Dark Lyrics


1. Apron - Legio Diabolica


2. Nocturnal Rite

Is it me or just a nightshade
Crowling on the ground,
That prevents my walk
In the underground

I have heard perhaps the voices
Whispering spot apart
My name through the wind
Like undesired forecast

Faerytales of darkness embracing my soul,
Black curtain fall hopeless in bloody overture
Sillhouets end dancing before the queen comes through
And so spring the impulse to their nocturnal rite

From day becomes a nightmare
Haunting in the dark
In forest of pleasure,
Forest of lust

As they're stepping in the moonlight,
Their eyes begin to fail,
From dream of the dead
Accrues existence

By centuries are blazing the memories of youth
No one can see them, as they began to lose
Even and endless is my ramble through
The dismal deeps of this, of this nocturnal rite

From the cradle comes the obscure light,
It's just a silent fate
By her candle slouched

Horizon dark like an endless night,
Trail ragged with thorns
Of the unborn lies

Beyond the ruined fense an angel cries,
Frozen tears he darts,
Spreads his wings to flight

Clouded skies drain the sand
From the turned glass
Before the bell strikes twelve

I, I'll take you down,
Before the raven croaks,
Before the night falls down.
I, I'll embrace your soul,
Before it loses the hope,
Before my master calls

3. Orkrist


4. The Ancient War Spirit

In old times,
When the horde maraud the lands of another hordes,
And dusk washed the days with blood away
Black gods rised from their realms
To favour their warriors
With the truly might of the ancient war spirit

I am the embodiment of gods and from
Night comes the power of my soul
War is my mistress and war's my only lust
Eternal seems the thirsty trail for blood and all alive
So hear my mass

In front of the gate
Stands black dragon of time
From his mouth lashes the flame
It's the downfall of all weird

Far like the shores of Avalon
Are the times of gleaming swords
The gales of the centuries
Streamed the life so far
And away

A total eclipse of the world,
It's the night of the day,
Eternity grey
This world only life can destroy,
While the mortals they die
In this glorious night

Now, now there's light,
In the overcast skies,
In the warrior's eyes

Sunless are the eyes of night
Wrapped face by bloody shroud
Just dreams full of obscutiry
That the fate leaves them behind

Descend deity of daylight thorn
My arms will raise to you
Grip my sword by hand of Lord
Flip them all in Tartarus

Demons of wide galaxies
Enter the world of light
So kneel before dark majesty
Mean worshippers of Christ

Witches from the ancient worlds
Have powered me with might
The creatures of their untold spells
Will follow me tonight,
My path

I and the dream
Of the glorious empire
We will rise from the storms
As the final day'll income

Where once there were pride
And shining of splendour
Will rebirth from the womb
The eternal kingdom of war

And so ends the shrift of the warrior's soul,
Triumphant and yearning as never before

5. Sword And Sorcery

When the moon begins it's trail in darkness
And night conquers the day
When my spirit wanders through the castles
Wind wipes my tears away

I can see the gathers clad in shadows
The wounds that can be healed
Just the seercraft of the new dawn coming
Only hope that can be reached

The fall of my tears, seems I had ever taste defeat
Defenders of the holy crown will bring their swords to bear

In flames are burning centuries
By fire they will stir
Forsaken words of herecy
Thy spells will scat my fear

Dark secrets of this fantasy
And magic of the pray
Supremacy of misbelieves
Will show us missing way

The reign of sadness layed it's hands on realm of bravery
Revoken spells will break the chains by sword and sorcery

Brothers of the heathen sworn
By sons belaud to skies
The end of our silent days
Is now within the sight

We will rise like forthcoming thunders
The steel will assign our way
Left - over of bleeding memories
Will never fade away

The fall of our tears, seems we had ever taste defeat
Defenders of the holy crown will bring their swords to bear

6. Euthymia


7. Justice The Beauty


Have seen the beauty calling,
I have dreamed of life beyond
The walls never crossed
By the mortals from the crowd

Have gleamed like a star ever-falling,
And believed in virgin thorn
Take my soul
Let me see the drowning world

Have heard the lovers singing
It was the wind who brought their songs
The relief of your ghost
It just flounders in my whirl

Have gleamed like a star ever-falling,
And believed in virgin thorn
Take my soul
It comes the night of all the worst

It's the night, o it's the night
Come to me and see my soul is dying
Once, o it's just once,
That my life will have a weight and meaning

The devil gets my soul attached
I could have peace with my own mind,
Lived in pleaures and delight,
Served the sin, the refuge despised

8. Desire In The Grace Of The Night


Mistress of blood
Sentenced impurity
Intrigues of night
Follow your journey

As answers just sights
Blue-blood esiurency
Fills up the doom
That hangs over ya

... you recieve me so lovely
Like gates of the graveyard
... your whisper like soothsayer's curse
Spreads upon the blue sky

Mission so cruel
Has the hell entrusted you
(Ancient) walls taciturn
Hear the laments from dungeon

Black curtain of scorn
Good became devilry
Deep voice of the storm
Rolls in the darkness

... you recieve me so lovely
Like gates of the graveyard
... your whisper like soothsayer's curse
Spreads upon the blue sky

They behaved to you like fallen angel
And taken you as abortion
(you) dropped down where you'll not rise from
But you spirits lives in us all
Let the sad screams of your
Dissenters till death follow them
The dream has vanished
Like the shadows of the night at the dawn

Many years of Gorgoroth
And sins upon my shoulders
Became the tales for gloomy eves
Open your arms for darkness

The time I spend lost in thought
The resources you invade me
Your words like a death bell sound
For my ears, and they're bleeding

I stray alone in uplands coves
The desert wood surrounds me
Leaf damps off and falls away
Moon has filled, and wolves are howling
In (it's) light.....

... Desire falls in the grace of the night

9. Reginae Mysterium


10. Mourning Of A Rose

Come, hear me, my cry
Come, hear my desires
In deed of delight

He always rised
(when) dark comes the night
(And nothing stops
My love
Is still so hopeless
Like a beast that feels so lonely
For the scattered rose from my blessed own
So pay now steady with your love)

Where is my love
Where is my heart
(when) fear left inside

Tears in your eyes
Slay nails in my heart
(And I'm so hopeless

Empty was my gainly kingdom
Before the sacring fairy in come
Her truly love so might and tender
All I want is a kiss to be awaken)

Comes the dark, comes the night
In the sight of the virgin bride
Wake my lord, from the sleep,
From the sleep, in that angels fall

Far away, far away
From the flaming world of an endless love
Far away, far away
From the malice with my blood adorned

11. Epilogue


Crom - keyboards, male vocals,
Lydia - female vocals, flute
Khayo - guitar,
Pyros - drums.

Country: Slovak Republic

Thanks to aion.burgas for sending these lyrics.

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