A bond for life, the quest that's in their head.
The beauty of it all seems slipped away,
The value of it all astray.
They're made to last, their breed won't easily break.
Endurance is a virtue they possess,
Deliverance what they caress.
There's times to wait, and times to doubt,
And times to do everything your way.
Decide to go, decide to act,
Decide to get on your knees and pray.
Warned by pride, ambitions that collide.
Isn't it a shame to waste your time,
On falling down before you climb?
When will we unite? When will we both see the meaning?
There will be new times, there will be a sign.
For the eyes of all true.
There will be a sign for you.
Lost and found, it's deep within yourselves.
When trickery and lies do rule the stage,
Impossible to temper rage.
What's this world, where no one can forgive.
The story of a man nailed to the cross,
To no effect His ultimate loss.

2. Black Magic Mirror

[Music: G. Eikens, L. Dellbrugge, lyrics: G. Eikens]

Welcome, to the center of fantasy.
Seldom, has a single one escaped me.
The first time you glance, there seems nothing to see,
But just look behind the facade, and you'll be.
There and where and everywhere, with me
Nothing is real, but the idea alone,
Of parallel worlds side by side.
Just take a step and your choice will be made,
Onto your journey you'll ride.
Stealing, the mirror it's mine, the mirror is mine for good.
Feeling the power it gives, for those who have understood.
The moment it turns its color to black, the worlds it contains are yours.
Stealing, the mirror it's mine, the mirror is mine for good.
Waking up, in a world I don't know (if) I know.
Knowing, it's a parallel (to) one I do know.
Changing, is an outcome of choices you make.
Improving is, only successful if you stay awake.
Hope I'm wise, role the dice,
What's in store, truth or lies?
Give me all it takes, give me what God makes.
Tell the Mirror's tale, don't allow mistakes.

3. Cold

[Music & lyrics: R. van der Spek]

We used to know each other,
Found out you're close to die.
Is there a way to help you,
To help you stay alive?
Searching on and on to find a way,
Faith will help you.
Searching on and on,
You're so cold and numb.
They try to break me
They try to beat me down
They try to freak me out
You try to save me
You try to get me up
You try to tread me right
Don't try to touch me
Don't waste your precious time
Please turn around and go
Go away
Leave me alone
This is our last goodbye.
Good luck anyway.

4. Prophecies Of Fame

[Music & lyrics: G. Eikens]

Fame, is what drives a man,
To the center of the earth.
Master and servants, kings and knights,
They will fight for what they're worth.
Any man, with a golden tongue,
Who's miracles are for sale.
Pleasure for pain, salvation for loss,
On your coffin he's the nail.
Why waste,
Any precious time, to wait would be a shame.
This taste,
Is of victory, with all but you to blame.
Why waste,
Because in the end, you're grateful for your name.
See this man, hear his words, they're the Prophecies of Fame
Try to withstand the Prophecies of Fame.
Fame, see how we're convinced,
He describes the goal you'll reach.
Questions and answers, weakness and strength,
Devotion is what they preach.
Raise your hand,
Share your country's pride.
As one we stand,
Devotion nation-wide.
By the time you've lived your life,
Memories are all you need.
Where're my children, where's my wife?
Torn by pride and greed.
All alone,
In my grief at home,
In my endless roam, why?
Enter the gates of deception my friend,
Here lies no path, no beginning, no end.
Try to withstand the Prophecies of Fame.

5. Dead Ground

[Music & lyrics: R. van der Spek]

This domain you can't see straight away.
Far from the daylight zone.
Subterranean life inside of it.
Ghost space beneath the ground.
Find a way to get down into it.
Explore your inner self.
First you need to survive own decay.
Then you will see what's next.
This domain, you found it finally.
Hard way to cross the line.
Be aware of the dregs of memory.
All things you bottled up.
Tough to face the truth inside of here
Although there's no regret
Diving into the bog of images
Re-introduce yourself
A beam of light falls through the maze.
And shows the grimness of this place.
Is this the place of your pride?
The place where thoughts get bright?
Please cover up what's inside.
Kill the light.
Dead ground, dead ground.
Go digging the
Dead ground, dead ground.
This domain you can't see straight away.
Far from the daylight zone.
Subterranean life inside of you.
Ghost space inside your head.
I have seen the way you gonna be.
When you keep holding on.
Wandering all around in nothingness.
Nothing will be the same.
Dead ground, dead ground.
Keep digging the
Dead ground, dead ground.
You lose yourself and you're the only one who doesn't care.
You are exhausting your whole life.
You can not tell us all the reasons that you had in mind.
We'll leave you all alone.
Getting lost for ever.
Getting lost for life.
Wandering in the deepest caves.
The deepest caves of mind.
No one will forgive you.
No one understands.
The reasons of these twisted thoughts.
The twisted thoughts of mind.
Dead ground, dead ground.
Stop digging the
Dead ground, dead ground.

6. My Master's Master

[Music: R. van der Spek, L. Dellbrugge, lyrics: G. Eikens]

Hear me, my warning,
Hear me, for I foresee.
Red of the Horizon, the sun hardly awake,
A glimpse of fear is rising, uncertain what's at stake.
Get yourself together, make sure you clean your mind,
Only look ahead of you, there's no time to rewind.
Cry or lie, two ways to die.
We'll make a world where HE leads the way,
The future as we see it now, becomes history today.
What to say, when to hush.
What to fear and when to trust.
What at ease and when to rush.
When to serve My Master's Master.
Wipe the thought of loved ones, of those you leave behind,
Images are mortal but your soul one of a kind.
No need to feel lonely, there's more like you out there,
No need to be searching though, you wouldn't find them anywhere
Shall I speak, or shall I hush.
Shall I fear, no time for trust.
Shall I ease my inner rush.
Must I serve My Master's Master?
Do you give your life, do you sell yourself,
Do you believe? Do you desert?
Stop, the war is near. Stop, this is the end,
Or the beginning, so hold your breath and stop.
As the city awakes, the Master's followers take a bow.
But you raise up and speak, it's the only way to stop it now.
Hear me, my warning,
Hear me, for I foresee.
Stop me, I'm warning
Stop them, my prophecy.
Head us from darkness, from bloodshed from hate,
We're to withstand our fate.

7. Back Gate

[Music: Sureel, L. Dellbrugge]


8. In Slavery

[Music: R. van der Spek, lyrics: G. Oosthoek]

All aboard, we set sail to open sea,
Take your place, shut your mouth listen to me.
I will claim, reign for all for you and me,
This world my throne, enslaving all, enslaving the weak.
Reached out, once before,
All hope faded away.
Screamed for help again,
Careless what you say.
Time has come, breed new worlds to find new space,
Quest for life, through water, land, you understand.
On your knees, my command is your belief,
Obey and row! Discover all for my kingdom.
Eyes closed watch the sun,
Come and take my hand.
Freedom, free at last,
Now the time is when.
You'll see
Beyond space and time - Obey!
Discoveries all mine - Obey!
Enslaving all for me - Obey!
Slaves of misery - Obey!
Free in our mind
Forever mine, your own decline.

9. Truth Or Lies?

[Music & lyrics: G. Eikens]

Deus, Deus canticum, Deus, in nominee.
Tuo, Tuo salvum me, Deus, eripe me.
Is there a world, is there another side?
Where there's still belief in that one miracle.
Where you can't tell your dreams from what is right,
Where you can't see if someone speaks Truth or Lies
Struck by sound.
I'm just a blind man, hit by a restless soul.
My eyes couldn't warn me now, but my hearing took control.
Too late, why didn't he see, he must have heard anything but me.
Too late, I did not sense, he tears down the invisible fence.
What seemed like a shadow,
What seemed an imaginary friend.
What is seen as a vision,
Is what really matters, when you've reached the end.
The man you've hit is, bleeding and you fear.
Will this man survive, will his help be near?
I saw his face before, looked into his eyes.
They gazed into the dark, it felt as they were mine.
In the freezing night, a wind rose up and asked for answers.
A choir of boys sang joyful with delight.
Warm and sweet the sound, filled their heart and mind with memories.
As they remembered what they kept inside.
Raise, your, raise your head.
Say, no, say no more.
Tell, his, tell his name.
Step, out, out that door.
Miserere mei Deus, miserere Jesu Christe,
Qui natus es de virgine, Miserere mei Deus.
We had left as friends,
With forgiveness in our heads.
Both victims and suspect,
We do feel that.
Now it's time, time to change
Eripe me

10. Driven

[Music: R. van der Spek, lyrics: Sureel]

Empty your own head.
River of the world.
No one would oppose.
None'll harm you.
So you wish to leave it all behind.
See it from the start.
Again shine.
Never felt so untrue about you.
In reality you'll see innocence.
Trampled in the dirt.

With harmful intent I butchered your face.
Waiting to see disgrace.
Get away.
Get away from me.
Never seem to get me anywhere.
But right here.
Praying makes no sense.
Now I'm to deal with me.
The easy part is taking yourself inside.
But somehow I'm driven to feel.
Now I'm to bow down.
The way.
To control all fear.
To be free of all confusion and furthermore.
Is to live in the land of the void.
Into the light.
Empty the boat.
Nothing is mine at all.

11. Infinity

[Music: G. Eikens, lyrics: G. Oosthoek]

Eyes, all I see, what is mean, what is real.
I know how it feels, within you, all is clear.
I see far beyond all your dreams, fantasies.
Tasting the past, what's to come here at last.
Tell me why, reasons why.
Everything's a lie, for
The All-seeing eye.
In this world of lies,
All will pay the price.
Rule and Dominate.
I am the One who sees beyond the pure reality.
I am the One who reigns beyond infinity supreme.
We will reach the earth someday,
'cause our fathers told us so.
We need the will to carry on,
And we feel the will to live.
Tell me why, reasons why.
Everything's a lie, for
The All-seeing eye.
In this world of lies,
All will pay the price
Rule and Dominate,
All your love and your hate.
Follow my Rules, follow my lies.
Pay for your sins, all innocence died.
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.
Pray for forgiveness and bow to the cross.
Follow my Rules, follow my lies.
Pay for your sins, all innocence died.
Honor my book, follow the path.
Be a slave or feel my wrath.
Everywhere all the worlds and seas,
The eye is spying on all our dreams.
I am the One who sees beyond the pure reality.
I am the One who reigns beyond infinity supreme.

12. Addiction

[Music & lyrics: R. van der Spek]

What has happened in this room I'm in?
Something so unreal.
I cannot remember things I've done,
Why am I right here?
Staring at this mess I'm into,
Trying to believe.
There are ways enough to cure this,
I know this for sure.
Don't listen to those lies,
There is no other choice.
The call for more and more,
The grown addiction.
I won't choose it
I won't choose
Waiting in this state of emptiness,
All what's left is greed.
Thinking about leaving all this mess,
Why am I still here?
No one tells you what's true or false,
Manipulation of whole tribes.
No one needs to decide your goals,
The recognition of yourself.
Take my hand

13. Beyond The Fall

[Music & lyrics: G. Eikens, R. van der Aa]

Why don't they understand,
What hurts is what you feel.
Ignorance made us fools,
Mistaken what was real.
Everyone here's to blame for this,
The slightest guilt for free.
The slithering touch of evil men,
Is weakening you and me.
Eyes closed for neighbors, eyes closed for friends.
Which fate to choose from, it's their life that ends.
The day we seal our friendship,
Is the day we say goodbye.
But although it's farewell,
There's no need for us to cry.
The force that we've been sharing,
Is the force that binds us all.
Hold on to your dreams,
To survive beyond the fall.
Waiting to see his face again,
By genocide defiled.
The arrogance hasn't changed a thing,
Disgustingly he smiles.
Eyes filled with hatred, eyes filled with pain.
Nothing to choose from, nothing's the same.
Silent chambers, silent the night.
Whisper your name, for we are to blame.
Everyone here's to blame for this,
The slightest guilt for free.
The slithering touch of evil men,
Is weakening you and me.
Eyes call for justice, eyes of the law
Fate sealed for losers, no winners here...

14. Ender's Game

[Music: L. Vogelaar, lyrics: G. Eikens]

Welcome in Battle School, where you'll be trained,
No place for fools.
Your talents will only find their use, to wipe the 'buggers' out of this universe.
To change the face of time, dare to face the future's curse.
Human Strategy un-aware, but that was then and now is tomorrow.
They'll be back more faster now, beyond what time can borrow.
Don't fight for fun, don't fight for fame,
Just play the war in Ender's name.
Welcome in Ender's Game,
Don't get insecure, as doubt leaves lethal trace.
Feel you team arise, grow stronger pace by pace.
Ender, lead us to survival of the Good.
Come and lead the troops to Victory.
Win this game in Ender's name

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